This boudoir belongs to Hua Shui Rouji, and only her father Ye Chen can go in. Lin Xiao’s intrusion made her angry and anxious, but she didn’t hear what he was saying clearly. She said, hurry up or I’ll call someone.

Lin Xiao’s face was a little dark and he said to me, you have been engaged for six years. Although you have moved to others, my heart has never changed. Are you really so affectionate to me?
I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. I’m a husband in my life. I don’t want to see you again. Otherwise, it’s a sin for other gay men to be in the same room as it is now, holding a Lei Zhen in one hand and her loyalty to her husband is engraved in her heart. Once she commits herself to Ye Chen, she feels sorry for him.
Lin Xiao’s face is dark and uncertain. He has always been very charming to himself. Most people think that it is difficult for Lin Xiao to pursue the soft words of flowers after Ye Chen’s death. He didn’t expect that he would come here this time and actually hear the soft words of flowers. This is not a panic, but a heartfelt speech.
See him there still didn’t leave the flower water soft eyes closed will hand Lei Zhen crush rushed Lin Xiao thrown in the past.
Lin Xiao never imagined that she would really dare to throw it in utter amazement. Knowing the power of Lei Zhen, he rushed to the fastest speed and stretched out his arm to listen to a bomb blast to Lei Zhen. Before he stood in front of him, his arm was blown back a few steps, and his body hit the rear wall. Although he was not injured, his arm had been numb with shock.
Hua Xiao Jie ni
Lin Xiaogang’s steady body words were not finished, but another one flew to him. He was surprised and hurriedly jumped into the room. When the flower guards heard Lei Zhen’s exploding sound coming quickly, they just met Lin Xiao in a dusty mess and left the gate without even calling the usual greeting. The two guards looked at each other.
Lei Zhen’s power is not very exaggerated, but it will also blow up the doorway of Huashuirou’s house and scare Lin Xiao back. Huashuirou finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the bed and cried.
It didn’t take long for a person to rush to tell Hua Zhentian that he was drunk and asleep in the leaves home. Hua Zhentian was awakened at first sight. He had always been soft and weak, and his daughter had moved. Lei Zhen Lin Xiao wanted to force some animals in his flower home and flew into a rage. Most of them woke up and went straight to the Lins with a gust of wind full of alcohol, yelling at Lin Xiao all the way, you son of a bitch.
He shouted at passers-by with his super loud voice all the way. At one time, Lin Xiao of the Lins forced his way into the boudoir while Hua Zhen Tian was away. He couldn’t smell the bad behavior for more than half of the Tianlong City in one afternoon. Lin Xiao was suffering. When Hua Zhen Tian made a scene in the Lins’ home, he was finally tired after drinking and couldn’t help his daughter. After returning home, he asked about the softness of the flowers. After a while, his talent disappeared, he immediately sent someone to repair the house and strictly ordered anyone surnamed Lin not to enter the flower house to force Lei Zhen to serve.
Flower blasting has been in the Lins make a scene for a while. After listening to the soft explanation of flowers and water, I know that I have barely wronged Lin Xiao. Although my heart is still very angry, it does not affect my daughter’s reputation. I didn’t expect it to be too big, but it is still not over.
The next day, the atmosphere in the court was still very dull. This atmosphere continued after Ye Chen’s death. If the former Ye Chen died, it was not a big deal, but before he died, he beheaded the God of War, Fengshen, and destroyed all the hosts. This earth-shattering move made Tianlong’s blood surge, applauded and lamented sadly. In just a few days, Ye Chen was already unknown, but this time it was all because the former Ye Shuiyao was forced to marry the windy country. Now Ye Shuiyao has returned to Ye’s home and was cut off. The windy country is bound to be more jealous of Tianlong. Everyone smelled the
Fengling told me frankly yesterday that she was infatuated with Princess Yao Feng, and she wanted Princess Yao Feng to come to her senses and return to windy country. When she got married, she would pretend that nothing had happened for about five years, and all the promises would be honored without any discount. Long Yin finished her eyes and swept to the side, only to see Ye Wei’s face look gloomy.
Zhuge Yi took one look at Ye Wei’s face. At this time, the situation was different. Ye Jiachen gave a fright to the windy country, and the story of saving my sister by the miracle of the man of God had already spread all over the mainland. Unless Ye Jiashui Yao was willing, at this time, he compromised with the windy country again and saved Ye Shuiyao’s blood. No matter how arrogant I am, it will be difficult to pass. I admit that this matter is absolutely impossible and I believe that the windy country is still greatly frustrated. Seeing his guilty conscience, he said that they had planned to suspend the use of force. This is very easy to understand. One of them, God of War, Fengshen, died of old age, which dealt a heavy blow to the wind family. The lack of arms will inevitably lead to many long-planned guns. He took care of the other, which made the morale of the people with strong winds become chaotic and fearful. After all, even the enemy God of War in their hearts was killed. On the contrary, the morale of our dragon country was greatly boosted. Although the change of sunflower and water made us unprepared, not only should this situation not be a windy country, but our dragon country had to
All the ministers heard the words and nodded Long Yin and Zhuge Yi, but he agreed with them because he didn’t try to persuade him yesterday unless Ye Jiashui Yao was willing, but he didn’t expect him to say that General Zhuge said that I would die and I would grieve for no less than one person. A wizard who will help me in the future will be forced to die by the windy country, and I am very sorry for my promise.
Long Yin’s words firmly make people know that there is no room for manoeuvre in as one pleases, but they all know that Long Yin can say that this is a complete and resolute end because Ye Shuiyao’s side makes him scared. The girl in black still rings in his ear, and Li Lao’s sentence "Don’t provoke words."
Ye Weilie said that I thanked the emperor.
Long Yin, Kuan Wei, said that General Ye was still in mourning. Although Chen died young, his name will always remain in the history of Tianlong, so that future generations of Tianlong will know that there was such a talented person in the history of Tianlong.
All the ministers looked at Ye Wei with different eyes, because his son beheaded the god of war, Ye Chen, and though he died, he gave Ye Jia an admirable brilliance.
Chapter 17 Future Female Army God
In addition, let’s announce it in public. He paused for a moment in several faces and said that I had personally married the flower family to Lin Xiao, but later because of Chen’s soft feelings, they were unfaithful and ashamed to the Lins. Although things have passed for a long time, I still feel bitter, especially when I heard that Lin Xiao is still infatuated with Hua Shui Rou and turns a blind eye to other girls. It is even more difficult for me to feel at ease that he has gone to Lin Xiao this morning, and he has also married her.
Ye Weihua’s face changed when he heard the loud words, but at this time Ye Wei was bound to die. Long Yin’s words were really reasonable. Ye Chen’s flowers and water were soft, and his engagement was now just like when Ye Jia was finished. If he opposed it, it would make people feel that the forest war was going fast. I thanked the emperor for the dog and thanked the emperor for his kindness.
Wait for a big roar loud, but it’s a deafening flower. He strode to Lin Zhan’s side and said to Long Yin, Emperor Wei Chen has something to say.
Long Yin eyebrows a wrinkly said, "General Hua, but not allowed to spend that day." General Hua once said that he didn’t want his daughter to be wronged at all. Ye Chen can be a hundred times more than Lin Xiao, but now he has passed away. General Hua can’t let his daughter identify herself as a lifelong loner, and all the people in Lin Xiao’s face are choosing Tianlong City, and he can’t find anyone who can’t compete with you anymore. General Hua, who is infatuated with your daughter, is still dissatisfied.
Life-long loneliness makes Hua Zhen feel a pain in his heart. He once again scolded Ye Chen with a dog’s blood and sighed, saying, God, how can any parent want to watch his daughter hang from a dead tree and not want to get married? Today, before I left, my daughter said a few words. She said that her life was a leaf family’s death. Ye Chen’s heart can be seen from the sun and the moon, and the loess will not change in the slightest. She is not worried that her husband’s family elders will stay with her and take care of her in the later years, but people will force her to marry her. She would rather die.
Flowers deafening finish staring at Long Yin heart again and again about silly daughter silly daughter.
As soon as the court became very busy, these words touched their heartstrings. Some people thought that this was not a soft flower, but they said it themselves. It was a pity that the father had made up such an excuse that his daughter should never get married. Although this infatuated woman is young, Ye Chen has died, but she can get this feeling.
Long Yin looked at the flowers and nodded for a long time. General Hua, you gave birth to a good daughter. I don’t want to be a virtuous and strange girl.
Also the emperor into my daughter this infatuation back to life spend a day a face of painful miserable way
Hua Zhen Tian’s words sealed off his retreat. Long Yin knew that if he was still firm, it would be cold for Hua Jia Ye Jiaxin, who could not see it, but changed it to Lin Jia or other small families with too great a trend. He could directly obey orders, but Ye Jia Hua Jia could not. This is that he can’t completely control the difference, especially when facing Ye Jia. This is also why he has been trying to secretly control Ye Jia for so many years. Because when a person is used to the highest throne, it will become more and more difficult to control what cannot be in his own hands.
Now that I can’t be faithful to your daughter, I will return to my destiny. I broke my word to Lin Xiao twice in succession. I feel uneasy. I will cancel the engagement of my beloved daughter, Princess Ye Chen, and marry Lin Xiao after three years. You can disagree.
I thank the emperor for turning into a flower, shouting loudly, who will marry Princess Yu Feihuang, and he will have nothing to do with it.
I thanked the emperor Long Enlin for his dog, and quickly repeated the former words.
Princess Huang decided to show her face to the Lins because she was also betrothed to Ye Chen. Although it was unfair to Ye Jia, it was also unfair to everyone.
Ye Wei and Zhuge Yi went together in the early morning, and Zhuge Yi comforted Ye Wei for a long time and then sighed all the way home.
As soon as I got home and heard that he was back, Zhuge Xiaoyu couldn’t wait to run, so he dragged him and walked in. Come on, come on, tell me how to break the four-fold array in the simplest way. I tried many methods, but each one would consume a lot of people.
Zhuge Xiaoyu was crazy about battlefield command and threatened to surpass Ye Chen’s grandfather Zhuge Yi. He knew that this daughter, who has always been competitive and competitive, was stimulated by Ye Chen before she changed her person. He knew that after Ye Chen’s death, she would throw these things away and depress it for a while, but he didn’t take them seriously. She was still in high spirits and crying every day, but she was desperately arranging her troops and perhaps inheriting his ability in this respect. He gradually discovered that Zhuge Xiaoyu had an amazing talent in this aspect occasionally. The ability to analyze and calculate the battlefield often makes him stunned. Dad, look at the four-fold array. It pays attention to the variety of offensive and defensive. The biggest feature is that you can easily encircle the enemy who broke into the array. You can also attack three times and lead two times and lead three times to kill the enemy. I have studied for a long time. I think the biggest flaw of this array lies in four folding points. Look, look, Zhuge Xiaoyu draws a pen on the paper. Once it is said that if these four folding points are chaotic, they will be like cut earthworms, and the four-character snake array will not cross. Cut them off one by one from the folding point and then weave them back and forth, and you will not be in formation. Look at this formation like this, and then in this direction, Dad said that there are many fierce formations in the battlefield, but if the formation is chaotic, the morale will be chaotic. I’ll calculate it. If I do this, Dad, you can read Zhuge Xiaoyu’s pen on paper to demonstrate the method of breaking the array seriously and mark the possible loss effect. In this way, it will take more than 300 people to annihilate the enemy in the case of equal military strength between the enemy and the enemy.
Zhuge yi
Dad Zhuge Xiaoyu raised my hand only to find that Zhuge Yi had a dull face and looked at the piece of paper that she almost filled with speechless.
Dad, are you okay? Zhuge Xiaoyu waved his hand in front of him.
Feather son, this is really what you want Zhuge Yi to say with a surprised face. When Xiao Yu said his own method, he was not, but after she simulated it on paper, he was shocked to find that Zhuge Xiaoyu’s strange method was equivalent to inserting several knives into the enemy’s heart at the same time. Although this was her thought of breaking the line and breaking the array, she thought that this method of breaking the array showed him another extremely powerful array.
Hey, what do you mean? Of course, I want to come to ZhuGeXiaoYu to drum up my cheeks and help a face of discontent.
Zhuge Yi hurriedly motioning with his hand and asked Yu Er, can you tell Dad first what you need to do now? You used to ask Ye Gugong to marry your wife. Now that he has gone, what if you come? You can’t go to the battlefield to direct the war, can you?
Hum ZhuGeXiaoYu jiao hum a pen and stare and say, I’m going to play windy country.
Oh Zhuge Yi looked surprised.
Because they killed my husband, I must beat them to death. Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum.
This Zhuge is right.
You see, I like my husband’s piano and chess paintings. They are all exquisite and long, so that people are still so powerful. Even the mighty God of War has defeated him, and I dare to do anything. Even I dare to scold my sister. I went to the windy country for thousands of miles alone and made the windy palace upside down. Anyone who marries him must be happy and dead. I thought again when I slept last night that if I could marry him, he would be robbed one day. It will not be far away for a while. Wan Li risked his life to save me. Wow, happiness is dead. Hum, such a good husband let the windy country lose me.