300,000 magic weapons with different qualities are in the air, and their truth, immortal power, spiritual thoughts and spiritual knowledge are all integrated into a whole.

Qi Jianqiu, who is combining 80,000 people into two giant wars and presiding over one of them, looks drastic: "Bastard! Where did they get so many fairy wares? Where did you get so many top-notch horoscopes? This … this is impossible! "
Although the quantity and quality of advanced magic weapons are still far from Taiyi Xianmen, they have been greatly enhanced compared with the previous group of wild practitioners.
"Very good!"
Cheng Qi, who presided over another war, laughed instead of being surprised: "Chen Han, I didn’t expect you to be unexpected again and again. Are these people all changed because of you? Very well, these magic weapons just enrich our door. Thank you for the magic weapons you sent. The native tile dog doesn’t look like a prince in a dragon robe! "
He has enough proud capital, just as he said, even if Chen’s cold treasures far exceed expectations, even if many people are armed again, they are still far behind Taiyi Xianmen.
"There is no yuan god control, again strong? Vulnerable! "
Chen Han, who stood in the heart of the array and didn’t participate in the disposal, sneered repeatedly: "You can use the Yuan God to attack and easily break my battle, but … I will give you a piece of advice. If you dare to do that, I will leave here immediately regardless of the ice pupil and the wind. I believe you are very clear, if I want to go, none of you can stay, as long as the guardian of the elders of Taiyi Xianmen is met by me alone, hey hey … "
With a cold smile, he said, "With my strength, I still have a chance to kill the elders who are weak in cultivation and seize the memory. All the secrets of Taiyi Xianmen, as well as the most important skill of Yuan God’s control, will be known to all the people in the world! "
"Don’t you dare!" Qi Jianqiu’s face changed dramatically.
"I dare to be enemies with the world. Do you dare to dare this fart?"
"You …"
"As long as you dare to use the Yuan God to attack those who deal with the Jingyun Club, I can guarantee that you will regret it for life. If you don’t believe it, you can give it a try!"
All the top leaders of Taiyi Xianmen, who are opposed to Chen Han, are all at a loss. Chen Han’s words are by no means alarmist. He does have enough strength to do what he said. Unless all the masters of Taiyi Xianmen hide in the mountain gate and don’t come out, or even if they come out, they will be in droves, otherwise they are likely to be robbed of their memories.
If our secret code is spread all over the world, it will be a fatal blow to the whole sect if we fail to tell our ancestors, which is equivalent to telling others all our weaknesses.
At that time, was Taiyi Xianmen still qualified to sit in the top ten Xuanmen?
"Get up!"
The ice dried up and shouted loudly, and the top-grade ancient fairy flying sword rushed into the sky, following the wind family horse led by the wind desert, and a total of 20,000 people quickly formed a huge battle: "The moon moves and the stars sink, and the heavens and the earth are repeated … Big pagoda Xuan Tian array, get up!"
Just like the war hosted by Qi Jianqiu and Cheng Qi, this is the strongest town faction large array in Taiyi Xianmen, but the number is much different, and the power of this war is only half that of one of the other wars.
"The ice is dry. Do you really want to ignore everything and betray your legacy?" Qi Jianqiu’s voice is full of anger.
"Today, after everything is going to soar, I have my ancestors to arbitrate. I’m too lazy to talk to you."
Ice-dried looks like a fairy sword on his head, and he drinks heavily: "Since you first ignored the friendship of the same family and threatened an outsider with my granddaughter’s life, I don’t care what you do so much. If you want to fight, I will fight. This Sect is not a demon Sect. Can you cover the sky with one hand? "
Chapter 412 Gas rushed to the sky 2
Never use Yuan Shen to attack!
Qi Jianqiu doesn’t think that Chen Han has any scruples. He openly beheaded more than 10 elders and guardians of major forces. He has already made enemies with most super powers, so how can he care about spreading the secret of Taiyi Xianmen? For this guy who is high and lawless, there seems to be nothing he dare not do in this world.
If it is assumed that there is not even a chance, maybe he will really give up the rescue of Bing Pupil and Feng Yan, and once his cultivation is far away from other parties, what can he do with a charm?
Didn’t he stay in the original core area of the sunset for more than a hundred years?
Didn’t he also stay in destroying space for more than a hundred years?
Not only did he not die, but he repeatedly made breakthroughs on the original basis. If he ran into those places again, how many people dared to chase him in? Even if someone chases in, what are the chances of killing him? How many people will die because of this? How much will it cost?
"Chen Han, you are more powerful than I thought!" Qi Jianqiu almost bit his teeth, and he couldn’t wait to swallow Chen Han alive.
"I’m flattered. Everyone has weaknesses. I’m just qualified and capable of grasping your weaknesses, just as you grasped my weaknesses and threatened me, and everyone cares about each other."
Qi Jianqiu’s face was grinning and his hair was flying, and he snapped, "Even if you don’t need the Yuan God to attack you, even if the two traitors, Bing Gan and Feng Mo, help you, do you think you can compete with our door?"
Indifferent shrugged his shoulders, Chen Han couldn’t help laughing: "Who said anything about taking you?" Of course, we will lose this battle, but do you think that the forces occupying more than 20% of Taiyi Xianmen, plus the strength of my Jingyun Club, can’t make the people in charge of teaching wreck? Thirty percent! As long as Taiyi Xianmen is damaged by 30%, plus the strength of the ice family and the wind family, even if the ice pupil and the wind fall, it will be worth it, because they have a super power to be buried with them! "
Thirty percent!
This is a very conservative estimate. If you want to kill the ice family and the wind family horses, as well as the 300,000 Jing Yun people, you must at least wreck your strength by 30%.
Explanation, coupled with the demise of the ice house and the wind house, the strength of Taiyi Xianmen will be greatly weakened, and it is likely that it will miss the status of the top ten Xuanmen. By that time, once the position of Taiyi Xianmen is replaced by other forces and isolated from the top ten Xuanmen, it will definitely be suppressed by all forces.
At the thought of this result, Qi Jianqiu’s heart has shrunk into a ball. At that time, it may really lead to the decline of sects.