I nervously touched my finger. Fortunately, the ring is still there.

You lied to me. I can’t believe looking at the charm or death
The charm didn’t answer me. She looked at Lucifer. I said it, but I saw it all the time. Lucifer was to blame.
Lucifer snorted. I don’t care if this person dies. Stretch out a finger and give me a black light. I can hardly see the speed coming at my eyebrows. Although it is the same trick, the power and speed are definitely not comparable to that of Lucifer.
My son suddenly kicked my ass, and I flew high and fell on my soldier’s body. My ass hurts. I rubbed my ass with a sad face and found that hundreds of thousands of soldiers didn’t know when they passed out.
I can’t believe you let a mortal stop me. Lucifer said bitterly
Charming son doesn’t speak, but firmly stands in my way, Lucifer.
Lucifer looked coldly at Incarnate’s right hand and slowly drew a sword hanging over the black awn from behind. I never saw it again after the war of the gods. Are you trying to force me to do it?
Chapter 19 A drop of tears
The charm did not move, but I felt her pale face.
God, I can feel her when I come.
Don’t I she really called empathy?
But why did she cheat me?
I’m confused, but I can’t figure anything out
Come to your senses, Lucifer said these three words, and the dark extinction was slowly launched that day.
No, the charm screamed to stop it
But the dark extinction has gradually swallowed up the black mountain.
Lucifer suddenly heard a majestic voice.
Ah, Lucy has settled down.
I looked up and saw several gods in the sky.
It’s really gods. They are shrouded in holy aura and look down on everything in the world.
God of light, God of war and God of wisdom, it seems that you have shown Lucifer at the same time, and you are not so arrogant just now.
We all know about this matter. We don’t want to say anything more. You also know that death will not help you now, and you can’t beat the three of us with a straight face, saying that we must protect our people.
Lucifer’s forehead and veins stood out suddenly and violently, but he still fought back his anger. His sword slowly returned
No, I don’t want to leave the charm. My face is pale.
You have to leave now. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, and it’s because of you that Apollo coldly said, I hope you can come back to shore.
Nonsense. I didn’t jump up suddenly because of her. Now there will be more dead people. Are you indiscriminate?
Shut up, Ares, the god of war, gave me a cold look. You humans are our sheltered creatures. At this moment, Bai Ji should firmly believe and miss you. It’s disgusting. This time, you are a royal family. Fufeng country has always been loyal to our temple. I won’t hold you accountable for the time being, you know?
What, what, I know that I’m jumping around, and it’s great that you’re not a god. They want to keep the charm away from me, and I’m almost in a state of violence, and that fearlessness and ferocity are stimulated again
Apollo didn’t. I still said to the charm, you should know that man and god can’t combine this. It was because the creator made a rule and violated this rule. Although we may not be able to do anything to you, the creator will definitely punish you.
When death heard this, her face turned pale. She was silent for a moment and slowly came to me and stopped in front of me.
Charming son, don’t be afraid of them. I will protect you even if God doesn’t allow me. I glared at the gods and said
Hush, the charm put her index finger to her mouth to stop me from talking, and then reached out to her glittering and translucent white hand to touch my face. She didn’t say anything, but she just looked at me so stupidly. At this moment, everything in the world seemed to lose its vitality and sadness became the protagonist of heaven and earth.
A drop of crystal clear tears fell gently on my chest, so I felt bitter.
Those are the tears of death.
God tears the gods exclaim.
How can God cry? Athena, the god of wisdom, seems to have lost her brain.
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And my consciousness gradually blurred at this time.
I tried desperately to open my eyes, and I knew that this time I closed my eyes.