Modern technology, which seems to be profound, probably has no understanding threshold for these wisdom far beyond mortal gods.

Chapter one hundred and nine Virtual lending
"Well, then ask a white" after a while Fang Ning finally said.
God is god, and it is necessary to get a universal bacterium. Obviously, the other party wants to do a good job in one battle, so that it can have multiple functions, that is, it can evolve freely and adapt to circumstances.
This ancient myth of the god of plague has a poor reputation, and it is not liked by people, and it is not liked by God. After all, everywhere is full of yellow wind and green air, which is not a good road at first sight. Who wants to stay with such a guy?
However, it is different to come to this world and absorb modern science. He is afraid that his strength will advance by leaps and bounds and far surpass that of many previous gods-well, from now on, Fang Ning has decided to take these guys seriously and change their names to show real attention.
"Grandpa quickly told Anderson to get ready to find a microbiologist to advise me," Fang Ning ordered.
Naturally, he doesn’t have divine wisdom and knowledge accumulation, but he has both advantages and disadvantages …
"I know Anderson is in place and twenty evil scientists are in place. I’ll give you a cheat sheet at any time," the uncle replied quickly
"Consultant is not a cheat sheet. You mentioned that I fell into the magma …" Fang Ning said.
"I don’t understand you," said Uncle Meng Bi.
"Magma represents the most important meaning in some simulated business games," Fang Ninghao explained.
"Oh, that’s not deep enough. You are already negative than me." Grandpa suddenly said.
"…" Fang Ning’s words can be said because that’s the truth. He always works hard for a while and then habitually declines again.
This is in line with a normal pedestrian pattern, but compared with the uncle, it will be dwarfed.
Grandpa never slackens, but he is stupid occasionally, but never lazy.
Fang Ning was very embarrassed and quickly changed the subject. "I’ll ask him now and I won’t talk nonsense with you."
Say yes, but Fang Ning didn’t move a step. He directed the video at the black man in the distance.
"God of plague, do you have universal bacteria?"
"Many effects can be transformed into leafy green bacteria to make organic matter when there is sunshine, and organic matter can be decomposed into organic salt and water when there is no sunshine. In addition, it can also fight against all kinds of harmful bacteria, which can rapidly evolve and change their role positioning according to environmental needs, and can be reprogrammed and regulated." The black figure introduced endlessly
Although he just had an argument with Fang Ning, it seems that nothing has happened now.
Sure enough, it’s a great measure
"It’s very powerful. It’s inevitable that things will have advantages and disadvantages. It’s impossible to be perfect. You omnipotent bacteria have disadvantages?" Fang Ning asked.
The black figure laughed coldly. "God’s creation naturally needs to be perfect, and it lacks its disadvantages that extraordinary people can see."
"What’s the solution?" Fang Ning questioned.
"Hum, I’ll teach you a lesson today. Do you know what virtual lending is?" The tone of the black figure revealed a trace of pride.
Obviously, although the strength of Chivalrous Man A is overwhelming, the inside information is still far from enough. No matter whether he is a real dragon or not, he is always practicing in less than three years. Compared with his million years, his nerves have always been no different from a new baby.
It’s really bad for this baby to have a laser gun in his hand.
"I’d like to hear more," Fang Ning said superciliously
With uncle’s words just now, he has learned the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Although these gods are tall and have their own strengths, they are not as unified as uncle …
"Virtual lending means drawing strength from Heaven and returning it after millions of years, so that you need to enjoy the benefits for hundreds of millions of years without paying the price, and there will be no disadvantages. This is the root cause of the perfection of many gods. Its disadvantages are not that mortals are qualified to see it." The black figure said lightly.
"So that’s it." Fang Ning has pulled the other side very tall, which is one thing.
Uncle suddenly said with excitement, "Well, we’ll do the same."
"What are you excited about?" Fang Ning said, "We have done similar things before. Do you remember when I said we would build the Galaxy Skynet? At that time, the earth’s heaven paid 30 thousand, and the merit value of heaven was limited to 1000 years. Haven’t I moved yet? However, the earth’s heaven is very stingy, and it is not necessarily possible for us to freeze most of them until they are completed and unfrozen. "
"Oh, is that right? Then ask him if he can do it? " Uncle still doesn’t believe it.
Fang Ningnai asked again, "As far as I know, this world believes in the so-called law of conservation of energy, which is exactly the case. Your kind of virtual lending may not be feasible, right?"
"Hum, you say it’s the past and the future, but it may not continue like this." The black figure said pointedly
Fang Ning was awestruck. He quickly said to the uncle, "It seems that their interference in the earth’s heaven has entered a new stage. You should pay more attention to it."
"How do I pay attention to? You said that dad never talked to me that day, and he probably didn’t know me. Alas, this is called a good fighter. All his merits have been stolen by flattery. "Grandpa was very frustrated."
"Don’t talk nonsense. You should pay attention to the merits and virtues of Heaven and see if you can make me let frogs and parrots help you observe the evolution of Heaven. I always feel that Father Heaven is not so weak. It doesn’t seem to be at the mercy of people. Although human history is short, the birth of Heaven on Earth is only three years at most for more than 20 years, but its profound history is at least four or five billion years. I’m afraid there are also a few saints in the world who can reach the level of ordinary gods. It is impossible for them to survive for so long. Many gods in Anderson’s information are only recorded in millions of years."
Grandpa was excited when he heard it. "It’s said that you were wrong that day, but Grandpa Heaven is still very good at running on his own for billions of years, and it’s remarkable that if you know that Dad can absorb this heritage and know the operation of the Universe Avenue that day, you may not be able to suppress the gods and become our powerful helper."
"That’s why I will compromise, and I’m going to fight a protracted war to wait for change. In addition to its own value, human beings are still the foundation of the earth’s heaven. Although the heaven is not dead, the consciousness of heaven is the combination of human consciousness." Fang Ning eloquently said.
At this time, the black figure square ning for a long time did not answer again and said, "God is busy. Help yourself, just don’t bother again."
Fang Ning also didn’t care about the tone of the other party. His problem has been solved. It seems that the other party should borrow the power of heaven to create a perfect universal bacterium without a pair.
If he dares to lie to his face, I believe he knows very well what will happen in the future.
In this case, I believe that this Biosphere III should be successfully completed.
Fang Ning remembers that the root cause of the failure of Biosphere II was that microorganisms consumed too much oxygen, and the proportion of plants was relatively small. The method of completing the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle and the interference of building materials eventually led to the extinction of species that failed in the cycle.