At the golden ape demon handsome, Tsing Yi male indifference was immediately followed by the sudden stamping of the sole of his foot. Then the earth in front suddenly trembled, and then the earth actually rose and the soil flew down, directly transforming into a huge platform.

Tengfeng Tenglin, let’s go together. Make a quick decision. Tsing Yi male light way
Aside, Wang Tengfeng in the east and Wang Tenglin in the west are all nodding and moving. Now the huge platform is looking down at the mighty troops in the Four Elephant Palace, full of arrogance and laughter. Who dares to come?
I’m going to deal with the rattan wind, the golden ape, the handsome demon, and the iron bar in his hand. This is the first game. We must go hard or lose, which will hurt morale.
I’ll do the rattan forest, and the ghost carving is handsome, too. They are all white. Although they know the importance of the first and second games, their opponents are not simple, even their hands are hard to win.
Lin Dongran also knew that they were worried and didn’t say much about ordering.
make a din
Two people looked at also no longer say more about body movement swept platform now in front of the rattan wind rattan forest.
The four people’s opposing eyes weave some ShaQi in the cold, and a majestic and vast breath comes in. Slowly, their bodies diffuse and wave in this world.
Four runners are super strong.
They looked at that day, and their eyes couldn’t help but get hot. Both sides were top-notch in various regions. I really don’t know whether this collision will be strong or weak.
The air of heaven and earth seems to be solidified at this moment, and the platform diffuses to oppress, making many strong faces slightly pale.
Lin’s eyes are also closely staring at the platform. Suddenly, his eyes suddenly collapsed in a condensate field, and the thunder resounded through the heavens and the earth. The vast force wrapped four figures in the sky, and the meteorite crashed and rushed, and then a very shocking gesture was born with regret.
Knock, knock
Thunder kept ringing on the platform, and the four flashes of light and shadow were distorted, and the forces of heaven and earth gathered crazily, and even the colors of the sky became dim.
Lin and others looked at the platform with a solemn face and fierce hands. Both sides are at the level of the runner’s territory. Their strength is roughly similar, but the rattan wind has the advantage of blood. Although they are bigger than the four tyrants, they are as tough as the golden ape demon handsome ghost carving demon handsome, but they still want to take advantage of a lot.
However, this kind of cheapness has not expanded to the point where it can be resisted. The Golden Ape, the Demon and the Handsome are also smart and know how to avoid their sharpness. After all, their strength is also superior, and it is extremely difficult for them to win the overwhelming degree.
Of course, they also didn’t hold the idea that they could really defeat Fujitsu. Today, they are thinking of being able to drag the battle to a draw when the time comes, and they will be regarded as victory.
Eldest brother, those two guys are really not weak. They look solemn. However, he can see that the platform is amazing. Obviously, rattan wind is in the initiative.
They are, after all, blood vultures. It’s really tough, but we didn’t ask for help in this duel. If we can draw a draw, it’s a success. After all, no matter how little we have compared with Mangshan, Tianlong Yaoshuaishen said
Is it tied?
Lin moving eyes staring at the platform eyebrows is a slight wrinkle, I wonder if he always feels that this is called a draw, I’m afraid it’s not that easy.
However, he is also very white, and it is not easy to win in this close confrontation without special means.
The four figures of the platform violently staggered through the huge cracks, and the platform spread, while the four figures rubbed their feet on the ground and plummeted.
At this time, the golden ape demon handsome four people’s faces are all dignified, and their breathing is also aggravated. Obviously, the previous fierce confrontation is fierce for both sides.
I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you think to win us. The golden ape demon is handsome, clutching the iron bar in his palm and sinking his way
Is it?
Rattan got wind of it, but it was a sneer. Soon he tilted his head and looked at the rear Tsing Yi man. Then he nodded slightly.
After the warm-up, I’ll let you clowns see what the true four elephants are.
Rattan wind face with a banter emerged soon his rattan forest step by step soon hand grasp over turns out to be a bright beam of light condensed in their hands.
And when the light beam was forming, an extremely amazing fluctuation swept through
The light beam in the hands of the low whistling vine wind gradually condenses, which is directly a huge ancient stone pillar with a dragon and white tiger pattern entrenched in it
Lin looked at the huge ancient stone pillar in the hands of two people, and the pupil suddenly shrank.
Ancient fetish list ranked 17th four elephant town fairy column Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-two losing streak.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-two Om
Two ancient stone pillars are shining with dazzling brilliance. Now the stone pillars in the hands of Tengfeng are engraved with the dragon pattern and the white tiger pattern, which vaguely seems to be amazing dragons and tigers.
Sixiang town xianzhu
Lin Dong’s eyes looked dignified at the ancient stone pillar in the hands of Teng Feng now, but he recognized it at a glance. This ancient stone pillar was impressively ranked in the list of ancient gods, and it was not expected that such gods would be in the hands of the five kings of Mangshan.
Aside from Xiaoyan Tianlong Yaoshuai’s face is also slightly changed at this time. From that ancient stone pillar, they can feel the great power. This sacred thing is put to use in the hands of such powerful people as rattan wind, and the power is even more earth-shattering. The increase in combat effectiveness is enough to tear this stiff.
Four pillars in Sixiang Town, four pillars in total, four eyes and rattan wind. Look at this, they should have separated the four pillars with one hand, but even this single four pillars is still extremely powerful. Golden apes may be defeated by Lin’s deep way