Arrogant and unruly, he should reserve his humble dedication in front of her.

Unfortunately, it was when she wanted to give up.
She hesitated to push his eyes to sweep the wound behind him.
Not far away, I saw this picture. The man closed his eyes and turned away, leaving only a few willow leaves floating leisurely in the forest.
After an hour, Yi Shen people came one after another and sent him back to Wangfu as quickly as possible. He always held Xiaoxiao’s hand and refused to let it go even in a coma.
Sai Han Guanli came to see Xiaoxiao Sai Han, who was standing next to Duan Yishen, covered with a layer of frost and turned to leave without saying anything. Guanli was unwilling to cut his heart before the report. What’s going on?
Zhang Yu replied that the attack on the way back to his wife caused a little injury to the sovereign, which was attributed to poor protection.
Guan Li comforted him and smiled at him. I don’t blame you. Go to rest.
It’s Zhang yutui
Duan Yishen was lying on the bed, and the doctor was wounded elsewhere, but his hand was still holding Xiaoxiao.
Miss xiaoxiao, Guan Li said from quietly elegant that you are tired, too. Let’s go to your room and have a rest. Just wait on the report and give it to me.
Xiaoxiao glanced at her and got up to get rid of Duan Yi’s heavy hand, but he seemed to know that she was leaving, but he held it tighter, so she could not leave herself.
She twisted her eyebrows and tried to draw six princes. You let go.
The person who is still in a daze turned his head and smiled at her. I won’t let go of this generation. Suddenly, Xiaoxiao jumped to his side and looked at her angry eyes. He smiled even more wantonly and became pregnant. Even if you already hate me, I am confident that you will love me again because you are doomed. When the woman finished, she gave her a strong kiss on the cheek.
I don’t know if it’s anger or shame. Xiaoxiao’s cheeks are red and she is burying her face in one hand. She really wants to find a hole to get into in front of so many people.
Six sovereign, what are you talking about?
Guan Li bit her lip and her chest burst with a bang. Over the years, she has devoted herself to this man, and everything has collapsed at this moment. She can tolerate other women but can’t tolerate his love for other women.
Silently turned around and stepped on the last proud step to remove them from sight.
Whether it is Lin Moying or Lou Xiaoxiao, she will let her disappear as soon as possible, otherwise she can watch her fall in love with men and leave her.
Because Duan Yishen is similar to a rogue, I know that I barely stayed to take care of his injury, and when she was injured before, he took care of her undressed and didn’t want to owe him a debt of gratitude.
Xiaoxiao just went back to the room and Frost Water looked dignified. She was in charge of the former girl’s pavilion.
Not how he that moment xiaoxiao heart suddenly hung up Chapter 17.
Frost looked at the water and frowned and learned that the girl who attacked Duan Yishen was a ghost master. Perhaps the cabinet owner was afraid that they would find a girl to trouble the cabinet owner again and went to the ghost gate alone.
Xiaoxiao asked urgently, and then what does that mean?
Frost interface The Ghost Gate is like a human purgatory. It should not be said that it is more terrible than purgatory. No one can walk there alive. It is said that the total altar of the Ghost Gate is located in the Ghost Poison Valley, where the most poisonous insects, poisonous weeds and poisonous beasts are the most poisonous. Even if ordinary people get a little suspicious, even if they break through this natural barrier, it is the most difficult to crack the ghost gate. daoist magic has never studied the secret man and then it is impossible for 3 thousand dead people to guard it.
Shui also said that the martial arts of Shura, the master of the Hundred Ghosts Sect, are unfathomable. It is said in Jianghu that he wants people to eat every meal and has a cruel personality. The enemies who fall into his hands are either skinned or fed by blood pigs. He keeps poisonous insects, saying that he is as terrible as Yan, but even the four guardians of the Hundred Ghosts Sect are ghosts. That is also a malicious role in Jianghu.
Xiaoxiao listened to the cold and clear eyes slowly. Is it not a shura opponent?
The water shook its head, and no one knew because they had never done it.
While frost was impatient, he said that the cabinet master broke into the ghost gate alone, which was tantamount to going to die. No matter how severe he was, he might not be able to break through so many cards. Even if he wanted to kill the 3 thousand dead, he would have to be soft. He was really fooling around this time.
In fact, we want to say goodbye to the girl. We have agreed that we will follow the cabinet owner no matter whether it is a knife mountain or a sea of fire, and we will never let him make a risk.
Frost nodded straight. Yes, what can we do without it?
He didn’t hesitate to break in to smooth all obstacles for her because a hundred ghosts might pose a threat to her?
Is that a simple reason?