The empress dowager arrived early, sat in her seat and looked at the noble family with a smile.

It’s really a waste of flowers, and many of them are beautiful and beautiful, which makes her daytime resentment disappear in an instant. Which man can sit still in the face of such a large group of beautiful women? That is absolutely to say.
Where is Chunxi Huang?
Next to a maid-in-waiting replied in the previous step that the queen mother was still in her bedroom.
The queen mother is in a good mood at this time, so she won’t mind sending someone to bring the emperor to the party.
It was Chunxi who was ordered to retire.
Reach out and pick up a small piece of cake and put it gracefully in the center of the entrance, but it’s like a poisonous woman
Today, this banquet is held for the emperor, and maybe it can really catch his heart with some women, so that everything she has done will not be in vain. Her son is getting more and more uncontrollable. Maybe we can try other methods.
Clap your hands and gently touch your fingers. The Queen Mother looked around and smiled with satisfaction.
Young Master, the Queen Mother held a banquet today, as if she wanted the emperor to choose a concubine. What should we do?
Jing Yun smiled at his intention.
It’s true that he wants to have his own palace. It’s another trick. I told you he’s not so simple. He always does things with a purpose, but he is always naughty and delusional. Since he doesn’t want that person, he should play with him to the end. Love him. Hum yourself. Was it blind or deaf at first, and listen to others and give yourself foolishly?
A few days ago, intimacy seemed so ridiculous, but it made people feel sad and wanted to cry and laugh at themselves.
But it’s good to be altruistic. If you really marry a princess, you won’t be so rewarded.
At present, the empress dowager must think that the emperor loves him deeply, and she will try her best to get rid of him, so it is better to borrow others’ hands to get rid of that damn woman. What a bargain
Empress Dowager’s clutches penetrate into a scene to embroider the court. The emperor also wants to get rid of her, so he will use himself as a shield. His accountant, Jing Yun, will also play along.
Don’t do anything for the time being, keep a close eye on the empress dowager’s every move, and let me know as soon as you hear the news.
It’s a young master
Temple, are you there? The emperor has come to urge you.
Outside the door, my father-in-law kneels in a loud voice, and when he tightens his hand, he wants to fly towards the shaking figure outside the door.
Jingyun stopped him shaking his head.
Although Qi Yao’s father-in-law cheated him and got him into this situation, it was also him. He created such a good opportunity. He did his best to his mother and took care of himself. It was always good for Jia, but now his interests are in conflict, but he is not rude.
Squinting at the shadow-bending path outside the door, you hide here first, and I’ll lead him to you again. Don’t be more careful in the palace than outside.
After all, the facial expression pushed the door and left as usual. Let’s go without a flaw.
When he arrived at the Yunxiao Temple, Jing Yao was already sitting at the table waiting, but he didn’t wait for anyone at all. Instead, he was carefree and played chess with his hands full.
Where did Yun-er go? Didn’t he come here so soon? Didn’t he look forward to the palace for a long time? It seemed that casual inquiry revealed his mind urgently.
Jingyun bowed his head but didn’t see it.
Nothing, just a visit to the mother’s bedroom.
Luoqing dance bedroom Jing Yao noncommittally placed a chess on the chessboard.
Yun misses his mother.
I want to hum, but I also want to send your mother to the ground for revenge.
I can’t stay with my mother all the year round. Now I should spend more time with her in the palace, or I won’t have a chance later, but he didn’t say this.
Really? responding lightly seems to eat a white casually
Third brother, go with you. I haven’t been with Mother Luo for a long time.
A long time. Did he used to go there?
Although I was in doubt, Jing Yun was motionless. Shi Shiran went to the opposite side of Jing Yao and sat playing chess and dropped a white on the chessboard.
A second chance. Who knows if there is no chance? It’s hard to guess, so it’s not called God.
It’s better to drop a black plug and go to Jingyun. The back road is one foot high and the magic is ten feet high. You have to give up.
He laughed with a certain meaning that shocked Jing Yun. What did he know?
Suppress panic and calm down, right?