These weird black S lines give off B and move those little black spots just the same.

These things are strange, aren’t they? Lin stared at the stone tablet and said softly
When the sound of Lin Dong falls, the surface of the stone tablet moves slightly, and then a vague figure appears on the surface of the stone tablet, and then it looks at Lin Dong, and then a hoarse voice that is so old that people’s minds are infected rings.
Your body chalk is really a lot of familiar things
And heard this Lin canthus is can’t help but rapid beating up to be continued Chapter seven hundred and one Unknown creatures.
In the silence, Lin moved his eyes for a moment because of the words of the stone tablet, and then his thoughts turned sharply when he was silent. He didn’t know what the stone tablet said was familiar. The mysterious stone symbol devoured Zufu or Gankun Ancient Array or both.
Swallowing ZuFu is also looking for another owner. It seems that guy has also fallen. The stone tablet shadow has not been able to move in the heart. The old and hoarse voice slowly sounded.
Lin moved his eyes and blinked. It said that he should have seen the old man Kurome at the beginning. From some memory images he got there, it seems that both of them are strange dark things.
You are still familiar with Wu, but you are like the small stone tablet shadow of the wild king, continued
Lin’s mouth can’t help but pull the pull. This is saying that this martial art is also won by his ancient Sect. Although it is also a high-level spiritual martial art, with today’s Lin’s means to enhance people’s enemies, it’s better to use it less.
The elder seems to have some problems.
Lin moved at the stone tablet and bowed his hand, then glanced at the black S-lines on the stone tablet seat. These black S-lines seem to be still creeping quietly, and they still have a kind of spiritual wisdom.
And it looks like a stone tablet is suppressing that kind of thing, but it still shows signs of trying to erode the stone tablet
While Lin was staring at those strange black lines, the stone tablet suddenly trembled violently, and the black lines of Judah were resurrected at this moment. Generally, the black lines rose up and climbed madly against the stone tablet.
In addition, when those black stripes climb, there is a faint black gas coming from it, and a kind of evil emotion B is also diffuse, and some of the black gas is rapidly plundering the forest.
Seeing this scene, the forest movement surface S is also a dramatic change. Although these black gases are extremely small, he dare not let them be contaminated and strong. This mysterious stone tablet of origin has been made so miserable by it. He imagines in real law what it would be like if he had been eroded by this thing.
The sudden change also caused the stone tablet to have a deep cold hum, and then the stone tablet body vibrated, and the ancient yellow S Guanghua surged, and a kind of legal force spread, which severely suppressed those black lines that tried to erode again.
Jie Jie
When the black reform was suppressed, Lin could hear an extremely sharp smile filled with cold and abnormal evil, and this smile also made Lin’s pupil tighten severely
Those black lines are some unknown and strange cangue.
The ancient yellow S Guanghua of the stone tablet will shoot a black gas against the forest and then it will retract the stone tablet.
Predecessors, what is that? Seeing the stone tablet restore silence again, Lin moved and asked.
I heard Lin move and asked about the stone tablet, which seemed to be silent for a moment. Soon, the stone tablet was surging with light and seemed to change into a stone mirror.
Mirror light B surged, and then a scene emerged, which should be a vast world. There, Lin Dong saw a huge stone tablet, which was impressively a barren stone tablet.
Around the Great Wasteland Monument, you can still see many imaginary figures standing on the ground. Although Lin Shifa saw their appearance, judging from the momentum, these people must be the first class in heaven and earth.
At this time, in the stone tablet, the top of heaven and earth is strong and far ahead, but there is still a fault. It seems that even the sky and the earth are moaning for a moment.
In the black fog, there are a few cold and evil light bursts, and then those who stand in the sky and the earth suddenly shake their hands.
Although the stone mirror scene is a corner of the battlefield, Lin Dong’s mind is still trembling. He really imagines what kind of scale battle it is. I’m afraid that one person’s strength in that field is stronger than that of today’s Taoism. However, even Lin Dong saw those falling figures in the war between the two sides.