Hong Sihai said that without any hesitation, he quickly recounted what had just happened.

The blood king, that blood fly is actually a blood king. How can the strength of our Shan Lang tribe be his opponent? Even if I resent it again, I can come back and dare not be disrespectful.
But my brother’s heart is full of hatred and burns a wilderness forest. Now that you’re back, can you help him kill this bloody fly and avenge my only son?
Hong Zhanlong’s sullen eyes twinkled with folded mans. At this moment, he thought a little and sank. According to the eldest brother, that blood fly is probably a blood king’s strength, but I’m afraid I can’t kill him just after reaching the level of blood king.
Hong Sihai heard the words and roared wildly. What should we do? Can we just watch Tianer being killed and we can’t do anything?
I can not be reconciled
Hong Zhanlong’s eyes flashed with a sinister smile. Brother, don’t want this. Although I killed this bloody fly, I also used the means to let him die.
Today, I came to the tribe just by the way, mainly because I was ordered by the Presbyterian Church of the Dark City to come to the wasteland to collect troops to meet the coming war.
And since that blood fly is a generation of blood king, I will issue a call for duty to him in the name of the dark magic city. If he promises to come, once he enters the army, I will try my best to make him die miserable.
If he refuses, he will not obey the orders of the Presbyterian Church of the Dark City. When the time comes, our hands will kill him directly.
Eldest brother, rest assured that this theory of blood flying will die.
Hong Sihai growled wildly, let’s go to Tianwu tribe now, or we will find him again when the blood flies away.
Good HongZhanLong sneer at this moment suddenly drink a way to the dark legion soldiers with me.
It’s a dragon’s adult courtyard. Ten soldiers dressed in bloody close armor are crashing. They should be ordered to be bloody, and they are all violent from the breath. I’m afraid ordinary blood will be slaughtered in their hands.
In a low drink, Hong Sihai led the soldiers of Hong Zhanlong’s dark legion to turn several blood mans and go straight to Tianwu tribe.
Blood flies. I’ll see how you die this time
Kill me, Hong Sihai. Even if you are a blood king, you will die.
My Lord, wait a moment. My horse will fetch the gift. Wu Qingyang respectfully salutes and then turns to Feng Totem to walk in the backyard.
Meng Fei nodded and took a seat in the wooden chair, and his eyes swept calmly.
Totems are blood. Every tribe in the imperial dynasty is a spiritual symbol, and the number of totems varies from tribe to tribe, but one thing is certain: totems are tribal gods with some unknown mysterious power.
At the moment, in the totem of Tianwu tribe, a strange force is shrouded in a totem pavilion, and even though Meng Fei Yuan Shen xiu was in it, he felt a little obscure and intimidating.
Totem is really interesting because I don’t know what the power is, so I came to Meng Fei to frown and analyze it for a moment, but the smell is very strange, and he has never seen it before.
It seems that this bloodline dynasty is really mysterious, and such totem power has never been found in other parts of the thousand stars.
Shake your head slightly and press your curiosity in your heart. Meng Fei will return to calm and wait silently.
A moment later
My Lord, the iron sheet is among them, but it’s a little weird. Don’t touch Wu Qingyang until you figure it out. Walking from the backyard with a black wooden box in your hand, your face is disguised, but your eyes are on this wooden box, which is somewhat complicated.
Meng Fei nodded and took the black wooden box into his hand. It was a method to enter this wooden box. Obviously, this wood is not extraordinary.
Slightly thoughtfully Meng Fei backhand will wooden box on the table hand flashes immediately hit it.
There is nothing unusual about the wooden box. A piece of broken iron about the size of a palm is lying quietly in it.
This piece of iron is dark red in color and irregular in shape, which is obviously destroyed by force.
A piece of dark red iron
Meng Fei’s frown is obviously unusual, otherwise Wu Qingyang wouldn’t have put it on the totem pavilion to suppress it and give him a gift, but it’s really strange to the naked eye.
Slightly hesitant Meng Fei put a trace of spirit into this dark red iron piece.
The spirit force is not close to Meng Fei’s complexion, and then it changes instantly without hesitation. For a moment, this broken spirit force is swallowed up by the dark red iron plate, and from the end, this iron plate is not strange at all.
Swallow the gods
Moreover, Meng Fei’s tenacity in cultivating gods today is comparable to that of the Emperor of Heaven, but even this was swallowed by this strange iron plate without any resistance. I’m afraid it would be unimaginable if he hadn’t cut it off by ear just now.
The thought in my heart made Meng Fei look ugly.
When Wu Qingyang saw it, something happened. At this moment, his eyes fell on this dark red iron piece and he couldn’t help but show some fear. At that time, several old friends ventured outside and finally found this broken iron piece in a strange place. On that day, it was half buried in the soil. I don’t know how long it has been buried.
But when we put it together, the nightmare happened.
A good friend of the old lady had reached the level of blood cultivation at that time, and the distance from the blood king was only a slight difference, but when he reached out and held the iron piece, his flesh was shrinking and shriveled at a rapid speed visible to the naked eye.
We can clearly see the horror in his eyes, but he couldn’t throw away the iron piece. Later, when his vitality disappeared and he was mummified, our affairs came to an end, but we didn’t expect that the mummified friend suddenly stopped.