He has asked Master Ran Hui that King Tai Jin was noble and collided with the statue, so even if Taoist Xuancheng cured the King Jin, he should give it to him, but he was suspicious of Taoist Xuancheng’s heart.

Even if the king of Jin should be at the age of leaving the palace, he should not leave the palace like this
Zhang Heli doesn’t argue that if he wants to poke this out, he can look like the king of Jin again. "That’s the case. The king of Jin now lives in an inappropriate place and his reputation is not good."
Emperor Jinglong can say, "I have my own opinion on this matter after King Jin recovers from illness."
In fact, the king of Jin still lives in the palace when he is old. Some people have questioned it privately, but as Zhang Heli said directly to the emperor, he was the first person. At that time, everyone thought that Zhang Heli was square.
I don’t quite believe what he said about the disharmony of King Tai Jin’s life. These two have also eaten and lived together. If it’s bad, why haven’t you seen them before?
Someone is going to ask Zhang Heli where he heard this after he left for the DPRK. It doesn’t look like shooting at him like that.
Zhang Heli was surrounded by several ministers to show his appearance. "The official just happened to listen to an imperial secretary when he was in the East Palace. The imperial secretary’s graceful words about the female official in the Niangniang Palace can’t be wrong, but the sage said it."
As soon as this is said, some people think that Zuo Sang, an assistant minister in the Ministry of Science and Technology, said, "That Taoist Xuancheng really saved the report in a few minutes. He will never talk nonsense."
Zhang Heli nodded. "It’s not that even if the two temples are good, we should be cautious. It’s this Taoist nonsense, but who can tell?" Both of them are long nobles. Perhaps they don’t care about these. Of course, our two temples are close and won’t be disturbed by foreign objects. The King of Jin Temple has outstanding ability. If he does something bad, it will also be a loss to our court, so the official has to remonstrate. "
It sounds no problem for him to say this, but he has always pointed out that King Tai Jin has aggravated this impression.
Zuo Sang said, "The King’s Hall of Jin is really capable of getting out of the group, so I will need more support from the King’s Hall of Jin in the future."
"Well," Zhang Heli suddenly stopped talking, and his eyes drooped, and he was a little unhappy. Then he gave Zuo Sang a faint stare and smiled. "You officers have things to do. Please walk first."
He fell into people’s eyes like this when someone moved his mind.
Look at Zhang Heli’s manner. Is the East Palace afraid of the King of Jin?
In fact, it’s not that no one has ever guessed whether Emperor Jinglong loved King Jin, but the idea that King Dabao was appointed to the Eastern Palace was broken. Most people think that the emperor’s cultivation of King Jin was also an assistant.
There is this idea in most people, but a few people think that the ability of the king of Jin is not lost in too much position. It is not yet possible to see the officials of the Eastern Palace now. I don’t expect too much and don’t want to see the king of Jin become bigger.
The courtiers all have seven clever and exquisite hearts, and if they think too much, they will give birth to trouble.
Chapter 33 Chapter 33
"Jin Wangdian woke up? Big brother, is it true? "
On hearing this news, Tao Zhuo in the Chinese Academy hurried to find Tao Yiqing to confirm the authenticity.
Tao Yiqing just came back from a friend, changed his body and nodded. "Yes, it’s great to wake up and say that the harem’s graceful maiden brother found a high road to cure the disease for the temple."
Yes, this Taoist priest treats diseases, which always makes people think a lot.
But since ancient times, the world has been fond of ghosts and gods, and the people in the Great Qi Dynasty have also had many anecdotes.
Tao burning around Tao Yiqing is the most magical thing, so he is also very curious about the Gao Daoling. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find out about the specific Gao Daoru’s diagnosis and treatment of the King of Jin. It is said that the King of Jin is in conflict with each other, but this statement is doubtful.
After all, the king of Tai Jin is not known in the DPRK.
"It’s good to be good." No matter who that person is, Tao Zhuo always hopes that he will be well.
Tao Yiqing didn’t talk too much about this topic, but her sister talked about going to Wanqing Temple in two days.
Tao Zhuo knew that the death day of her former aunt was on October 2, and her brother set up a prosperous card in Wanqing Temple. At this time of the year, he would go to Wanqing Temple to chant scriptures for his dead mother. Because the death day is near November 17, this festival can ask the Buddha to turn over the day of the dead, and he will live in the temple for half a month.
This is the big brother’s filial piety, Tao Zhuo, although he has not followed it, but every time the big brother comes back from the temple, he loses weight and makes her feel distressed.
"Big brother should also pay attention to rest when chanting, so don’t let us worry." Tao Zhuo told us with trepidation, "You need to be a vegetarian for half a month, but your body also needs nutrition. Eat more meals and tofu." Big brother is still growing in height, but he can’t lack nutrition.
"Well, don’t forget me." Tao Yiqing raised a little smile from his sixth sister. Every time he went to Wanqing Temple, he had to tell himself that "it’s getting cold, so be careful not to be greedy for cold food."
"What a big brother, I’m a good boy." Tao Zhuo sometimes wants to eat cold food in the fire. Eating cold food in winter has been caught by her big brother several times. In fact, she still misses ice cream in her previous life. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the talent to cook. She can’t remember the formula. It is also shaved ice to mix ice with cheese and some seasonal fruits.
In addition to this, she tried to make her own ice cream. The worst thing is to freeze it with sugar water. It’s a pity that no one dares to let her eat these tall mammy in cold weather. After she found out for the first time, she told her mother that she couldn’t even think about making ice cream in summer. She didn’t expect to make ice cream without a refrigerator. icehouse ice in the house was nervous, and she was not ignorant enough to make ice cream.
She has a hot constitution.
But at least she can make crispy cheese shaved ice instead, but it is also controlled. Not many people dare to report it to her mother, and there is nothing she can do.
Tao Yiqing didn’t really believe her promise, but fortunately, all the servants around her could keep an eye on her and asked if she wanted to bring it back to her when she returned to the office.
"yes!" Tao Zhuo smiled at Tao Yiqing and said, "It’s your big brother. I want to be your big brother for half a month. You are the best gift."
"Naughty!" Tao Yiqing pinched her little face. "I lost weight after eating well."
"This is so false." Tao Zhuoke knows how fat she is. In this era of general thinness, there are not many chubby ya like her, and the daughter of a family official is extremely beautiful, and her relatives around her don’t care.
Touching her minibus’s serious face "doubled". Now she just wants to be fat and thin because she is young. When she is older, she still wants to be thin and look good.
She is a different kind of girl in this era, so don’t be a different kind of girl in Beijing. It’s too rich for her to enjoy this eye-catching style.
Tao Yiqing shook his head and chuckled at her grown-up appearance.
He is also reluctant to see his little sister for half a month. "If you don’t accompany me to Wanqing Temple for a few days?"
"Big brother loathe to give up me, right? Hey, hey, actually, I can’t bear to part with my big brother. "Tao Zhuo smiled and grabbed his arm and pinched his little face. Although it was a little unbearable," I also want to lose weight with green vegetables and tofu? "
"That doesn’t have to be" Tao Yiqing. How can she be willing to give up? She is really busy with herself. "Are you kidding?"
"But I will definitely miss my big brother."
"Then you can go and see if I have lunch and go back to Wanqing Temple to eat vegetarian food once in a while." Tao Yiqing knows that she is not stuffy in the house, and it is not good to go out for dinner and visit Wanqing Temple, but it is ok to relax.
"Ok, I’ll go with my third sister to find my big brother." Tao Zhuo feels good, too.
The two brothers and sisters talked casually until Tao Baoqiong also came to call Tao Zhuo to go to Shaw’s to choose materials for winter clothes. "I knew that if you were not in the yard, you would definitely come to the eldest brother with your three aunts. I really don’t know how you told the eldest brother so much."
She won’t admit that she actually has some strange envy.
"Third Sister" Tao Zhuo stretched Yiner and hugged her arm. "Are you jealous? Think my big brother and I are too good to ignore you? "
"What a thick skin!" Tao Baoqiong tried to look ahead with a straight face.
Tao Zhuo thought for a moment and said, "Third Sister, actually, I don’t think it’s necessary for you and your aunt to care so much about outsiders’ eyes. Who says that stepmother and stepmom can’t get along well with each other? What they think is good is also pretending. Most of them are people’s hearts are not right, and what they look at is also crooked. Of course, they are pretending, but we can manage what we don’t want to do and what we say according to our own minds. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt."
And she gently hit her sister’s waist. "Don’t you think our big brother is a very good brother? It’s so beautiful, so glamorous, so rosy, and Shui Mu Tsinghua’s eldest brother wants to be jealous of our sisters, isn’t it? "
If Tao Yiqing is not good, Tao Baoqiong won’t be proud to say that he still yearns for a brother and sister, but it happened that Tao Yiqing was so good, but the mouth of the third girl was not generally stubborn and squinted at Xiao Pang’s face. Sister, "You are quite smooth."
"That is! The girl is familiar with the poetry of her abdomen. "
"Ghost girl, what kind of little fat girl are you?" Tao Baoqiong couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her fat cheeks when she looked at her queer appearance. "This small mouth is used to talking."
"The third sister also wants to hear that it’s not" Tao Zhuo grinned and didn’t care about the strange hand in her face "Third sister is one year older than me, watching you behave like a little old lady all day … ouch, haha …"