For Qin Changfeng, a three-point bottle of sacred blood is replaced by a four-layer formula … Nothing is more valuable than this.

At this time, Li Qiushui has taken a bronze mirror and looked after his face for a long time, then suddenly burst into laughter. "Well, if it is really good, my good sister will definitely give you a big surprise when I meet you again. Hahahahaha!"
Laugh with unprecedented carefree meaning.
"Good disciple, you have finally helped the teacher understand the resentment for decades. What reward do you want the teacher to give you?" Li Qiushui laughed and then suddenly looked at Qin Changfeng and said softly.
She looks like a sven belle in Wen Ya at most, that is, she is in her forties when she is dressed in a plain white house outfit and her skin is white.
Qin Changfeng naturally wants to leave a small fortune, but this requirement is absolutely impossible. He mused, "A general, Lian Tieshu, will send an envoy to the capital of song dynasty in a few days to invite his brother to accompany him. He wants to ask the master for convenience and will come back with him in a year and a half at most!"
Qin Changfeng said, he waited and prepared all kinds of rhetoric. The horse was about to show his theory, for example, he could not continue to be trapped here.
However, to Qin Changfeng’s surprise, Li Qiushui directly promised to "go and remember to come back early."
Seeing Qin Changfeng’s face stunned, he laughed. "Cats and dogs have feelings for four or five years, don’t you think?"
Qin Changfeng language in the mind is fast thinking about this old monster what idea.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Five evils Qin Changfeng
It happened in the original plot that Lian Tieshu led a master to the capital of song dynasty to appear before the queen mother and emperor of Dasong Dynasty.
In fact, their engagement is false, and their real intention is to spy on the actual situation. They want to destroy the Beggars’ Sect in one fell swoop in recent years, and then lead troops to drive straight ahead.
Asking Qin Changfeng to go with him is just to see that he wants more helpers because of his advanced martial arts.
Of course, this is because he doesn’t know Qin Changfeng’s true identity, which just gives Qin Changfeng a chance. Although there are still five layers of methods in the small phase, he is not in a hurry to eat step by step.
Hector even dodo this unlucky rush nature also followed together, there is no way that he still sleeps in his own body today, and he dare not stay away from Qin Changfeng for too long.
Although Xixia Hall claims to recruit people who are skilled in martial arts, most of them are actually third-rate figures. A year ago, there was no Qin Changfeng who could see it clearly. There are still a few because of the four wicked people!
They are the same as the original plot. After Dali failed to go north, they met Xixia Kingdom and came out to recruit martial arts masters. The four evils were unwilling to be lonely, so they all defected. These four people showed their martial arts skills a little and were immediately invited and honored.
This time, going to the capital of song dynasty in the east is like Qin Changfeng, and even the iron tree belt relies heavily on four people.
On this evening, when they passed through a valley, they saw that it was getting dark, and even the iron tree ordered them to camp in the valley for the night.
These trivial things are naturally done by ordinary warriors. When the camp is tied up, Qin Changfeng will live in Heliandoduo and arrange a bright tent for him.
Qin Changfeng, who was sitting on a carpet, couldn’t help thinking.
At present, the main lines 1 and 2 are no longer a problem, but what he values most is the main line 3, which is the reward for the auxiliary skills that can explore the character attributes.
However, this inquiry is really relatively simple to him as a prophet, but it is quite troublesome to operate.
First of all, it is necessary for witnesses and circumstances to force Mubo to admit it himself, otherwise he will say it with white teeth, and no one will admit it. Obviously, the brain will not judge that he has finished.
He has to say it himself every time, which means that if someone announces him first, it is also a direct failure!
What’s more, Qiao Feng, Xuan Ci, Xu Zhu and others are involved. It can be said that a bad main line has been completed, but it has been affected in a big mess
Another important thing is to combine the top palm techniques of Sumi Mountain, Tianshan Liuyangyang Palm and Dragon-descending Ten Palm, and Qin Changfeng prefers the latter, because the former is too delicate and complicated, and once it becomes a skill, it will be a variety of choices, but it is not as strong as the latter. Direct palm technique is more suitable for testers.
But how to get the dragon palm from Qiao Feng is also a big problem …
When Qin Changfeng thoughtfully, a fierce quarrel suddenly broke out outside the tent.
Listening to a rough and crazy voice roared, "Hey, what’s in your hand? Why don’t you look down on us when you send it to our four wicked people?"
"Cooks have Yue Sanye over there who wants to get it himself."
Speak is Hector even dodo tone is polite but Qin Changfeng andao you listen to.
Otherwise, the former voice immediately binged, "I’m Yue Laoer. Why do you call me Third Master? Do you look down on me? "
This man is the four wicked people, the crocodile Yue, the third nickname of Zhongnanhai. He is also fierce. When he finished raising his hand, he patted the food plate in front of him.
If this palm is real, Hector even Duoduo will be seriously injured if he does not die.
But suddenly, a white light suddenly came and caught off guard, and directly penetrated the palm of Yue Laosan’s palm like a cattail leaf fan, and shot a cold heart.
Yue Lao San was stunned by this sudden change, and immediately went into a rage while covering his hands and howling. "Which king egg sneaked on the old man and got out!"
As soon as his voice fell on his ear, there was a shock and a burning pain in his left face with the stars on his eyes. When he touched his hand, he felt that the shape of his palm was red and swollen
No matter how stupid he is, he knows that he has just been slapped by someone!
At the same time, he also knows that this man can let himself eat two big losses without showing up, and his skill must be horribly deep and far away, and he was angry and surprised at the moment.
"Old three, what are you howling about?"
A female voice sounded faint. She was wearing a pale blue gown with long hair. She was about forty years old. She looked pretty, but there were three deep red blood stains on each cheek. It seemed that she had just scratched her fingers. It was generally "evil" Ye Erniang among the four wicked people.
Beside her was a strange man in a blue robe with a long beard and a face like a zombie. His eyes were wide open and bright. Oddly, he walked without legs, but with a pair of thin iron rods. It was the four evils that Duan Yanqing was known as "full of evil"
Ye Erniang saw that Yue Laosan was silent and sarcastically said, "I don’t know if I will fight back when I am beaten. Do you still want to compete with my sister for the position of the second child?"
Yue Lao hated others to look down on him most in his life. When he heard this, he went on the rampage again. "Bullshit, what do you know …"
It was another inexplicable slap, and then his right face swelled up as if it was aimed at him alone, which made him feel more wronged and shouted, "What is always me?"
"Who told you to be last here?"
As the sound Qin Changfeng came out of the tent with a wooden mask.
"What does Ge really want?" A dull sound came from Duan Yanqing, and his lips did not move at all, but the sound did come from him because of his ventriloquism.
Facing the three villains, Qin Changfeng raised his hands and proudly said, "It’s very simple. From then on, you four villains will be renamed five villains and poor monks will be five villains!"
"What? ! ! !”
When this remark came out, everyone was stupefied. I never thought that he would make such a mistake.
The fastest response is still Yue Laosan listening to him. "No, if you are the boss, I’m not going to fall down Yue Laosi. I can’t even kill you!"
Qin Changfeng took a glance at him with Bodhisattva beads in his hand. "That poor monk really killed you, just because the four villains didn’t change their names!"
Yue Lao neck shrink hurriedly burying his face in a flash behind Duan Yanqing.
Duan Yanqing looked deep and asked, "I don’t know why Ge wants to be a villain?"
Qin Changfeng sighed in the sky, "The poor monk has a magical skill, and after practicing it, he can be enemies of heaven and earth. But this skill says that hundreds of years ago, an evil magic monk was going to become a’ magic Buddha’ before practicing. I can’t think about this word at the end of the year. If you want to become a magic Buddha, you should be possessed first! Magic is evil. I want to learn from you how to be the most evil head of the wicked! "
These words are true except for practicing martial arts, but for completing the title. The tone of the truth is more calm than that of calm. No one will doubt anything after all, who has nothing to eat and hangs out with the wicked?
Yue Lao can’t bear loneliness again. "Do you want to learn evil? A person with no talent like you can’t be a villain! "