With a folded drink a golden light directly rushed to the mountains.

The rumble of a mountain range is a shock and trembling, and many birds in the mountain range of Warcraft are alarmed, and the mountain range is also full of landslides. Stones fall from the top of the mountain, and a huge pit is directly exposed in the attack place of Jin Jian, which is two meters, one meter, two inches, and one meter, two inches.
Poof Yuan Ye at the same time, his body was greatly boosted, and his face turned pale in an instant, and then he knelt on the ground and vomited one mouthful blood.
Now he has nothing to do, but the mountains will penetrate Jin Jian, and it will be broken more than ten meters deep. It is good that Yuan Ye has tried 12 times before he deliberately raised the power of Jin Jianyuan. Secondly, it was refined by iu. Now every time Jin Jian breaks his body, I will be seriously injured, but every time the defense force of Jin Jian will soar, and the self-defense force of will be more and more able to resist the direct coma of Fan Lun against Jin Jian. But now, although he is seriously injured, he still has the strength to fight or escape. This is a great progress. Yuan Ye feels that every time Jin Jian breaks his body, I’s defense force
The same pain is greater than the same reward.
But every serious injury recovery is slow without relying on Dan medicine. For the first time, it took Yuan Ye three months to recover, that is, now the injury is light, and at the same time, it takes a month to recover from the injury. This recovery takes too much time, which affects the iu refining, that is, Yuan Ye knows that the benefits of Jin Jian fragmentation are great. In the past three years, Yuan Ye has only been practicing iu for thirteen times. These thirteen times are all attacks on mountains. If you attack powerful Warcraft and try to recruit Jin Jian, you can wait for death.
In three years, the defense strength has nearly doubled, and the power of Jin Jianyuan has greatly increased, and it can be used three times at a time. Even the strength has not increased. The only regret for Yuan Ye is that it is to repair or turn to the second peak. Although it has reached the edge of breaking through, it is still extremely great. If Yuan Ye lets others know that it must be soaring,
After all, Wan Zunxing gave you a thousand years to make you change from Daozun to iu to two. On average, it will take more than 200 years to make a breakthrough in a small stage. It has been three years, and it will take others a hundred years.
Of course, it is the minimum standard to break through a realm in a thousand years. Most people can reach Wan Zunxing, but many people are extremely quick in iu refinement, which is faster than that of Yuan Ye now. Yuan Ye is excellent but not proud.
For a month, Yuan Ye slowly opened his eyes from healing.
Hey, it takes a month to recover from an injury. Although my strength has improved a lot in this month, especially my defense, January has passed, and it takes three days to recover from each injury. I don’t mind doing this every day, and it’s faster than hunting Warcraft, but it won’t work in a month. The price is too high. Yuan Ye sighs.
And then it is once again into the mountains of Warcraft.
Today, Yuan ye’s strength has greatly increased, and finally he has barely entered some deep places in the Mountain of Warcraft. In fact, in the eyes of Ye beasts, human beings are as strong as other beasts. This law is never weak and powerful, while Yuan Ye is in the Mountain of Warcraft, which is not deep. It is also a relatively strong place in his own territory.
The deep mountain of Warcraft is a mountain of Warcraft, and it is also here.
However, unlike other territories, Yuan Ye doesn’t kill Daozun and turn to Warcraft, but Daozun and turn to Warcraft frequently, which makes it difficult for his territory to find Daozun and turn to Warcraft again. Now Yuan Ye is invading the neighboring territory.
Ha, ha, ha, Yuan Ye’s laughter sounded. This laughter has often been seen in the outer layer of the Mountain of Warcraft in the past three years. This is a signal to warn the owner of this territory that he is coming. Usually, the owner of this territory will immediately drive away or kill the invasion, but if he is defeated, he will avoid it far away.
This is the law of Warcraft
Then suddenly a deafening roar came from the distance.
Hey, what’s wrong with this little gecko today? He dared to demonstrate to me. Yuan Ye Rao said with interest that his territory was a giant pangolin territory, and that pangolin was also a Taoist statue. At the beginning of the three turns, Yuan Ye’s strength was very close and his defense was strong. Yuan Ye fought many times, but he killed him every time.
Since this guy’s skin itches, I’ll hit you again. Yuan Ye smiled at the corners of his mouth and walked directly in the direction of the roar of Warcraft.
Further on, there was a vast expanse without tall trees and some low shrubs, and just then a huge animal roared again.
Yuan Yewen looked and saw a head shaped like a lizard, which was three meters long. Warcraft squatted on the ground and growled. The pieces of black scales reflected terrible light in the sunlight, and the sharp fangs protruded in the longest depth.
In front of it is a huge python with red arms and five meters thick, but it is not a python, but an advanced red snake of Warcraft. This thing is not only hard and iron, but also highly toxic in teeth, and it is also extremely strong in volcanic drilling.
In the past three years, Yuan Ye, the front of Warcraft, has often watched Wan Zunxing’s introduction scroll of Warcraft. Although he is not a master, he is by no means a rookie.
The lizard roared Yuan Ye vaguely heard a hissing sound, which was very obvious. It was the first time that a snake spat out a message. Yuan Ye stopped and did not move when he saw such a Warcraft horse.
The red snake generally lives in volcanoes or extremely hot magma. How Yuan Ye came back here is a little puzzled. Moreover, this red snake is not yet an adult. According to the scroll, the five-meter-long strength of the adult red snake is comparable to that of Daozun’s three-turn peak, which is the top terrible Warcraft I of this Wanzun star. I am afraid that this Warcraft will barely reach the peak of Daozun’s three-turn or three-turn primary level, which means that he should live in the core of the Mountain of Warcraft. How can he run to this periphery?
The level of Warcraft mountain range is very strict. The strongest here is the Tao Zun San zhuan primary Yuan Ye. This strength Yuan Ye also owns a territory here, but senior Warcraft generally has its own territory in the deep area and will not easily leave its nest. This time it is different.
However, no matter at this time, the giant pangolin red snake has become an antagonistic force. Yuan Ye dare not move at a side. After all, his own strength is pangolin, which is a level of Warcraft sensory sensitivity. Once high-profile has attracted the attention of both sides, it is likely that he has become the target of attack. When the time comes, the three sides will not be able to have a melee.
Roaring at the demonstration can’t scare off the opponent’s pangolin. After roaring, Yuan Ye directly rushed to the red snake hand many times. Yuan Ye also knows that pangolin attack is to bite and shake the tail.
Warcraft is generally a physical attack, and its strength and defense are much stronger than those of human beings at the same level. But human beings are strong in fighting and attacking outside, which can increase their strength and increase their wisdom. Different situations are different. After all, there are many kinds of Warcraft human beings in the same level, which have different achievements and different levels of treasures, which have a great impact on their strength.
The red snake instantly entrenched itself, and the defensive form was in pangolin’s blood. The huge body of the red snake reflected that it was faster than pangolin, and it escaped the flash attack with a slight deviation.
Roar pangolin growled again and threw himself at the red snake. Unfortunately, the red snake’s body was too flexible. It twisted its body and quickly retreated. Suddenly, it turned around and the huge snake tail swept across the army to smoke at the pangolin.