At present, there are seven monks in one side, and the total number of monks on the other side has reached fourteen, which is more than double that here.

Li Minye, who has always been full of confidence and firmly believes that a strength is dominant, can’t help but frown deeply.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-three Before the war
The battlefield was temporarily quiet for a sigma.
On the last day of the Zongmen qualifying battle, two camps appeared on the battlefield.
As expected, returning to a dominant situation did not occur. After several battles, returning to a dominant situation not only failed to gain an advantage, but was quite unfavorable.
Of course, there are many teams that are worse than one.
Wuyue Cave and Qianqi Valley have been eliminated.
Baihuamen has recreation, and there are only three monks left in a bald head.
The last battle is about to unfold, but each monk’s mentality in the battlefield is different
The most peaceful mentality has not been much pursuit of group warfare, but it is recreation Baihuamen who has left him. No matter what, the points of group warfare will not be too high, which is almost the sixth place.
Now he has to make sure that he is not expelled and qualified to participate in the second stage of the then qualifying battle. He has to be careful when he can advance into the qualifying battle safely.
Huang Daozong is a little embarrassed and wants to help Guiyi, but he is afraid of a sneak attack. At the same time, he is afraid that Guiyi will turn his head and take points from himself. Be careful again.
The most nervous thing is to belong to a family and Wan Jianzong.
Wan Jianzong’s defending is the first. He won the ranking first by not losing the battle flag. He won the total score first by not having a friar expelled.
The first is the natural tension in front of you.
If you want to get the first place, you need to achieve a lot of goals
It is necessary to defeat Wan Jianzong’s large array, reduce the number of Wan Jianzong, Qi Tianzong and Friar Qingyun, and seize his Zongmen banner as much as possible.
Li Minye didn’t expect to be forced to this point by virtue of his strong strength.
Li Min is now considering whether it will explode its real strength in the final battle.
In the large array, Sun Haojian stood side by side and watched Li Min wait for the last battle outside the array.
Dujiu looked at Li Min’s mouth with a broadsword and said slowly, "I’ve heard a lot about agarwood."
Corleone also looked ahead and said with a smile, "Same to you."
"Master Jiu, I am a very refreshing person," Dujiu continued in a big array. "Is there something I don’t know when to say?"
"Brother Dujiu, please advise" Corleone said with a cool smile.
"Qingyun Gate makes me very uneasy," Dujiu said slowly. "There are many people and two flags."
Sun Hao did not move, "Aquilaria sinensis listens to high opinions"
"Can you quit one person first?" Dujiu took a few slaps on the shoulder and said rudely, "This way we can compete fairly."
Sun Hao looked at the Qi Tian banner and smiled. "But Brother Dujiu, you have three banners."
"That’s easy," Dujiu continued to tap the broadsword gently. "Do you think it’s feasible for me to return a battle flag to Baiforging Agarwood? Anyway, Qitian and Qingyun didn’t have the meritorious military service behind us, so it’s good for us to compete fairly again. "
Sword hundred forging eyes blinked.
My heart says, Master Jiu likes to calculate people. He’s done it again.
But I won’t tell you that this time you met the calculating ancestor.
Corleone smiled "so don’t don’t really want to be so? Brother Du Jiu’s ambition is not the second to protect our monks. "
"Must" alone nine a face of smile "Nine Ye people have always been very brave, honest and trustworthy, fair to others, absolutely must compete fairly with Qingyun Gate and can’t take advantage …"
Behind him, JiXiaoAi felt a fever and shyness in the large array of QiTianZong.
Dujiu now has two military exploits. Of course, Qingyun Gate still has many military exploits. Dujiu can recognize that he has his own side and two top strengths in his pocket, and he has a greater chance of winning the military exploits.
Besides, there are four pieces of meritorious military service in the forging hands, and then they will secretly come over, which is sure to surpass Qingyun Gate to hold the banner and strive for the meritorious military service, and Qi Tianzong’s team battle ranking will rank second, but the difference is that the boss has been replaced by Wan Jianzong.
Dujiu is really upset that Li Min is so just right. Of course, if it is accidentally squeezed into the third place by Qingyun Gate, it will not be worth the loss.
You must make it clear, otherwise it’s boring for everyone to intrigue.
Sun Hao is well aware of the calculation of Dujiu, and Sun Hao is also willing to cooperate with it. Sun Hao looked at Chen Yifan with a cool smile and said, "One who will be very dangerous in the last battle suggests that you automatically quit Cewan."
Chen Yifan face a slight red see daewoo see XuanYuanGong he wanted to wake up Sun Haoshi Qingyun door his strength is not the worst.
Sun Hao explained that "Daewoo will not participate in the qualifying battle of then".
Chen Yifan thought about nodding to Daewoo’s magical war control ability, and felt a faint sadness in his heart and rushed Corleone to hand over and said, "So one who listens to agarwood and quits is."
Cloud yew eyebrows slightly wrinkled XuanYuanGong eyes blurred to daewoo looks like others.
Chen Yifan saw no one to help him speak, and sighed in his heart. Think about the first time he saw Sun Hao, and then look at his current situation. His body is overwhelmed and he flies to return to a field.
Dujiu was surprised to see Corleone. He never thought Corleone was so accommodating.
Actually, Sun Hao didn’t take the opportunity to give Chen Yifan a face, but really guaranteed the strength of Qingyun Gate.
Brother Qingyun seems to be the lowest in Daewoo and XuanYuanHong, but they all have small magical powers, and they also have their own special means. Once the body breaks out, the ability to grow up in a big array will definitely exceed that of Chen Yifan.
Chen Yifan fell into the same name, and the hero was dim.
Sun Hao watched Chen Yifan leave and then turned to Dujiu and said with a smile, "Aquilaria has a suggestion."
Dujiu said carelessly, "If you have something to say, just say it. Nine lords like frank people the most, and it is best to go straight."
Sun Hao nodded. "I suggest that except for the four of us, all his monks should be handed over to me to take over the battle with Daewoo. The strength will be greatly increased and the security will be greatly increased."
Dujiu asked, "How do they calculate the meritorious military service?"
Sun Hao smiled indifferently, "First monkey, then Qingyun, then Wan Jian".
Dujiu looks at the sword and forging it.
The sword is forged and said "yes"
Dujiu patted the broadsword and said "good"
Secretly sound JiXiaoAi "my big miss will be smart and don’t be sold."
JiXiaoAi their ignored him.
Three people to discuss at the moment outside the large array Li Minye with several of his monks to discuss the preliminary action plan to accumulate again.
In terms of numbers, Li Min is not dominant.
However, Li Min has one more true gentleman, but it is not going to let go.
At present, the war situation is relatively long. Li Minye doesn’t intend to continue to dawdle and adjust his heel slightly. After the recreational exchange, Ma launched a strong attack on the large array
Li Min a drink "99 to 10000 law to Tucki small white begin …"
Three belong to a true gentleman, and his strength is qi qi yang Zhang.
Three people move as one hand as three parallel shadows aim at a large array of Yang Zhang attacks.
However, the palms of the three people are different in color.
Li Min palm white jade palm out a cold snap.
Yi Xiaobai’s palm is as dark as ink, and Yin Qi is dense.
Luo Peng palm is bright red and delicate and charming palm bloody pungent.
The three colors staggered forward in the palm strength and finally returned to an attack on the large array
See Luo Peng palm color Corleone heart a slight shock can’t help but think of the Fengyun encounter ancient magic Luo Pengfei again.