Fox fox carefully inquired

Hehe, it’s your fox that looks so attractive.
Korea curled her clothes for her and glanced at the mirror with satisfaction. The image of Fox was pure and playful in the past, and at this time, she exuded extraordinary charm.
White and slender legs are as soft as willows, and a small waist makes her bathe in the winter sun.
Peach-like cute little face with a little rouge and gouache, delicate facial features are suddenly intoxicated, and the color is like a waterfall, a clear spring and rain. The fairies’ eyebrows are pretty and perfectly outlined, and the innocent smile and charming dress make the confused and lovely fairies suddenly become midnight charming mothers.
Walking with embroidered shoes and half-exposed ankles and skirts, graceful and stunned. Wow, is this really me? It’s a fairy. It’s pure and enchanting, combined with special charm, which makes people’s blood swell but also loving.
The real thing is a rare beauty. Korea tugs at her cheeks admiringly and smiles. Her lips are full and her lips are full, and she seems to see a little light. Perhaps this simple and confused girl’s transformation can really make evil tempted. I don’t know that Fox Fox’s secret to treating evil is to be bold. In other words, it is not afraid of death. In addition, when provoking his pride, you have to be measured. Don’t really annoy him. It is also common to snap your neck.
Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you.
elder sister
Listen to me carefully, and suddenly Han crouches in Fox’s ear and carefully advises her. If we can save Mo Xie so that he will not be so lonely, it is also a merit. Perhaps the phoenix’s identity doubts and concerns about Mo Xie are increasing.
In front of Mo Xie’s door
Bang, bang, fox, dare to knock on the room, occasionally glance at the hidden corner, and play the rattle in Korea’s heart. I wonder if she can do it.
However, after listening to my sister’s suggestion, I feel that the evil brother is very difficult to deal with, not too hard, not too soft, but just right. She is so stupid. In case the door is blown by the wind while thinking, the fox will be dragged into the room by a powerful force.
She exclaimed, stepping on the clouds, shaking her head, and slamming into the bed
it’s you again
Mo Xie suddenly narrowed his eyes and his cheeks were slightly livid. Dissatisfaction suddenly struck. For the three big words of you again, he almost cramped his mouth.
Every time I meet this stupid goose, I’m full of resentment and impulse to kill a little mouse. You’re really not afraid of death. Mo Xie slightly evokes her jaw evil and sarcastically remarks that a cockroach that can’t be killed is more and more frustrated and brave. He glances at her in a seductive costume. His mouth is Gherardini. Dressed in this diabolical look, are you going to seduce the king?
You let me go.
Fox fox is busy pushing and stopping him from playing with his big hands until he is playing to insult her. I’m not playing for you, fool.
is it
You look so good now. I don’t care what I wear.
Mo Xie stirred up eyebrows and glanced at the abnormal little mouse with interest and scolded him at noon. Now he doesn’t want him to play games.
The total courage is commendable. I dare to challenge Mrs. Long Mo Xie. She needs to prepare more brains. She has to be confused and can’t find her home when moving. Hahahaha.
I’ll wear a drift to show my brother Cass.
take seriously
Mo Xie stared at the beautiful eyes with an unusually enchanting smile to seduce him to move Cass’s name, trying to stimulate him to possess her. This little trick is not only a little maid, but also his dear little girl is addicted to that girl. Do you want to find a substitute to send him away?
At the thought of this, Mo Xie’s full red lips sip his brow, and the danger of being cold is released. Satan generally challenges the fox’s ability to resist pressure. Really, people show it to Cass’s brother. I am also beautiful, not worse than my sister.
Then how did you get to the king’s bed?
You drag