If I had known this, she would have taken another 5 thousand or taken away one or two antiques from her room. That would have been better!

She’s thinking here, but Ning Yichen’s heart is full of twists and turns
But in the end, he breathed a sigh of relief and smiled gently. "Lele used to like those gadgets!" It was my negligence. If I buy again, I will buy something expensive. That coral is only 2,200 yuan, which is too cheap! "
Is Nima showing off her wealth?
Shu Lele felt that she had just thought that it was true. Ning Wangfu was so rich that she didn’t have many others. It was really unwilling!
Eyes blinked, Shu Lele pointed to the elbow and smiled. "Since the Lord is rich, he will not bully our small family for one thousand and two hundred cubits. You can’t leave until you give the silver!"
Shutingliu and Mrs. Su cried at the same time. This child is too frivolous. It’s already very good for Master Shi to pick her up at the door. Why bother?
Shu Tingluo was very serious and said, "Lele is joking. Stop fooling around!"
What’s wrong with it? Master Shi is burning more money. I’m helping him!
Shu Lele rolled his eyes. "Well, if he is a guest, don’t care about him!"
Guest! What a good name!
Ning Yichen was so angry with her that Shu Ming Xuan’s eyes narrowed and smiled. "Lele wants to say that you are also a guest. After eating this meal, go home with Shiye!"
Ow ow ow ~ ~ ~ ~
Mao? Brother, if you don’t help your sister, don’t help him!
Shu Lele stretched out his talons and directly parried Shu Mingxuan!
NingYiChen held out his hand and stopped her halfway "lele your brother is right! Learn more from him later! "
He’s in a good mood. That’s the most beautiful sentence he’s heard since he entered Shufu. After he decides, he must treat this big uncle’s relatives!
In the end, Shu Lele was pushed out of Ningyi by his parents, and was stuffed into a carriage and rolled into someone’s arms.
Ning Yichen’s face touched her face intimately, and if it is a treasure, it is not loving enough.
"Don’t run back to your mother’s house without saying anything after Lele. I’m worried, you know?"
Shu Lele stared and wanted to scold him for being shameless, but she couldn’t move or send it because she was so sad that she was ordered to acupuncture points.
You are too bullying! If you don’t report this revenge to my sister, it won’t be a big mo gong!
Seems to feel her hostility NingYiChen chuckle "Lele you promise me darling I will solve your acupuncture points"
You kidnapped Nima and sent her back to the house. What can I do? Shu Lele despised the pie mouth and nodded.
I immediately felt that I was free when I was relaxed.
Shu Lele quickly moved aside and stayed far away from Ning Yichen before saying, "Ning Yichen, if you don’t, I will forgive you if I go back with you today. We have to calculate the account clearly!"
"Lele is looking for my account? That’s good. Let’s count it as one night tonight! " Someone gave an evil smile.
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.
I’ve never seen such a shameless person! Shu Lele Pei two slant too much.
After going back to the office, Shu Lele went straight into the winter snow garden with a black face, and she Ningyichen would certainly follow in. She had already prepared Hugh for a complete end with him tonight. I didn’t expect Ningyichen to be robbed just after her front foot left.
After waiting for a cup of tea, Ning Yichen didn’t come in yet. Shu Lele was so angry that he dropped a teapot on the spot and ordered, "I will sell whoever dares to let Ning Yichen in!"
Ziziphus jujuba sighed and went forward to brew a pot of tea again. Carefully tunnel, "Miss, you are angry and hurt your health. You are calm. I just want to be obedient to Liu Xiaosan for the sake of children."
"You mean he went to Xiaheyuan again?"
"Well, Xiaheyuan girl said that Liu Xiaosan is not comfortable and wants to see the world!"
"Roll her Liu Xiaosan!" Shu Lele dropped another teapot.
His grandfather! Isn’t she pregnant? Melodramatic! !
Shu Lele sulked for a while and called Mizaoer, "What’s going on with the old lady?" She doesn’t believe that the old lady will not ask about such a big thing as Liuxiaosan’s pregnancy.
When Ziziphus jujuba saw Ziziphus jujuba, she didn’t hint to answer truthfully. "The old lady already knew and sent someone to make up for it, saying that Liu Liuxiaosan should take good care of herself …"
A child is worth a hundred times! Shu Lele sneer at a few more determined to leave Ning Wangfu.
The next day, before Ning Yichen came back, the old lady ordered someone to invite her.
In front of the loving old man, Shu Lele still didn’t dare to show how dissatisfied he was. After asking Ann, he sat there drinking tea and enjoying flowers.
The old lady took a panoramic view of her expression and smiled and went straight to the point. "Lele, we have been in Ning’s family for generations. You must understand me, an old man who is eager for his grandson!"
Shu Lele smiled unnaturally. "Grandma Lele understands you! After the Lord has it, it should be a happy event for the family! "
The old lady seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and nodded and smiled. "I’m relieved that Lele can think like this. Don’t worry that you can shake the status of a princess in this world, but Liu Yingying should give her a birthright now that she has a son."