However, after all, he is a generation of heavenly kings and earth figures. When Meng Fei’s thoughts fluctuate, he feels the danger. In a moment of 100,000 points, he wakes up, and his mind is shot with earth thoughts. At the same time, his body changes, and layers of masks rise from his body.

Hallows for protection Tang Simo has lost the Warriors of War. Now the most powerful weapon is this hallows. The degree of defense of the hallows is impossible even if the emperor bombards it.
But Meng Fei’s Black Sword is a god of war soldier, and it is a very mysterious one, and its attack power is even sharper than that of the god of war soldier.
Meng Fei’s sword directly struck the mask of the Tang Si Mo Hallows, and a huge wave of destruction caused the Tang Si Mo shield to be blown to pieces. His personal body was also blown into a ball of crawling flesh and blood, and every piece of flesh and blood was splashed on all sides, giving off a strong wave and howling wildly.
Although he has lost the Warrior of War, after all, the clothes of the core brother of Down’s family are treasures and many powerful defensive hallows, but all this has no place. Wei Neng was shattered by Meng Fei’s sword before he was completely urged.
From an outsider’s point of view, this is just a matter of Shi Huo.
Tang Simo came to seize Meng Fei, but the sudden change was caught. Meng Fei’s strength was 100 times and 1000 times. The explosion directly smashed the middle and large handprints, and then it was a sword to split Fiona Fang’s miles of vitality. Tang Simo split it by explosion.
The aftermath of this explosion is simply extinct.
On the spot, a warship and many guards were shocked into powder, and even people were shocked into the most angry without even opening the body.
This time, the representatives of the major ethnic groups came here to discuss the materials of the Wu Dian, and all of them were representatives of the major ethnic groups, or at least respected.
But now it has been devastated.
In the aftermath of Meng Fei’s sword chopping down Tang Si Mo, some people died in the Zunren Department, and Yuan Shen didn’t escape.
The venerable man is a broken body, and some people with strong bodies and treasures are lucky to be killed.
The fire gourd swallowed Meng Fei’s sword and killed Tang Simo. After splitting the famous brother of Down’s family into several groups of flesh and blood, he did not stay in the body. A huge whirlpool now shows that the fire gourd was formed.
Tang Simo is a generation of heavenly kings, and such characters are very strong. They are hard to kill and die, or they are turned into powder, and they can be reborn if the Yuan God is not destroyed.
Since Meng Fei has to kill Tang Simo thoroughly, otherwise, Tang Simo will once again condense his flesh and restore his fighting capacity again, and exert more desperate means.
Fire gourd, a Tang desert, and thousands of flesh and blood are also sucked. Every piece of flesh and blood can’t move, and it is pulled to the fire gourd department in screaming.
What the hell happened? Who is it? Why is it so tough? This is the worm that caused this instant change. What happened to the snake, the husband and the black dragon king?
Shocked again and again, at the same time, they also recovered their composure. First of all, they sacrificed themselves to fight the God of War, guarded themselves and resisted the power of the aftermath fire gourd bite, and at the same time each attacked and killed Meng Fei.
The viper Langjun sprayed a giant clock on the top of Jing Yuan’s head, and first guarded himself. Princess Yinchuan also had a few snake ladies around him, and then her face showed a strange look. She sneered and repeatedly waved her fingers to grasp the handprints of Tang Si Mo and squirmed the Yuan God.
He has seen that the value of the Tang Si Mo Yuan God is extremely high, from which he can get many amazing secrets of the Tang family.
It is necessary to be able to catch the Tang Si Mo Yuan God and refine enough to achieve great success. This poisonous snake, Langjun, has a lot of secrets, but he is born with a lot of luck. At this time, he actually wants to take advantage.
Meng Fei, who died, saw the black dragon king, the poisonous snake, Langjun, attacking himself and whistling with a big hand, and obliterated it.
Meng Fei is a complete killer.
It’s bold for this poisonous snake husband to rob Tang Si Mo Yuan God abruptly in front of himself.
A Meng Fei will kill this person, because this poisonous snake Langjun actually planted puppet art in his own body in an attempt to completely control him, which simply made Meng Feifa endure.
Even the origin of the other party will kill him and rob him of everything.
In the face of the poisonous snake, Langjun grabbed Meng Fei and clapped his hands for half his energy to crush each other into patties.
At the same time, another stone sword of Meng Fei has been sacrificed to directly chop and kill the giant bell of the poisonous snake husband.
Meng Fei, of course, also didn’t forget to be a master dragon, the dragon king in black. Although this man is slightly inferior to the snake husband, he also cultivated four provenance guys and became a dragon man, and he also fought the God of War.
So Meng Fei wanted to put this person together to suppress the golden hoop, and the powerful force rotated, so he directly smashed the black dragon king’s attack and smashed it at the other side.