Pierce’s face turned white and pale like hell, and his head was always in a trance.

I don’t know how to punish the second penalty after receiving the referee’s ball. I threw it by feeling and went in instead.
4 to 2 with 136 seconds left.
"Come back and defend the 76 ers to attack!"
Lori, Meeks, Iguodala, Tang Wenlong and Spetts on the sidelines formed the strongest offensive array of the 76ers. There was no pause for Tang Wenlong to advance with the ball.
The audience reacted, and it was only in the DJ organization that the deaf defense cheered.
Tang Wenlong recovered from the ball alone, and Pierce defended him aggressively.
"Be careful not to foul!" Rivers was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks to command on the sidelines, but the live sound was so loud that the players could only see the coach’s expression and mouth shape.
Tang Wenlong squinted and continued to squat. After half time, the last second was left.
Everyone pulled, but all the 76 ers have the ability to shoot in the middle and long distance, so no one dares to double-team at the critical moment, and the double-team is still one step away from the three-point line in Tang Wenlong.
Two people are like desert shooters. One-on-one bullfighting is the most exciting thing.
Tang Wenlong rhythms his shoulder regularly. With the last five seconds left, he suddenly sends the ball with his right hand and then breaks through to Pierce’s right!
It’s the hardest thing to prevent him from taking such a big step. I don’t know how many people McGrady did it in those days.
Pierce was caught off guard by Tang Wenlong, and when he was there, Tang Wenlong was almost one position ahead of him.
Of course, he was surprised, rose up and retreated.
But at this time, Tang Wenlong grabbed the ball and pulled his right hand back to dribble along the lateral hip, and the whole person suddenly stopped in the same place!
Pierce was shocked, and then he tried to forcibly reverse the center of gravity, and his footsteps were all in a hurry. He was almost not shaken, so he was two steps away from Tang Wenlong
"This is three points!" Rivers’ eyes are wide open. This rookie can’t be so bold, can he?
Tang Wenlong took a deep breath and made a small adjustment in his pace. He stepped on a little place outside the arc top three-point line by feeling, took off and raised his hand to dial his basketball.
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Fame
Columbia University, new york
Fang couldn’t help screaming in the early summer, and then quickly covered his mouth.
On the screen, Tang Wenlong raised his arm like a swan, and the basketball passed through the net in the attention of thousands of people, but it seemed to become eternal.
"Handsome!" Fang smiled beautifully in early summer and his heart was crossed.
At the same time, the male building of a university in the capital
Suddenly there was a "lying trough" one after another, followed by an endless howl.
"Lying in the trough, how can it be so hanging? It’ s just hanging and exploding. Tang Wenlong is my idol!"
"From today on, I’m Tang Wenlong brain powder. Don’t stop me."
"God, I really want to see him play in the national team. It’s awesome!"
In the broadcast footage, Tang Wenlong was surrounded by 76ers, and Iguodala hooked his neck and didn’t know what to say in his ear.
The back of No.1 became the most touching picture of this series, and Pierce hit the Tianwangshan War with the most thrilling three points, which was like the classic scene of becoming a god in 9 years.
The 76 ers won the Celtics.
The score of Tianwangshan battlefield was anxious, from 6 points behind in the last 50 seconds to despair, to the goal of the last second.
This game instantly stood out from other games of the day and became the focus of everyone.
Tang Wenlong’s scoring performance in the last 41 seconds silenced those who questioned his playoff ability. He was like a glowing sun, which has become one of the most dazzling stars on the east coast.
People forget his age, and I don’t know how many fans have become his hardcore fans since this game.
Tang Wenlong was famous for a while, and even the Grizzlies won another game against the Spurs, turning the series into a 3-2 lead, and the black miracle of the birth of the horse was not comparable to the classic of the Tianwangshan War.
There are too many stories to tell and too many pictures to remember.
Tang Wenlong didn’t expect to win the Tianwangshan War. After all, the Celtics’ defense is so strong.
He was interviewed after the game.
"Actually, I didn’t think so much in my mind at that time." Tang Wenlong was very humble when asked about the choice of the last shot. "But the ball was already in hand and there was no way to stop it at that time, so I tried a three-pointer and was lucky to make it."
So another reporter asked if he thought the last shot was very similar to Jordan.
Tang Wenlong shrugged his shoulders. "Wow, it’s a great honor to be compared with great people. That shaking was really like Michael’s. Maybe I really imitated him."
"You didn’t lead a few times, and you fell behind by six points in the last four seconds. What made you suddenly explode and win the game in less than the last minute?"
Tang Wenlong laughed. "The game is always ups and downs. We may have thrown all the balls we saved in that minute."
Playoff training has made Tang Wenlong the strongest newcomer in the first session, and he is already a star player in the NBA.
In contrast, the Celtics’ sad experience is regrettable. It is difficult to hold old bones against such an impact team.