This thing turned out to be a black coffin, but when it came out, it quickly expanded and blinked. There was a huge coffin in it. "Shout" The coffin lid automatically flew up, and the poor black gas overflowed inside, and the rotten stench of the corpse filled it with all the cold and firm but gentle.

"Thousand Corpses Coffin"
Obviously, many people in the field know this shroud boy’s favorite treasure, Wu abandoned it and someone recognized it.
"Bang!" There was a loud noise, and the giant sword was thrown out by Wu, and everyone looked at it and bumped into it. As a result, the black coffin was instantly flew back to Wu’s hands with a black streamer, but the giant sword didn’t even change its direction-it was still cutting towards Wu.
But at this time, the power of this giant sword has gone from ten to seven, and more than that, the imprisoning power has disappeared, and even the treasure light belonging to Tao has dimmed a lot.
Both of them are Taoist weapons, but after all, the Xuanjing sword is a weapon that Zhao Yang carried with him for many years, and it is also a sword monk’s weapon. Its power is inherently higher than that of a non-combat Taoist weapon like a thousand resin coffins, and the Xuanjing sword has been accumulating power for a long time, but it was rushed and sent to the enemy and immediately lost. Even so, the thousand resin coffins eliminated most of the terrible power of Xuanjing sword.
And Wu abandoned throwing a thousand resin coffins can be more than just blocking the Xuanjing sword. After returning to the palm of Wu abandoned, he didn’t even look at the palm of his hand, so he wiped the black coffin and threw it again.
Immediately, I saw the thousand resin coffins fly up again and the coffin cover disappeared. A large black gas came out of it and covered a large area instantly, covering almost half of the cold jade square.
The dark resin gas inside metamorphoses, clouds of shadows are vaguely revealed, but the shadows are all human-shaped, but it is more bizarre than the scene clearly appearing in the eyes of all people. The coverage of black resin gas is as big as half of the cold jade square, and there are more than 1,000 shadows standing inside at the moment. Then they feel that the atmosphere of this cold jade square is occupied by the cold and dead.
"Is it …?"
All people have an idea in their hearts, and their eyes fall on the source of resin gas, which originally belonged to the temple of resin magic, refining resin treasure and thousands of resin coffins
All so Zhao Yangze is that he suddenly remembered this little ugly ghost in front of him at this time, but not long ago, he grabbed a thousand resin coffins from another true brother shroud boy, and there were more than a thousand shroud boys in this coffin who had accumulated resin for many years.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. if you put these refined corpses out to form a large array, I’ll still avoid you for three points. It’s a pity that it’s too late to remember to offer the shroud at this time."
In the face of that, Zhao Yang, who has more than a thousand refined corpses, has no fear at all. Xuanjing Sword is handed out again to see the virtual shadow of the giant sword. There are several cold and cold firm but gentle waves coming out of it, and it seems that it is going to be chopped to abandon Wu together with the 1000 zombies.
But someone did it for a moment, but it wasn’t Zhao Yang, but Wu abandoned it.
The cold face without saying a word is the murderous look in the eyes. The truth is better than the fact that it is constantly overflowing. The right hand is wrapped in the gas of the wild body discovered, and it is suddenly raised to the place where it is not the direction of Zhao Yang, but the 1,000-head resin refining place above your head.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-one Thousands of corpses are refined and suppressed (2)
Spitting out a word than cold, Wu abandoned his palm and stretched out to see the great changes in vain. The dusty breath fell to desolation and decay, emitting a smell that even the years could not erase.
These smells are called by Wu’s magical powers of abandoning the corpse, and the corpse gas is extracted from the long river of time to corrode and suppress everything.
Cold jade square those black resin gas gushed out from thousands of resin coffins, pure resin gas was instantly touched by these dusty body discovered gas, and almost all black resin gas disappeared and was replaced by those dusty body discovered gas, just as ice and snow met the sun.
Black resin gas dissipated instantly, and they also came to see the one thousand famous refined resin at a glance.
Thousands of zombies come in different shapes, men, women and children. Each one is naked, eyes closed, like a sculpture. There is no breath of life, but each one has a complete body and facial features. Except for a breath and heartbeat, there is nothing different about the living. These refined corpses all exude a breath that does not belong to human beings. The momentum is different.
"A few hundred primary bronze corpses, hundreds of intermediate bronze corpses, hundreds of high-order bronze corpses, hundreds of peak bronze corpses and … a dozen silver corpses."
There was another noise in the crowd, but when they saw these refined corpses, they were surprised to see what those thousands of refined corpses were. After that, they were even more surprised. They were all surprised and secretly said, "This is why the shroud boy has accumulated thousands of zombies for many years, and with the help of these zombies, will he still be defeated by Wu?"
No wonder they were so surprised. They heard that they didn’t even know the details of the fight. The shroud boy was simply unlucky. As soon as he took out the thousand-corpse coffin, he was forcibly robbed by Wu Abandon’s big corpse magic hand. He didn’t even have a chance to release the zombies inside, but he was robbed by Wu Abandon and took it out now.
After a glimpse of the crowd, the zombies were covered again. This time, it was those who smelled terrible.
Waste body discovered gas fall everyone seems like a gray cauldron enveloped the one thousand zombies, and everything that happened inside was covered. No one could see it except Wu Abandon, but it didn’t prevent Godsworn Song Xue from forcibly sensing it. It was also because of this place that some people, including Song Xue and Zhao Yang, knew what was happening inside at this time.
Melt! That’s right, it’s melting. At this time, it’s changing. All the zombie smells are rapidly weakening. In the powerful sense of Song Xue and Zhao Yang, those zombies seem to be melting, at every end.
And melting these zombies is nothing but the wisps of corpse gas.
Zhao Yang didn’t know what would happen, but Song Xue knew it very well. When she almost instantly remembered the corpse grave boundary, Wu abandoned and hid the corpse cloud of the absolutely cloudy graveyard and the silver corpse at the other end of the underground competed for the corpse, which interrupted the process of promoting the silver corpse to the golden corpse and finally appeared. Wu abandoned the corpse cloud directly.
Song Xue didn’t seem surprised when the zombies were melted.
"He devours those zombies." Song Xue is not a lowlife. She is also a godsworn. She has much better knowledge than Wu Abandon, a hillbilly who came out of the ravine. Seeing this movement, Wu Abandoned immediately guessed what Wu abandoned.
Song Xueke guessed that Zhao Yang had never seen Wu abandon and shroud boy fight, but he also guessed that the idea came out in his heart. He secretly called the Xuanjing sword in his hand and immediately turned its edge and spilled out. Really Yuan Bao chung wanted to kill Wu abandon again.
Almost like him, Wu abandoned it at this time and finished devouring the 1000 zombies. Both of them moved and made moves at the same time.
Virtual shock XuanJing sword suddenly flew out of the palm of Zhao Yang, turned into a beautiful edge, and flew to Wu Abandon’s head. With a tremor, it turned into a giant sword. Although the virtual shadow is a virtual shadow, it is more powerful than the tiny firm but gentle flashing impact in the condensed reality, which almost collapsed what Wu abandoned.
Wu abandoned his hand again, but this time the amount of corpse gas gushed out was much more than before. I don’t know how much he didn’t care about the terrible sword on his head. The palm of his hand was facing Zhao’s direction. Suddenly, the palm of his hand was dusty, but it was as dusty as the solid surface. As soon as it came out, it made Zhao empty and solidified, and even the teleport avatar was displayed.
Mutually assured destruction?
No one expected that Wu Abandon would suddenly come to such a move that he would not fight against the deadly sword on his head, but at this time he launched an attack on the Zhao Yang. Although they didn’t know what suddenly Wu Abandoned’s big corpse magic hand would become so horrible, as soon as it appeared, it solidified the whole emptiness.
That’s not the same as before. When the huge gray palm appeared, everyone’s face changed. With the strength of the years, the body discovered gas intertwined and condensed into a palm pressure, which simply has the general taste of suppression of the heavens. Don’t say it’s Zhao Yang, but the younger brothers such as Xuanyin Temple in the battlefield felt a little aftertaste overflowing from the palm, and they all felt that their bodies were sluggish and almost unable to move.
When they struggled out, they all felt cold sweat. Although they were stopped for a moment, the monk could kill you dozens of times in a moment. What’s more, they felt a trace of afterglow, so what about Zhao Yang? Although he had deified, he could not resist like a lamb to be slaughtered at the moment.
Zhao Yang has never been so frightened since he was promoted to the status of a true brother, and he has never been in such a dangerous situation. The feeling that his life can’t be controlled by himself almost drives him crazy.
A pair of evil eyes are staring at Wu Abandon, hoping that Wu Abandon will be forced by the Xuanjing sword on his head to take back the gray giant palm to save himself, or wishful thinking that he will let the Xuanjing sword out first, so that Wu Abandon can be beheaded first and the avatar can solve itself.