After the ancient times, the people rarely had any peace and stability, and the two generations have already ruled the world. That’s why the emperor wanted to rebuild humanity and suppress fairies.

The emperor is also a hero, and he sighs in vain.
Yes, it’s a pity that the killing was too much, but it didn’t live through the thousand Qin dynasty. The six thousand-year-old gas refiner retired from the Zhongzhou core and no longer participated in the secular power struggle. Later, the Qin dynasty perished and the Jin dynasty rose, and the gas refiner became active again. What do you mean?
Leitian shook his head, and the wet nurse said that the emperor cast twelve hundred-poster copper men. He lost the big Jin army’s attack on Mount Li, but he didn’t get this treasure to suppress the national luck. But the big Jin emperor also knew that he couldn’t let the gas refiners intervene in politics, or he managed to cast Jiuding instead of those twelve hundred-poster copper men.
This Jiuding power is definitely not tong ren.
Of course, all the schools of cultivating immortals in the Great Jin Dynasty wanted to intervene in this position so that their own orthodoxy could be carried forward.
Leitian hear now also don’t white what these fathers.
It’s not a problem to listen to the wet nurse and live another three or five thousand years in the Great Jin Dynasty. Today, the saints don’t know how to get the news of the 100-zhangs bronze men in the Great Qin Dynasty and send Yu Lin to take back the twelve bronze men from the capital. They want to build a bronze man temple in Yanshan, a western suburb, to suppress the national luck with this former thing.
At this time, if the wet nurse doesn’t explain Leitian, it will be white. I’m afraid my father is going to supervise the construction of this bronze temple, but the refined gas man will regard his father as an obstacle to destroying the bronze statue.
It’s true that your father has been sealed as a teacher, and he is also in charge of the department. In the Jin Dynasty, this department was an ancient official, but in the previous dynasty, it was in charge of engineering supervision and everything. In the Sangong and ancient times, this department was specialized in supervising the construction of altars to worship ancestors’ altars.
Leitian heart solemnity chills, my father is not the fire?
It’s true that the sects that cultivate immortals every day don’t care much about this matter because they have thirty-six caves and seventy-two blessed places. Only those sects that don’t have caves and blessed places regard your father as their enemies for life and death.
Leitian was in a confused mood and didn’t ask what it was like to be blessed with a cave. Aunt returned you to save my father.
Yu Bai Jian, the Lord protector, is already the pinnacle of martial arts. However, in the face of the refined spirit, Bai Qi doesn’t think that his father is afraid to say that he is an enemy in the Great Jin Dynasty, and his father’s strength is still in her.
What’s the panic? The wet nurse reprimanded a great Jin Dynasty for suppressing luck. The alchemist wanted to assassinate the minister of the DPRK near the capital, which also risked his life. Moreover, the alchemist with a hundred feet of bronze easily dared not approach, and his life would not be dangerous if he asked your father to leave the bronze man too far away.
Leitian is still’ re’. He has seen the refined gas master. The red-violet temple was almost killed by an attack at random. How do you say it’s the day after tomorrow? He didn’t even have the ability to resist in front of Shang.
Gas refiners don’t fight with one knife and one shot.
Don’t think about it. I will follow you to Beijing. If you are in danger, you can take it one step at a time. Now you remember this tactic.
As the nurse said, she put her hand on Leitian’s head and Leitian felt a chill in her head. An idea directly penetrated into the depths of her mind and was printed in her memory.
A 36,000-word formula was thus remembered by Leitian.
Note 1 The dreamy non-plane of the ancient 20 weak crowns is not entangled.
Chapter VI Princess Yuzhen
On the first day of April, a huge motorcade tied up outside the old residence of Lord protector and headed for the capital.
Xiaoyu didn’t know what punishment she had received, and she was a little depressed. She followed Leitian in the middle of the line. The cart was not very talkative. The window of the cart was closed before the cold spring, and it was lined with thick velvet mats. Xiaoyu leaned on the cushion and looked at the scenery outside the car through the curtains.
The car also has four maids. The maids around Leitian are also practicing martial arts. The level of the five or six days after tomorrow is not much worse than that of the elite soldiers of the Dajin Dynasty. Yu frenzy can’t really let Leitian indulge in debauchery. These maids are also equivalent to protecting their children and Qinbing.
Xiao Yu gathered her cloak and wrapped herself tightly. None of the maids dared to speak when Xiao Yu was in a bad mood.
In the motorcade, the leader of the white robe and silver armor is Bai Wang, a distant uncle named Bai Wang, and the head of the white house is Yu Guogong, who fought and died on the battlefield. He is cautious, although the Tai Ping Bai Wang of the Dajin Dynasty still carries a hundred Qinbing and dozens of healthy servants.
This white hope is also famous in the frontier, except for the wet nurse, who is afraid of people like him sitting in the team, and the noise of the wheels is boring.
Bai Wang’s body is cold and the Qinbing vault around him is not far from the Leitian cart, and pedestrians along the way can’t help but dodge.
Leitian was very worried that he would be beheaded by the refined gas man, but he was disappointed when he walked peacefully all the way. Seeing that the population was getting denser and denser, the city was getting more and more prosperous, and there was a white river in front of him. Leitian couldn’t help but want to ride a horse to have a good look at the scenic spots in Jinling.
The wet nurse didn’t stop him from leitian. Whether it was a teenager’s mind temporarily forgot his worries. He changed to a pure black war horse, Xiao Yu rode a chestnut pony and followed leitian to Bai Wang.
White hope in horse sideways nod here is less than 20 miles from the capital, there is nothing to worry about at noon.
Leitian Baiwang walked side by side and kept eating lunch. The team sped up and went straight to the capital of the Jin Dynasty, Jinling, and the rules of the Jin Dynasty. How great are you? The number of Qinbing in the capital must not exceed 500. Bai Jian has been around the capital for more than 200 years. This time, the number of Qinbing Dingding is only over 100, which is just for fear of violating it.
Hundreds of guards are not conspicuous in Jinling City.
Soon I came to the North Gate, where Jinling relied on the white river to build black basalt. The cost of basalt is amazing, but the output of basalt is not small, but it is extremely hard. I don’t know how much manpower and material resources it will take to build Jinling stone.
In this way, even if the city wall is hit by stone shelling, it will not hit many pits.
The quarrying material on the arch top of the tall gate in the north gate is even more glittering with a hint of gold like golden sand.
Jinling luxury can be seen from this city gate. Someone once tried to cut the Chinese steel knife of the army at this city gate. The stone steel knife collapsed, but the stone wall was shallow.
Unlike other cities in the Great Jin Dynasty, Jinling City Gate did not have a tax card, but the armored soldiers kept the door every hour.
When such a big motorcade enters the city, it is necessary to check the road, lead a white horse, and take the soldiers with them.
Because it was not difficult for Yu Guofu to stamp the gatekeeper, it was not difficult for the soldiers to wave their hands and let go. Suddenly, a group of knights in horseshoe approached quickly. First, a young man dressed in a white brocade robe came to the front of the city gate and suddenly reined in and laughed. In front of him, it was General White.
Leitian back heart andao good a wind.
But I saw this young man’s white brocade robe embroidered with black silk thread, and the bamboo brocade robe fluttered in the wind, just like a bamboo forest swaying. The young man’s head was inlaid with jade crown, and a long knife was hung on the side of the horse. Mercedes-Benz suddenly bridled the horse in front of the city gate like a gust of wind, and it was settled as soon as it hissed.
But also a congenital strong.
The young man’s face is tall and white, but he doesn’t look thin. It’s just that his strong body can’t suppress his brow and literary grace. It’s a temperament in his eyes