Shu Lele jumped out of a black line. She still owes someone a bet. Do you really want to call him a big brother to solve the case that day?

Jun Shaoyan has generously agreed that "the old lady and I will naturally treat Lele like sisters!"
After that, he smiled cunningly at Shu Lele, and the meaning was self-evident!
Well, I don’t care if I recognize you as a big brother. I’m afraid it’s a lot cheaper to have a righteous brother as a doctor.
Shu Lele looked at Ning Yichen and saw that he was smiling and disagreeing, so he also called a "big brother" to Jun Shaoyan gracefully!
"Ha ha ha ….. kind! Lele calls one again! "
"Big Brother!"
You have to protect me after calling this big brother! I hope you won’t regret it later!
The old lady was in a good mood and ordered a banquet. First, I didn’t see Jun Shaoyan for a long time. Second, Shu Lele and Jun Shaoyan celebrated.
In Xijun Shaoyan, it was indeed as expected to carry forward his eating goods and eat a lot of sweat.
In the end, everyone stopped to look at him.
This product is really stupid!
Shu Lele praised him in his heart. There are really not many people who can eat like this and have thick skin.
This is a person’s true nature. Maybe the old lady and Ning Yichen are willing to make friends with him because they took a fancy to him.
In the eyes of the public, Jun Shaoyan finally put aside his chopsticks and sighed, "You are really waves! If it weren’t for my big table of food today, would it be so good? "
"hinder! With you, a celebrity who helps the world, no amount of food will wave here! " Ningyichen joked with him with a smile.
"That is that is! You think that my name as a celebrity who helps the world is a hollow reputation. I not only want to save people from diseases, but more importantly, I have to taste delicious food all over the world to prevent a delicious food from surging in others’ lips and teeth! "
Hehe, this is the highest realm of saving the world celebrities, right? Shu Lele snickered and tasted delicious food all over the world, but how much time and perseverance did it take
It is no wonder that he met himself in Songcheng, a hundred miles away, and he knew that there was a drunken building along the way, and the specialty was sweet and sour chicken strips.
If you want to eat delicious food later, just take him with you!
Shu Lele grinned. "Brother Jun, I laughed at the food that day. Three, they are willing to have a bosom friend like you even if they are eaten up!"
"Lele you this words I love to hear! Come and invite you and me when I go out another day! "
"Don’t you dare!" Ning Yichen drank lightly, "Don’t spoil my Lele. Go away!"
Someone is jealous! Jun Shaoyan laughed silently. Who is worse, him or Shu Lele?
It’s as if he was both a driver and a page along the way, and jane doe threw up all over him, which was almost ignored as a bad guy!
Hum! Who cares if it’s not for your sake!
Zuixilou gourmet, he should at least eat for another three days and nights!
Jun Shaoyan felt so wronged at the thought that he reached out his hand to Ning Yichen and smiled. "I have to punish you for not inviting me when you got married!"
Ning Yichen raised his eyebrows. "You should give me a red envelope when I get married!"
"I’m not without money. Who do you think I gave a red envelope to? In order to make up for not eating delicious food that day, you must give me an account! "
"Who told you that eating without money deserved it!"
Ning Yichen laughed or pulled out a pile of silver tickets from his arms to give him "it’s worth it to go to the account again and give me your baby."
"Don’t baby! I should feel bad again. If I don’t have money, how can I give it to you? "
Shu Lele finally understood when I heard this. What’s going on? I dare to eat this food and take all my fortune!
I couldn’t help smiling. "Brother Jun, you are so delicious. Be careful to starve to death in the street one day!"
"No! Master Shi and Lele will not stand by and I will rely on you two big trees! " Jun Shao Yan put the silver ticket in her arms and patted her lips carefully and laughed
Well, once again, I’ve seen his cheeky words.
The old lady has been laughing uncontrollably for a long time. She pointed to Jun Shaoyan and laughed. "Shaoyan, your mouth is getting poorer and poorer. Your grandfather and your father should tie you up in the mansion!"
"ah? Old lady, you mustn’t hurt me! My grandfather really heard about it yesterday and scared me to run out before dawn today. I also plan to spend a few nights at the old lady’s house! "
NingYiChen cross wind his one eye cold hum "I dare not offend your grandpa he one thousand angry to my house to throw a medicine I don’t cause death? So finish this meal and get out of here early! "
"Ah?" Jun Yan immediately revealed a little wronged eyes "Shi Ye you-kick down the ladder! I won’t give you the baby again! "
"Who dares to accept your baby except me?"
"You are cruel!" Jun Shao Yan stared at him bitterly, but he bowed his head in dismay and took a few mouthfuls of sweet soup.
"Well, I won’t leave you here. I’ll leave you here!" He got up, touched his belly and left with a stroke.
Shu Lele was in a hurry and called to him, "Brother Jun has something to ask you for help!"
"What are the conditions?" Jun Shao Yan threw a sentence and never looked back.
"The biggest restaurant in Beijing invites you to eat for a month!"
"Is this true?" This sentence is so powerful that you almost jumped up with excitement.
"Absolutely serious!"
"Good deal, but I’m going to eat it all this month. A restaurant will get tired of it!"
What a foodie! Shu Lele despised him with a nod. "It depends on you!"
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Isn’t it silver? No amount of money will be spent to expose Liu Xiaosan’s conspiracy.
Several people bid farewell to the old lady and returned to the Winter Snow Garden.
Shu Lele ordered jujube to wait for good tea and then sat opposite Jun Shaoyan and looked at him Gherardini.
Jun Yan is too much for her sight to shout Ningyichen "What is your mother’s eyes? There is definitely a conspiracy, right? "