Xiaoyao San people casually waved a jade slip, which fell into the hands of Yunsheng Yu, and Yunsheng Yu Yuan Shen penetrated into it and instantly saw countless information about the celestial world. These information were enormous, but for her pick of the fairy road, I am afraid that these information would be enough to make her Yuan Shen feel dizzy, and Xiaoyao San people would put all the information in the jade slip up to now.

After reading the jade slips, Yun Shengyu only felt that her brain was swollen, and countless information had not been refined in her mind. She had to sit down and sort out the information slowly. Xiaoyao San people looked at Yunshengyu in meditation and said with a wry smile, "He Ming, you’d better come back soon. If people leave, your chances will really be gone."
It turns out that the karma between Yunsheng Jade and He Ming is based on Yunsheng Jade. That is to say, before Yunsheng Jade turned back to the sky, she had karma with He Ming. If Zhao Gongming came to enlighten Yunsheng Jade and turned back to the sky, then the marriage between He Ming and Yunsheng Jade was naturally gone, and Yunsheng Jade had to leave silver moon Cave sooner or later. However, the carefree people can only use the information in jade slips to stall Yunsheng Jade and prolong her stay in silver moon Cave.
After Zhao Gongming’s lower bound, he went straight to Nanzhan Department. Originally, Yunsheng Jade was hiding in silver moon Cave, and they couldn’t figure out the whereabouts of Yunsheng Jade at all. However, the carefree people also forgot one thing. Zhang Wen and Beibei came back, and He Ming and Yunsheng Jade had a lifetime marriage, but the sudden variables made their marriage very unstable.
The reincarnation of Yunxiao was involved in the violet given by He Ming at the beginning, and he Ming had a lifetime marriage. However, when Zhang Wen and Beibei came back, it was time to change this karma. As long as Yunxiao came back, this karma would immediately become a cause and effect. If Zhao Gongming resolves this cause and effect again, everything will be settled. Then He Ming really lost his wife and soldiers, and lost a treasure in vain.
It is precisely because of the prophet’s days that Xiaoyao San people saw this variable, and they deliberately retained Yun Shengyu, just to make He Ming owe himself a cause and effect. He didn’t know that Zhang Wenzhao would be so even if he was allowed. Under the causal implication, the doom was naturally involved.
Zhao Gongming had just arrived in Nanzhan Prefecture, and the sage’s knowledge swept across Nanzhan Prefecture, but he didn’t find any clues after searching for a long time. Just when Zhao Gongming was at his wit’s end, he suddenly flew to the Confucius Temple.
Kun Peng and Jin Peng happened to come to Kong Xuan in front of the Confucius Temple. Kun Peng said, "Now it’s time for you to let go of everything."
Jin Peng said, "If my brother can get the word, I’ll forget it, but it’s a worry."
Kong Xuan shook his head and said, "It’s so simple to join the Tao. The catastrophe is not obvious, and there is no way to get together. And I’ll wait for the doom to come, if I can’t resolve it. It’ s just talk about it. "
Kun Peng and Jin Peng both looked up at the sky at the same time, but they saw that the purple air in the sky continued for three thousand miles, the auspicious clouds were all around, and Zhao Gongming descended from the sky, nodding to Kong Xuan and saying, "You Taoist friends are being original and polite."
Kong Xuandao: "The sage came only for the reincarnation of the sky."
Zhao Gongming said with a smile, "Taoist friends are right. That sister who is original has been reincarnated, but she hasn’t come back yet. I’ve come down here to measure her, and I’d like Kong Daoyou to tell me."
Kong Xuandao: "There should be opportunities for Taoist friends on the rootless mountain."
Zhao Gongming made a bow and said, "Thank you for telling me. Be original and leave. " Say and turn away.
When Zhao Gongming was far away, Kun Peng sneered: "I didn’t expect to be a saint, so I don’t care about rank. I really think the world is cold."
Jin Peng said with a smile, "That’s what saints do. If he can get the word, he can put us ants out of his eyes. Why do you care?"
Kun Peng smiled and said, "I didn’t expect you to be so enlightened in Jin Peng. It seems that you are on the verge of enlightenment."
Kong Xuan shook his head and said, "Don’t be too happy. The doom has arrived. You will know later."
The words sound just fell and there was a powerful aura fluctuation in the direction of Wugen Mountain. Three people at the same time look at the direction of Wugen Mountain. Originally, Zhao Gongming went to Wugen Mountain, but was blocked by the large array of silver moon Cave. However, it was impossible for the free and unfettered people to open the door for him. Zhao Gongming had to break the array forcibly. As a result, there was a large array of fluctuations in this trouble. Where did the Terran in Nanzhan State stand the angry blow of this saint? The earthquake appeared in the whole Nanzhan State, and Kong Xuan made moves to settle this Nanzhan State. Zhao Gongming just blow can’t open the silver moon hole large array. Can only strike with all one’s strength, and it is so simple to arrange a large array of happy people. How can a saint in Zhao Gongming break the large array? The strength of the large array will directly rebound all the strength, which will eventually cause the entire Nanzhanbuzhou earthquake.
Kong Xuan threw the cornucopia into the air, which quickly covered the whole Nanzhan state. Kong Xuan fully defended Nanzhan state from harm, and Sanqing in the sky saw the cornucopia and smiled at the same time. Since this cornucopia was obtained by Kong Xuan, there is nothing to be afraid of the panda, except that the person who entered the chaos was the panda.
On the rootless mountain, Zhao Gongming saw that the cornucopia above his head suppressed Nanzhan State, so he no longer left his hand. HarmonyOS’s ruler took it in his hand and hit the large array. The whole large array shook, and the water-like ripples spread around, and the endless power spread around infinitely. The whole Nanzhan State was once again subjected to the power of saints, but the cornucopia above his head fell endless golden light to cover the whole Nanzhan State. Zhao Gongming’s blow didn’t hurt Nanzhan State at all.
Kong Xuan in front of Confucius’ temple was bitter, and a little blood trickled down his mouth. Jin Peng was so frightened that he put his hand behind Kong Xuan’s back and kept inputting his own mana into Kong Xuan’s body. Kunpeng followed suit and put his own mana into Kong Xuan’s body to help him keep the cornucopia.
Tongtian said, "Kong Xuan has a cornucopia in his hand, and it is impossible to resist the power of Zhao Gongming. Now it seems that the panda is no longer in the Three Realms. We can go to the wilderness to find He Ming."
"Don’t worry, younger brother," said the original. "This matter remains to be seen. We can’t wait for the cornucopia to fall."
Lao Tzu said, "Just keep watching. Everything will be known."
Silver moon cave free and unfettered people frown at Zhao Gongming, who keeps attacking large array outside. Now Zhao Gongming is really cruel to break the large array to save his sister, knowing that two sisters were killed. The rest of the sky is reincarnation. If there is another mistake, Zhao Gongming will really regret it for life, and his demons will be born because of it.
Free and unfettered people reached up and pointed to the sky, and a breath of fresh air went up into the sky, but it was stopped when it hit the cornucopia. Xiaoyao Sanfang was shocked, and said, "You’ve made such treasures from the clouds, but I’m afraid that’s all there is to it."
Free and unfettered people’s fresh air hit the cornucopia, and Kong Xuan three people sprayed one mouthful blood at the same time. The cornucopia in the sky swayed and fell back to Kong Xuan’s arms, and Zhao Gongming hit the large array again. Free and unfettered people take this opportunity to wave a green light and go to the sky.
Kong Xuan suddenly stood up and held the cornucopia, saying, "Disciple Kong Xuan is willing to save the people in Nanzhanbuzhou with this body, and may the teacher understand his disciples’ pains." Kong Xuan was willing to pray to heaven in exchange for boundless magic to save the whole life. But see Kong Xuan blood all injected into the cornucopia, a moment later the cornucopia was red, and Kong Xuan flesh also slowly into the cornucopia, finally disappeared.
The cornucopia went up into the sky, covering the whole state of Nanzhan, saying that it was troublesome, but the whole process was just instantaneous. Zhao Gongming’s blow had just fallen, and this cornucopia had covered Nanzhan State. And Kun Peng and Jin Peng are even more frightened to disgrace. Shouting at Kong Xuan, it’s a pity that they are still a little slow. Jin Peng knelt on the ground and looked at the golden cornucopia in the sky, muttering to himself, "Brother!"
The green light emitted by the free and unfettered people rushed out of the three realms, came to the outside world, and quickly rushed into the sun star. The sun star was full of flames, and the infinite heat was no longer released. Instead, it slowly shrinks inward, and the entire sun star keeps getting smaller. In the wilderness, people can see the changes on the Sun Star and guess which great god will be born on the Sun Star.
Suddenly, the whole sun star turned into a black spot, and endless suction was emitted on this black spot, which rolled up an aura hurricane in the wilderness, and boundless aura quickly gathered in this black spot. Even if the chaos on the edge is shaking, it seems that the attraction of this black spot will suck away the aura in chaos. In the past, the chaotic monsters that ravaged the world outside China are now attracted by this black spot and finally disappear into the black spot.
Maybe it’s an instant or eternity. The black spot suddenly disappears, all the suction disappears, and a Changhong rushes into the three realms from the outside world. Sanqing’s face changed in the Eight Scenes Palace. Cut through the void and rush to the changhong.
That Changhong road was so fast that it just reached the boundary of Nanzhanbuzhou in an instant. Sanqing blocked the Changhong just above Nanzhanbuzhou. Changhong turned back to He Ming and looked at Sanqingdao coldly: "You three old things are not going to create jade dishes, are they?" I don’t know why He Ming walked in, but he felt a violent breath in his heart, just like eating a sun. He just wanted to vent, and everyone felt uncomfortable when he saw it.