"It’s been a long time since you stayed at home every day. Obviously, you said that your father had transformed this near land and wanted to turn it into a breeding ground for life." Grandpa despised.

"So that’s it. It seems that Heaven’s father has not been idle. It’s really hard to fight against the world’s gods and buddhas with ulterior motives and be busy developing the earth. It turns out that the greater the strength, the greater the responsibility." Fang Ning sighed.
"Yes, I’m just too strong and too responsible. I’m tired to death every day, but you’re a weak chicken playing every day …" Grandpa took the opportunity to complain.
Fang Ning turned a deaf ear to staring at the fairy dialogue in Shangqingshan in the distance.
"This luna pavilion is very deep in the secret realm of the moon and the land, and I dare to say that it cannot be owned by people and can remain neutral."
Gee, it’s really generous of the old man to be brave.
"Ha ha, so that’s it. It seems that God is not sincere enough to bring some sincerity." The white woman light way
"Don’t blame the fairy for being an old-fashioned ability." The mountain man didn’t make concessions when he heard this.
"The old gentleman worries too much about the fairy, but it seems that people in this world have misunderstood Frodo, the world god, and you will know that all this is good for you." The white woman shook her head.
After saying this, she turned and disappeared.
Ancient don’t look at each other disappear frown tightly.
"grandmaster, it won’t be a problem to reject this man of god, will it?" He is still a little worried.
"Ha-ha, it’s funny that a group of stray dogs dare to come to the old lady’s door." The mountain peaks are very domineering like "buzzing"
"Everything depends on the grandmaster." This is the only way to rest assured.
He knows that the ancestor of the teacher, the God, is far superior to his cloud algorithm. Since the other party says so, there is no problem.
Fang Ning saw it with relish. I didn’t expect this Shangqingshan to be really courageous. No wonder Tianqingshan always acts so overbearing and very rooted here.
"You just know that they didn’t fight, and I can’t get any benefits." Grandpa said bitterly.
"Be reserved, you are a great warrior. Don’t be afraid that the sky will not be chaotic all day." Fang Ning despised.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five Relying on
Knight A took one last look at Tianqingshan Mountain and then disappeared.
Now that there are green hills, there is only green water.
Can land live in water this month?
If the moon and land are successful in breeding life, then the human biosphere project will have the most direct imitation
With this in mind, Fang Ning followed the uncle to meet the woman in white again.
The meeting place is located in a high-end coffee shop in Nederland City, a new country in Rice.
At this time, the woman in white has been replaced by a modern white costume, which has attracted a lot of attention as an urban beauty.
"Have a cup of bitter coffee," she said to the waiter.
"Just a moment, please," said the waiter eagerly, without any doubt.
The whole coffee shop man secretly looked at her from time to time, which attracted the dissatisfaction of his female partner.
Some singles try to strike up a conversation.
However, the sudden appearance of knight-errant armor immediately made all men stop looking honest.
Well, it’s already the end of the third year of Shenyuan. If the man doesn’t know who this one is, it’s just that the old birthday girl is impatient.
"Coffee, Dragon Pavilion?" White female smiles to say
"Seats said that you should abide by the law and discipline of this world after you come, but now it seems that you didn’t listen." Chivalrous armor said coldly.
"Oh, which discipline did God violate?" White woman shake head a way
"PSST …" When the people next to me heard this, both men and women got up and walked out.
Even the men who tried to talk to the woman in white before, and they ran faster than anyone else.
The coffee shop will soon be alone, even the boss …
The cool waiter is still standing on the stage, his hands are shaking and he is making coffee.
It has been nearly three years since the beginning of the mysterious era, and those who are still alive have summed up three effective experiences.
"First encounter mystery, move quickly."
"Second, when you hear the mysterious language, leave quickly."
"summon the dragon when you meet a monster for the third time."
These three experiences are everywhere. Although there are many disadvantages, for example, it may make a very small number of people lose the opportunity to become protagonists, but it definitely saves more lives.
Now is the second situation. The word "God Buddha" is the same as those mysterious monsters in the eyes of westerners. The Cthulhu demon abyss is the same as ordinary people. They don’t know that they are taboo and may die with one eye.
For example, there was a video streaming from Qianwang. That’s why the poor little Taoist in the East died.
The only thing that makes this waiter feel lucky is that despite the mystery, the object of the incident, the Oriental Dragon, is here.
The other side will never sit back and watch koo people get killed.
At this time, he can passively listen to the conversation while making coffee mechanically.
Chivalrous man a light way "you collude with unscrupulous people trying to interfere in this world of heaven. Isn’t that enough? It’s no use lying. You should always know that there are many lie detectors in this world. "
"Hehe, the person who tries to join the Taoist Temple is a worldly person. How can he be said to be immoral if he has the qualifications and fame to join the Taoist Temple?" The woman in white seems to be very patient.
"Who is that man?"
"can tell"
Knight A got up and disappeared.
"Is the bitter coffee not ready yet?" White female light way
Then the waiter shook the tray and put the coffee on the other table.
After leaving, the knight-errant armor re-visited the ball.
Grandpa is nagging Fang Ning.
"You said you shouldn’t play when you play-how good is it that you insist on making her red?"
"Well, if a monster turns red, it’s easy …" Fang Ning shook his head.