Smell speech Lin Dong is a sigh and slowly shook his head, sighing and making some cold murder spread quietly.

It’s no wonder that I’m shameless, old Zamao.
Lin Dongyin’s eyes are suddenly cold, and his body movement is to turn into a smoke storm, while stepping on the metaphysical pace to the four people of Lin Zhi’s storm.
How dare you insult the clan elders? I don’t know how to be polite. Today, we will capture you and teach you to be a good person. When you see Lin move and flash away, Lin Zhi’s face twitches slightly. Obviously, I didn’t expect the courage to directly treat these elders like a binge.
Catch this Lao with me.
Binge drinking and blurting out Lin Zhi is a step by step. Suddenly, the breath of nature broke out immediately behind him, and the three elders also broke out completely, but they also reached the goal of nature.
One Dacheng, three Xiaocheng, and other forces will be turned upside down. This is also where the powerful strength of the Lam clan is revealed.
Little chop suey, it’s true that you dare to be rampant in front of the old lady and others. A powerful force fluctuates in the whole body like ripples, and you feel that the four people are strong. Even Lin Zhi’s heart is suddenly full of confidence. The best fear in his heart is also dispersed and dissipated. Today, he has decided to move and pick up this arrogant guy before him.
You dare to seniority in front of me. You didn’t give the elder any sneer. Although the opposite array is luxurious, today he is also a type of Jin into the realm of nature. There is no fear for this Lin Zhigen.
Lin Zhi’s four people were obviously angry with Lin, but it was a huff, and the four people’s hands were sharp and the wind was carrying a rolling force and slammed into Lin.
Go away!
However, in the face of four people joining hands with Lin’s body shape, they didn’t dodge the pace of stepping on the complex. A round of scorching sun suddenly rose from its body chalk Ran Ran, and a terrible force fluctuated instantaneously and violently, and then the gas in front of it was directly blown to the air, and Lin Zhi’s four fists collided with each other.
A loud noise resounded in the fierce days, and a strong wind swept over Lin’s shoulders and gave a firm shock. Taking a strange step two steps was directly to unload all the strong winds that invaded the body. On the other hand, Lin Zhi’s four people took a step back except Lin Zhi’s slightly better, and the other three people were pedaling even more than a dozen steps back, and the body chalk and blood were shaken up.
This little terrible power
This time, Lin Zhi’s four faces were all changed. Although they witnessed the Lin Dong Lin Langtian War with their own eyes, they were able to clearly feel how horrible that force was when they were in the hands of the successors.
If you dare to resist again, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Lin Zhi is gloomy and drinks a way.
Seeing that this old guy is still in his elder status, his face is sneering even more. When he flashes his body, he directly displays his ethereal shape immediately.
Old Zamao, your elder status is not worth a penny in my eyes. Don’t make a fool of yourself in this status again. Lin Dong’s figure is ethereal, and a sarcastic sneer also entered Lin Zhi’s ear, which suddenly made his face purple.
But this time, Lin Dong didn’t give him too much anger. When he was angry, his ethereal figure suddenly swept away, but he didn’t directly attack Lin Zhi’s exhibition. Instead, he avoided the vigorous offensive and bombarded the three elders.
Purple shadow nine broken
Nine ghosting flashes in the semi-emergence, and then Lin’s figure is still flashing. Now the chalk qi and blood of the body have not subsided, and the three palms are almost whistling at the same time in front of the three elders.
Bang bang bang.
If Lin Lin’s offensive is fast this time, the thunder will rush. With the help of the mysterious three elders, Genshang hasn’t reacted too much. The attack has already come to the body, and then the protective force suddenly collapses and goes to the sharp strong breeze to keep pouring three people’s bodies.
In the face of this fierce offensive, Lin Dong’s face was almost pale, and then one mouthful blood kuangpen and his body was shot backwards like a shell, and he made three deep marks hundreds of meters long on the ground.
Looking at that, almost even a round failed to hold on to the past three elders in the hands of Lin Dong, and Lin Zhi’s eye pupil also shrank fiercely. Now he just found that Lin Dong’s breath is several times as tough as it was half a month ago.
Good little bastard, how dare you go against the grain and hurt the elders in the clan? Even the heads of the clan can’t protect you this time, but although Lin Zhi’s strength has risen in shock, this is more of a rage. He never imagined that the younger generation would dare to hand the elders in the clan.
You’d better think about how to protect yourself first
However, it is unheard of for him to roar and move. He slowly turned his head and looked at Lin Zhi, and then the palm of his hand turned over a black mountain and walked into his hand.
Don’t you want to know what Lingbao I took from the family collection?
Lin moved at Lin Zhi and smiled. The black hill in his hand also rose slowly and then expanded rapidly in Lin Zhi’s shocked eyes.
Lin Zhiwang looked at the rapidly expanding black mountain peak and roared with confidence, which suddenly rang out in the depths of this clan.