Yang Jiahui seems to read his mind and say that there is actually no market. It’s really bad, so he will switch to something else and come back when it’s good.

Besides, the stock market is a marathon.
Zhang Jun looked at the beauty around him and couldn’t help but admire her.
After a while, the bell rang from Yang Jiahui’s small bag. She called and said it was my mother’s words.
What did our mother say?
Take advantage of and hate
Yang Jiahui took the words and looked at her watch and said that my mother was in a hurry. Let’s hurry.
all right
Zhang Jun agreed and pulled her along the aisle.
Suddenly, two black shadows appeared from behind a rockery. When Yang Jiahui screamed, they immediately felt drunk. Zhang Jun hid Yang Jiahui behind him and looked at the sudden situation and didn’t know why.
Section 7 A look at Zhang Jun
Section 7 A look at Zhang Jun
Later, a couple walked behind the rocks and walked past them like a bystander.
Watching them go further and further, Zhang Jun smiled and glanced at Yang Jiahui, then whispered in her ear, "What are they doing behind the stone in the middle of the night?"
The words sound just fell Zhang Jun shoulder was a heavy knock.
The road was very short for two young people, and it didn’t take long to come to the door of the luxury community. I watched Yang Jiahui run into the community, and Zhang Jun hurried home alone. He quietly changed his shoes and went into the room to sleep quietly.
Lying in bed in front of his eyes, it seemed as if things happened in the daytime. One by one, he flashed in his mind. He suddenly felt that Wang Junlai and Fang Xia were very unusual. What did it feel like to have an extramarital affair? Why would everyone be so kind to them? He was puzzled. In fact, he didn’t understand that their feelings were innocent. He didn’t understand how pure their feelings were. He didn’t understand their sufferings.
Lying in bed, he fell asleep in a daze.
Besides, when Yang Jiahui came home, her father was busy in his room and saw him leafing through a thick ledger at the boss’s desk, while her mother was searching for something in her mind.
Mom and dad are still awake.
Why didn’t you come back so late? You’re not afraid of your mother’s heart.
I’m not afraid that she will miss the building when she says it.
Father stopped her.
Is Jiahui a friend?
Forget it.
What kind of person is it? The father then asked
Yang Jiahui turned and walked back and said an honest man.
Mother also asks the family what they know about you.
He is an ordinary family. I said I was poor, and I knew what I would do.
Father asked him if he didn’t think you were poor.
He is an honest man.
Then he ran alone.
The early summer nights in the north are quiet and cool, not as humid and sultry as in the south. People here are not used to walking in the south at night. Most people choose to stay at home and play mahjong. Zhang Jun is not used to playing mahjong and doesn’t like watching him. When he is late, he almost reads and sleeps, and his parents are not used to playing mahjong, so he goes to bed early.
After a night’s talk, the sun rose slowly from the east the next morning, and the sky gradually revealed. In the fish-belly white community, sparrows chirped nonstop, and some birders hung their beloved birds on the branches and then got together to listen to the birds singing.
Zhang Jun looked around for a while with his eyes open, and suddenly he felt that every joint was swollen and he straightened up. It took him a while to feel better.
Then my mother came in and sat by his bed, asking why she came home so late last night.
Go to someone else’s house for a while
Drinking mother then asked