Because of the difference in physical roots, this can be regarded as an ordinary means to expand the pulse, at least it can be worth the hard work of the second demon in cultivating the evolved human form for more than ten years. How can they not be grateful?

Before, because this technique is a vein of Taoism, it is impossible for people to help demons and monsters, but Li Yueling made it an ordinary means in the vein of Taoism, showing different effects.
I don’t know what to say. After all, such a situation may happen to Li Yueling, a guy who has no concept of evil Buddhism and Taoism.
I came to Li Yueling to show some means, but I accidentally won the gratitude and respect of the five-tailed fox demon and six-armed pale ape, which was also a mistake.
And aside, when the pig and the tiger saw that they had learned from the fox demon and the pale ape, there was nothing unhappy about the disciples. Not only that, but they were also quite happy in their hearts. I didn’t expect that two roads would be much higher than their own. Teacher younger brother and sister.
Simple and honest, they both just think about it.
You know what? You have five tails and six arms, so I’ll call you fox, five apes and six.
Your Patriarch ordered this fox demon pale ape to reply repeatedly, and then the five-tailed fox demon smiled. You always plan to deal with that evil dumpling, Patriarch.
Li Yueling saw Fox Five’s provocative gesture, although she dragged five furry tails behind her, but it didn’t affect her coquetry. No wonder it was said that foxes were naturally charming.
It is said that da ji, who puzzled Zhou Wang, is a nine-tailed fox demon. If this fox demon master is himself, when will Kyubi no Youko grow up? Will that da ji be longer and shorter?
This thought flashed through Li Yueling’s smile just now. I have also heard you talk. According to you, the evil dumpling is the most powerful one, which is a cold pool magic weapon for him. But you know that evil dumpling is something.
Six-armed pale ape replied first. Not long ago, the evil dumpling killed a man who passed here and claimed to subdue the demon. At that time, the evil dumpling passed the magic weapon. Later, after killing the evil dumpling, he once boasted that his magic weapon was named Xuanyin Erwu Soul-cutting Knife, which was based on the fact that during the evil war in Shushan in those years, the treasure was specially designed to break the demon middleman’s treasure and cultivate Buddhism and Taoism. Yuan infant spirits root.
That time, the confrontation between evil dumpling and that is still in the wind. It is expected that he will suddenly put the mysterious soul-cutting knife in the future. In the distance, we see a gray-white Lengsen knife light with a sinister wind and fog diffraction.
Then Shang lost his head, and even Yuan Ying was cut into two by that knife light.
So much Li Yueling heart thumped a pair of eyebrows slightly wrinkled way that’s still in the early days.
Six-armed pale ape nodded and confirmed this repair.
Then when you saw what magic weapon it was, Li Yueling seemed to grasp a little key and asked
Back to the patriarch, Shang Tong’s evil dumpling was sacrificed when he hit it. After throwing it, he saw a yellow seal about the size of Xu.
When the power is triggered, it suddenly shines brighter than Yao, and Jin Xia Huan’s color is also the one that encircles the evil dumpling life.
To develop the evil dumpling according to the situation at that time, it’s strange to blame that it was too big, and it was as sure as a gun, but I didn’t expect that the evil dumpling was still a means to die in the end in Xuanyin Erwu soul-cutting knife.
It seems that it’s true that he is still dead. It is estimated that his evil dumpling is a monster with an initial knot. There is no magic weapon to suppress him, and then he can finish the work. It is because of this great thought that he has turned the demon into a fatal move.
It seems that the level of repair is not the key to determine the strength of the key, but the magic weapon is the key to win the game. Isn’t it just like killing the water repair in the late Ming Dynasty with several magic weapons and a sudden attack?
Li Yueling shook his head and chuckled, saying that the information of knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves is always in the first place. After a preliminary understanding of the evil dumpling means, his mind is already an idea that has just been refined into an elixir monster, which is equivalent to fixing the truth in Yuan infant period. In fact, after all, this evil dumpling can be regarded as general.
The evil dumpling is fierce in the monster elixir, which is different from Buddhism and Taoism. Once refined, Yuanying elixir is a more powerful magic weapon, and the second one is that the evil dumpling holds the magic weapon Xuanyin Erwu soul-cutting knife.
Li Yueling has heard of this stuff, but it was an amazing magic weapon during the evil war of Shushan in those days. Although it is not very powerful, it is far worse than Li Yueling’s snatch of the green Suojian, but it is definitely the first choice in sneak attack and assassination.
I don’t know how this thing got into the evil dumpling in the pool of gathering yin and cold.
By the way, how many monsters are there in this cold pool forbidden zone today? Li Yueling, after weighing it, recognizes that he has finished his ability to kill that evil dumpling, but it is the same as killing, which can reduce the risk by a few minutes. It’s always good for his evil dumpling to fight hard and not correct himself. Will the future monster master deal with him together?
It is not difficult for the four demons around us to convince those monsters who are afraid every day to invest in their own clan.
The five-tailed fox demon is the most intelligent of the four demons. She took the lead in grasping the meaning of Li Yueling and immediately volunteered. The patriarch said that there should be seventy monster colleagues in the forbidden circle in Fiona Fang in this cold pool for more than ten miles. If it is possible, my daughter is willing to run together with the six big brothers, and all the demons will be called together to worship the patriarch’s door first, and then the evil dumpling will be destroyed together. Those monsters and monsters are all killed by the cruel atrocities of the evil dumpling. Then I hope that the patriarch can show some means or give them some confidence.
Don’t you notice the evil dumpling with such fanfare? Li Yueling is enchanted, but he doesn’t understand.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Poly demon work together 2
Six-armed pale ape said, this is not the case. The evil dumpling will devour one or two monsters every sixty days, and then it will stay in the abode of fairies and immortals. If it can’t get into the abode of fairies and immortals for ten days, the evil dumpling will surely not notice the movement.
Li Yueling smiled and said, "What are you waiting for? You two go and recruit other monsters. Just go to the central cold pool. What means will you show when the monsters are recruited? However, you can see with your own eyes that after ordering the five-tailed fox demon and the six-armed pale ape, Li Yueling turned to the pig and the tiger. Come with me."
But at this moment, Jin Nuanyu, on the other side of the mountain, is pacing up and down in the abode of fairies and immortals with anxiety, and Li Yueling is still annoyed at not agreeing to take her with him.