When the next beautiful woman died, she was already beyond recognition and horrible to the extreme! It can be said that it is different from the previous beauty image.

That group of beautiful women under the gods were scared to tears. In their eyes, this Archie is simply a demon. Every time he sings and dances, Archie will choose one person to kill him. As for why, there is no reason.
This is a pervert. Yes, it is a pervert.
Every time, these beautiful women pretend to be smiling and perform in the temple, but in their hearts, they are scared and worried about which one they will choose.
However, they are powerless to resist, and many people who try to escape are even more miserable when they are caught back.
After venting, Ozzie’s bloodsucking eyes gradually recovered to calm down, looking at the group of trembling beautiful women, revealing a charming smile: "You can go down, come back in a few days."
Hearing the words of Ozzie, the Lord of the Second Palace, those beautiful women who are the next gods have recovered their lives from death. In panic, he was taken down by a group of guards of the Qingming Palace.
"Second brother, how are you?" Aolei looked at all this indifferently, after waiting for his brother to vent. And said.
Since millions of years ago, after his brother Ozzie’s beloved woman betrayed him, Ozzie’s love and hate for women reached the extreme. At that time, their strength was still low.
"Big Brother, I’m fine." Ozzie calmed down.
At this time, the guards of the Green Ghost Palace had already taken care of the scene and carried the dead body down.
The two of them were going back to the harem to practice. Suddenly, the guard outside came to report: "The big housekeeper of Yilu Cave House came for help."
A stream of abode of fairies and immortals is one of several dependent forces of the Qing Ming Palace. Every thousand years, it offers more things than others, and Aolei is also satisfied. When he hears the big housekeeper of a stream of abode of fairies and immortals coming for help, he announces him to come in now.
After the meeting, Bu Yu, the big housekeeper of an endless stream of abode of fairies and immortals, came in under the guidance of the guards of Qingming Palace. Respectfully salute Aolei and Aoqi of the Qing Ming Palace.
Cloth domain standing under the hall, smelled a strong scent of blood, know that it is the blood smell of the net dead, not more surprised, very respectful, dare not look up.
Sitting on the main hall, Aolei looked at Buyu from above and said indifferently, "Come on, what are you doing here?"
Hearing this, Buyu reported to the brothers Aolei about catching up with Zhu Buqing and others. Then he told the story that Lord Jichen sent him to ask for help.
Aolei frowned: "More than 800 gods?"
Do it neatly? Ozzie Zheng, eldest brother obviously said that he was going to kill him. Eldest brother told himself to bring more than 2,000 gods, not only did he not go to help. And it’s going to destroy the endless stream of immortals? Here. Is it related to this evil?
Looking at the big brother’s special eyes, Ozzie nodded and said, "I see, big brother."
Hearing the promises of the two palace lords of the Green Ghost Palace, Buyu, who was in a constant stream of abode of fairies and immortals, quickly thanked him and said, "Thank you. When the two adults were about to follow Ozzie down, suddenly, Aolei said," You. You don’t have to go back. Before Buyu recovered, I saw a sword passing by, and his head fell to the ground.
To his death, he still didn’t understand why this Qingming Palace Qingming adult would kill himself.
Soon, the guards of the Green Ghost Palace came to clean up his body, and then guided the next beautiful woman who had been brutally killed to throw it into the deep domain of the sea of chaos, making it the food of Warcraft in some sea areas.
After Ozzie left the Green Ghost Palace, he summoned two thousand superior gods, and then flew on metal life, and lightning came to the abode of fairies and immortals.
Two thousand superior gods show the power of the Green Ghost Palace. However, this is almost half the power of the Green Ghost Palace. This time, half of it is deployed. To put out an endless stream of abode of fairies and immortals, of course, if only put out the endless stream of abode of fairies and immortals, Aolei wouldn’t have sent so many superior gods, and he also took Qing Ye and other 800 concubines into account.
Because, this nine-hole sword in his own hands, Aolei knows, can’t reveal a little news, this nine-hole sword may be related to his future fate.
Even he never imagined that this nine-hole sword would fall into his hands.
In the Green Ghost Palace Aoqi arrived with two thousand superior gods, Qing Ye and female prostitutes also rode their mounts to the abode of fairies and immortals. However, Qing Ye and his wife were in no hurry, so when the Green Ghost Palace Aoqi arrived at the abode of fairies and immortals with two thousand superior gods, Qing Ye and female prostitutes still had some distance.
When Qing Ye and others arrived, there was a wave of divine power energy fluctuation in front, and Qing Ye and the prostitute showed their knowledge, and they found the situation of an endless stream of immortals.
"Interesting Qing Ye mind hundreds of miles away.
"Let’s go." This time, Qing Ye can’t help but increase the speed.
Hundreds of miles, for Qing Ye and others. It was only a moment. When Qing Ye and the prostitute arrived, I saw the bodies of some next gods and middle gods falling everywhere. Of course, there are some superior gods.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect that I was blind in the morning and wanted to take refuge in your Qingming Palace. Second brother, third brother, it’s big brother. I’m sorry! " I saw a green-haired one-horned man standing there hating the sound track, and next to him, two superior gods lay.
The one-horned man with green hair is the main cave owner Ji Chen, and the two superior gods who died next to him are his two younger brothers. He didn’t expect it. I offered my treasures to the Qingming Palace for help. Qingming Palace not only failed to rescue them, but brought a brigade to destroy them.
In the face of the two thousand superior gods of the Green Ghost Palace, how can a small stream of immortals resist? It was a unilateral massacre, just for a moment. An endless stream of abode of fairies and immortals was almost completely destroyed. Looking at the few famous men left behind him, Jichen’s eyes were latosolic red.
Suddenly, just as he was desperate, Jichen saw Qing Ye and his party coming from afar, and his eyes lit up, and a vicious idea could not help but arise from the bottom of his heart.
Chapter two hundred and eighty-two Step on your feet
After Jichen saw Qing Ye, the industry. Then to Qing Ye, pedestrians fly. But fortunately, he looked at Kichen’s movements, and did not stop him. Instead, he looked at Qing Ye and the prostitute coldly, and then fixed his eyes on the prostitute and their mounts.
I have been in hell for thousands of years, and I have read countless women. Even he didn’t think that he would meet such a stunning now.
And the more beautiful a woman is, the more excited he is when he is killed. Every time he thinks of the stunning beauty being brutally killed by himself, he can’t help but feel the blood boiling.
Jichen flew over and said respectfully to Qing Ye, "My Lord, please save me, save me. I have an amazing news for you."
Amazing news? Because Chichen was in a panic. So I didn’t notice Qing Ye’s appearance, otherwise, I recognized that Qing Ye was the winner of countless planes to trace the suspected supreme artifact.
Qing Ye said indifferently, "Oh, amazing news? I am not interested. " Then look at Ozzie in the distance. Ozzie looks at the female milk with a face of excitement and a fanatical look that makes Ye Qingqi kill.
Qing Ye suddenly turned him down, which broke his hope. He immediately said, "My Lord. Really, I, I recently got a nine-hole sword, which should be one of the tasks of the Supreme God. "
Hear is the task of the most high god, Qing Ye is not surprised, and nuwa glances, the task of the most high god, the dragon god addo leather also said, how much Qing Ye know.
If you complete this so-called supreme god task. Then, you can make a request to this so-called most high god.
For ten thousand years, Qing Ye, prostitutes and others have been practicing in Gankun Ding, so for the task of the Most High God. I don’t know. In fact, the news released by the sixth mission to the Most High God spread hundreds of years ago. Now, countless planes are frantically looking for the nine-hole sword and nine destructive spirit beads in the mission to the Most High God.
At this time, Archie heard what Jichen said to Qing Ye, and finally understood why the eldest brother wanted to bring people to kill him. For hundreds of years, Archie closed the net, so he didn’t know about the task of the Most High God.
Hear the morning, Mr. Ozzie couldn’t help but face a change. Drink a way: "You give it to me. Surround them, those who dare to escape, kill! " Hear Mr. Ozzie, two thousand superior gods from the Green Ghost Palace have loudly obeyed, and then flew forward to trap Qing Ye and others together.
Looking at the green ghost palace and others will surround themselves. Dragon nine you and others didn’t take it to heart, but looked at the morning, and they obviously became interested in this task of the most high god.