Well, since the Cang Lan nodded and pushed the jade tightly into the hands of the fierce Qingyang, the connection between the sword body and the sword spirit should be unbreakable, which is the only guide for our eyes.

At the jade, the fierce sun sank its eyes and suddenly smiled slightly. Elder Jiang won’t lie to us, so let’s follow this jade.
But the jade is still lying in the palm of the fierce green sun, reflecting a little rare fire.
The hot air is even more pungent and stinging, and the two glances at each other’s launching posture. The flying eagle hunts in tandem and turns around and falls lightly. The tombstone stone pillar flies again and instantly rushes into the fiery flames of Mars.
Wind roll clothes lang tide turn a flame immediately jumped into the eyes of two people, eyelashes eyebrows should be burning pain, Cang Lan narrowed his eyes, green shoulders fell and broke his feet, and a flame stood in shape.
However, they felt a stabbing pain in their feet. They hurriedly got up again to look at the knife light, which flashed cold in the hot fire. It was an extremely sharp knife tip to their feet.
Destroy Cang Lan’s heart and lift up your eyes and see the side of the sea of fire. The lava is rolling. The golden color is flashing sparks. The red color is burning flames. The waves are constantly bubbling with huge bubbles. The sound is like boiling water, and several hot aerosols are generally leaps. I already feel that my face is burning and scratching my face. It is generally merciless.
And strewn at random in this lava, it’s broken and scattered. Every place in the mountain is sharp, and the blade breaks through the ground and points to the sky like a claw. It seems to be a group of huge bones that will twist and struggle at any time.
Destroy the surging billows, the two of them are constantly being corroded by hot fire and wind, and their posture is suddenly weak. The front is full of flames, and there is no end in sight.
This hot air corrodes Cang Lan and induces a foot of blood fog. Turn around and hold down the fierce green sun’s shoulder and sink a way. His forehead, heart, three petals of flaming cinnabar are printed on the fire, and the wrong light and shadow are even more Zhang Jun’s face.
Roots can’t see the end point, but it’s hard to stay in the mountains.
Hard work means that I don’t know what is hidden on this magma surface. Looking around, I always feel that there is something lurking in the fire all around. I look through the fire and stare at the two of them with relish.
I can be more careful. Fierce Qingyang will spin his double sleeves and pull out the Qingyang sword, so as to draw several firm but gentle strokes clearly, condense into a sword shape, turn over and step on the surface and fly.
The blue sun is extinguished, the surging billows are chased after it, and the true qi is restored after the fierce blue sun is pranayama. This trick of controlling the posture of firm but gentle is really not slow, and the blood fog has not been chased for a while.
Suddenly, I saw the fierce green sun flip the hilt and lose it to my side. I turned around and laughed and shouted, "What’s the situation of keeping a distance?"
This little thing always stands in front of him. Is it that he is a VIP to protect himself? Destroy Cang Lan smiled and stepped on the fire and circled red mist, but his posture was still faster than fierce Qingyang’s, and he had already rushed to his front and held down fierce Qingyang’s desire to grab his arm and laughed. This time it was my turn.
Hey, Cang Lan, a fierce green sun, didn’t catch him. Destroy Cang Lan like a hawk, and smoke away. A large fire wind surrounded them, and their strong corrosive atmosphere kept moving from their feet to drill.
When the surging billows are destroyed, the smile disappears when they turn their heads to blink. A pair of red pupils set up a watchful eye combatively, slightly encouraging the dark luster to show more and more murder, but in the end, it is uncertain which direction it comes from.
Just when putting out Cang Lan’s heart on guard, I suddenly heard a huge wave of boiling water, adding the last handful of dry wood to the boiling water, and all the bubbles were blown to melt everything, hissing and corrosive, and immediately the clothes of Cang Lan were blown upside down.
Well, the fierce Qingyang was also taken aback. At once, the shape was wrong, suggesting that the firm but gentle rushed straight at high altitude. At the same time, the surging billows also turned the blood fog against the wind, but the corrosive gas was still in hot pursuit, crashing into two people and bursting into a sour hot air.
This is when Cang Lan suddenly covers his nose, and he bends to avoid the sour smell. A strong ache is crashing on his face, and the flesh seems to be melting and turning into gas. Suddenly, a black gas rushes in every pore of Cang Lan’s body.
What’s this? The fierce green sun looked at me in disbelief, and the black smoke like a piece of coke was almost covering the young face.
Corrosion gas extinguished Cang Lan’s sudden hole in his heart, and he never forgot his memory. It was as effective as the blood that kept splashing in the body and underworld when Violet was slain in blood night.
But that night, the corrosion was an illusion, but the eyes were really devouring flesh and blood layer by layer. I think it was some secret method that refined the essence of corrosion in the blood of the underworld, and it really became a way to melt the flesh and blood.
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Bastard put out Cang Lan and raised his eyebrows. Immediately, he reversed his body shape, and his hands crossed two fingers, which shocked the demon light at the same time. At the same time, the cinnabar seal on his forehead also sent blood-like light, and three lights rushed to one place and turned into a rotating black hole. A shock broke out and layers of cyclones broke out.
In the black hole, the whirlwind rushes straight and the corrosive gas rushes from the depths of the magma. When the two sides collide, they immediately swing in a semi-transparent arc, and the huge buzz vibrates like thousands of bees passing by.
Qingyang destroyed Canglan and barely resisted the corrosive gas. Immediately, he turned around and rushed to the fierce Qingyang. Before he got close, he saw a sword. The unique Qingyang sword was as sharp as a fire. The rolling wind crashed all the black smoke and wiped it upside down and hit the corrosive gas.
Fierce green sun spat out one by one, smearing Bajue’s thick blood, and turning around almost destroyed Cang Lan’s head-on collision. It would be bad if it broke the phase.
I’m afraid I can’t seduce a beauty. I’m afraid I can’t seduce a beauty. I’ve pinched a fierce green sun. I’m anxious to take a look at it. My handsome face is intact.
All right, let’s laugh and drink. I suddenly saw that layers of diffusion and semi-permeability collapsed in the past. When I saw it, the corrosive gas was getting clearer and clearer, and the blood-green rare ratio was rippling. It was disgusting and dirty. It smashed all the Cang Lan gas and broke his tricks.
This corrosive gas is really bad. Don’t get close to destroying Cang Lan and blocking the fierce Qingyang chest. When you fly back, you will see that large pieces of molten pulp have been boiling and large pieces of foam have been blown away. Every piece of blown-up fire bubble has been flushed with blood-green gas. The daoshanhuohai suddenly became a siege, and the two of them were wrapped in it in a stormy way.
Don’t go near it, but we are surrounded. Fierce Qingyang caught it and roared wildly. I’ll see if I can cut through these gases with a horizontal sword and several firm but gentle strokes.
Before you destroy Cang Lan with Qingyang sword, you suddenly jerk your head and flicker to avoid a blood-green gas. Suddenly, a clot of red pupils leans forward and waves, and the ice spikes violently cross the gas tail.
The gas was not an aerosol, but a flesh-and-blood tear and a blunt sound immediately dispersed. Cang Lan heard a pain and then turned his head and slammed a blue face with fangs.
This actually hit a piece of sour gas and went straight to the nose. Don’t say it out. Canglan really felt the bridge of the nose. He immediately reversed the blood fog and flew back. The face screamed and went straight at the hand, and a huge sharp breath slammed.
Destroying Cang Lan was almost hit by the fierce Qingyang when the front shadow struck him back. Fortunately, he stretched out his hand and dragged him back like a flash.
Fierce Qingyang didn’t get this feeling and pulled out Cang Lan. You really want to kill me. Destroy Cang Lan.
Don’t make trouble with Qingyang. They’re in the sky. Destroy Cang Lan and break off the grimace in front of the fierce Qingyang Bus. Seeing that it’s already incarnated, it’s a gaunt, limbs, firewood monster, and its joints are so protruding that it’s almost the same as the blade hand holding a skeleton mace with three sides at the top high. When it rushes in, it blows a large sour whirlwind, but it’s the corrosive gas.
Oh, it’s much easier for the fierce Qingyang to open his eyes and laugh at the sword. The voice did not fall, but the Qingyang sword flew into flames. Guanghua, a sword light, ran straight at the tip of the sword and split a large piece of sour gas.
The gas brush suddenly collapses, and the fangs are blue, and the hag Huo Ran jumps more than a dozen times. All of them are blue, glaring and grimacing, screaming and holding up the three-sided skull mace.
The back of the two men stood in the middle, facing a pile of hags, and the magma was boiling, and Mars was everywhere, trapped in the devouring fire and about to be burned to death.