However, if you are targeted by more than a dozen abnormal law enforcers, I’m afraid your next two tests will be difficult. What’s more, if the disciples who are now in Shushan and Kunlun in the fix-up world find you, they can only hide in the secular world again.

Oh, it’s really difficult.
Han Yang felt an unprovoked headache. Fortunately, this dozen Sirius is obviously trained, but Han Yang is surrounded and there is no sign of wanting to attack. It seems that as long as Han Yang doesn’t touch the "resurrection grass", this group of Sirius won’t be embarrassed with him.
But if you don’t move the "rejuvenation grass", the first test will be a failure …
"There’s no way out. As long as it doesn’t hurt these guys, the perverts of the law enforcers shouldn’t come to trouble me, right?" Han Yang heaved a sigh of relief gently. In fact, he was thinking that if he accidentally hurt these Sirius, he would have to make these precious creatures into Dan medicine as soon as he was in a hurry. Anyway, they will be pursued by law enforcers.
Han Yang’s mind immediately offered Fulongding.
"I depend!" The fairy in the book, who is watching a good play in "Water Mirror", suddenly can’t help but shout and point to Fu Longding and scold: "It turned out to be a magic weapon of Bodhi Taoist who was drilled with the tears of Gankun Star. You are so fucking extravagant! ….. It is no wonder that I can’t find that piece of dry Kunxing tear drill over the years. You have long been used to refine it into a magic weapon …………… "
At the moment when Fulongding was sacrificed, the dozen Sirius suddenly let out a howl, and then at the same time, Korea and Yang jumped up.
"Idiot! You guys who have no brains run quickly! " The fairy in the book is deeply saddened by these Sirius, but if he is cultivated with all his blood, if he is collected by Han Yang this boy, God knows if he will refine this group of Sirius into any rare elixir.
Han Yang looked at this group of jump Sirius, strength is absolutely understandable, and the person who trained them must also be a master of body art.
"Forbidden!" Han Yang mouth with a clear drink FuLongDing immediately bloomed a green light to green light instantly turned into lines of rope to this group of Sirius.
"It’s a good thing that my ability to fix the truth has not been suppressed, otherwise it must be me who is unlucky." Look at this group of Sirius also want to do the final resistance Han Yang shook his head and read the formula will be trapped by Fulongding Sirius closed in.
"The task of’ rejuvenation grass’ is completed." It was not until nine "rejuvenation grasses" were carefully picked that Han Yangcai breathed a sigh of relief and finally passed the first level.
But how to deal with these Sirius?
Is the alchemy still released?
Han Yang hesitated for a moment and finally chose the latter. Now, after all, they are in other people’s territory. These Sirius may be raised by the immortals in that book. If they are refined into elixir, it is difficult to protect the immortals in the book from looking for trouble.
The fate of myself and Ge Xuelin is now half, but it is manipulated in the hands of this fairy who looks like an old urchin. I still have to endure it and don’t ruin my own event, although the temptation of Sirius Dan is also great …
See Han Yang unharmed release their captive that a dozen Sirius fairy in the book often breathed a sigh of relief. Although he is conceited that he can easily handle Han Yang, he is not confident that he can handle the magic weapon drilled with Gankun Star’s tears.
After all, Gankun Star Tear Diamond is three kinds of strange stones that have become the treasures of heaven and earth together with colorful chaotic stones and the highest heaven and earth. Among them, the number of colorful chaotic stones is the largest, followed by the highest day and the lowest earth, and the Gankunxing tear diamond is said to be only one of the three realms.
As for the chaos beyond the Three Realms, no one knows that it is a place that even Taoist Hongjun, who is now balancing the Three Realms, can’t easily enter. Even with the strength of the immortal in his book, but before he could conquer, he was dead will die until the dregs are left behind.
"Although the heart is not pure, it is still passable." The fairy in the book looked at Han Yang’s figure and said to herself, "Forget it. I will spend some blood to make him stronger. It’s also a little reward for him to help the old man clean up the Queen Mother of the West, so as not to be blown into dross by the people in Yaochi Resort. That’s a pity."
While speaking, Han Yang has crossed the back and returned to a hundred ~ ten thousand small! Say here.
"In the book, nine immortal ancestors’ resurrection grasses are here. What is the second test?" Han Yang is facing a hundred to ten thousand small! Said the fairy in the top book asked.
"Well, it’s good, it’s good, it’s pretty fast." Fairy jumped down from above in the book, but this time I didn’t sneak attack Han Yang again.
"Well, it’s a’ rejuvenation grass’. It’s a good boy. You can’t see that your skill is not high." In the book, the fairy touched her chin and said, "You have finished my first test, so I won’t take advantage of you, lest others say that my old man bullied the younger generation." In this way, I will pass you a set of spells and give you seven days’ rest. After seven days, we will have a second test. "
While speaking, the fairy in the book has taken out an ancient book from his sleeve and threw it to Han Yang: "This Master Plan of Refiners is not a first-class spell, but it can make you a first-class refiner. To be honest, I’m not an old man. I’m stingy not to pass on your profound spells. It’s just your current mental level … Gee, it’s just the later stage of practicing. You can’t learn it for you. "
Han Yang is his own business, he knows it and naturally understands the meaning of the fairy’s words in the book.
"But you also don’t depressed heart this thing is not like mana can be achieved overnight, you just fix true two years can reach this level is very good. Then take a good look at this book. The baby stove you have is good, so don’t squander it … "In the book, the fairy unconsciously licked his lips when he spoke. In fact, he was greedy for Fu Longding, but it was made of dry Kun Xing tears. God knows what level of baby it will be in the future exhibition.
Uh, the refiner book.
Han Yang was speechless. When he was in Fangcun Mountain, he seemed to read a lot of such books. There was also a book called "The Complete Collection of Refiners", and now he has got a book "The General Outline of Refiners" …
But the most important thing for me now is to improve my cultivation to save Ge Xuelin. Where can I find the leisure and effort to study such a complicated refining principle?
As if reading Han Yang’s mind, the fairy in the book frowned and said, "Han Yang boy, don’t underestimate the learning of refining. You know, it doesn’t happen overnight to improve your cultivation. Even if your mana goes up and your heart can’t keep up with Du Jie in the future, it will be more troublesome. "
Han Yang didn’t speak. In fact, he didn’t think so far.
Du Jie ….. That’s to make the golden elixir first, then fix the baby, and then turn it into a god, so as to reach the Du Jie period, and only the later ones in the Du Jie period are qualified to let the lightning strike down and see if you are qualified to soar.
Han Yang just wants to bring Ge Xuelin back now and then go to Fangcun Mountain to ask Taoist Bodhi for a solution to the fate of the ninth demon. He doesn’t really want to be immortal, as long as he can be happy with his beloved for a lifetime? Go!
But now the situation is stronger than others, and there is not enough strength, not to mention that even if the underground house goes down, why should Ge Xuelin be brought back from the Queen Mother of the West? In the book, Xian said that the Queen Mother of the West is mean, bears grudges and is very strict with her disciples. She wants to take her disciples away from her unless your fist is really hard enough!
Of course, although the truthfulness of these words remains to be studied, Han Yang’s idea of improving his self-cultivation is really aroused.
I think it was because of my poor strength that Ge Xuelin died in vain.
Fist is the best support in both the secular and the fix-true world.

Chapter 41 The second question-grave robbery (I)
Seven days is fleeting.
In the past seven days, Han Yang has been practicing the Taoist mind of Fangcun Mountain, that is, practicing the Buddhist book of Infinite Sea, which was given to him by the immortal. He left it aside and didn’t even read it.
Refiners need not only talent but also time and materials.
But what Han Yang lacks most now is time. For him, if he can see Ge Xuelin earlier, he will never allow himself to be a second late. The girl who first opened her heart, the girl who was strong and determined, the girl who resolutely chose to commit suicide with deep attachment. How is she now?
Han Yang sometimes feels that she is living in a fairy tale. The Queen Mother is the powerful and hateful old witch, and Ge Xuelin is the girl locked in the tower by the old witch.
And he, Han Yang, will rescue his beloved girl from the high-security tower (the information that the fairy repeatedly instilled in Han Yang in the book) and extremely horrible.
Maybe I will meet that hateful old witch when necessary.
But frankly speaking, Han Yang is not without self-knowledge, even though she hasn’t seen the Queen Mother of the West yet, Han Yang judges that she is absolutely superior to this book fairy with terrible strength in front of her eyes, and maybe she is similar to his abnormal master Bodhi Taoist …
Alas, practice! At the end of the day, people are people who have practiced for tens of thousands of years, and they just studied Taoism in Fangcun Mountain for two years. Although my foundation is solid and strong, no matter how strong it is, it is just the foundation.
You can’t learn any spells that are powerful enough to kill yourself because of your heart.
"What’s the boy thinking?" The fairy in the book suddenly appeared behind Han Yang like a ghost.
"I said, senior, can you stop playing such childish tricks ….." Han Yang turned helplessly. "This is the thirty-sixth time. I’ve been here six times a day. Even if I’m not scared to death by you, I’m bored to death by you. Please have a look like a senior master. "
Fairy in the book coughed awkwardly. He did sneak a sneak attack on Han Yang from time to time in the past seven days or get some small spells to play tricks on Han Yang, saying it’s called this hundred ~ ten thousand # small! Said that no outsiders had been here for hundreds of years.
"Er, I said that it was seven days in Han Yang, but now it’s time for my old man’s house to give a second test." The fairy in the book touched her chin and said.
Han Yang’s heart beat a little faster and asked nervously, "What’s the second test?"
The fairy in the book was very satisfied with Han Yang’s reaction and proudly raised his right hand and said, "The second test is actually not difficult. As long as you can get a painting for the old man from the underground palace of the Qin Mausoleum, you will pass."
"What?" Han Yang exclaimed in surprise, "You told me to rob the tomb?"