The light of the sword flashed, thunder exploded, and the second sword of Zhuang Ye had already attacked with speed and strength.
Zhuang Ye’s murder is strong, and Yun Fan’s performance is too rebellious. If he sends the enemy, he should strangle the cradle as much as possible.
Yun Fan used Xuan Yue’s big handprint to slap the enemy’s palm, and made a huge palm roaring in Gangfeng.
It is also a deafening explosion, and the thunder sword mans and Xuan Yue’s big handprints are still evenly dispersed at the same time.
Zhuang Ye repeatedly made swords, and each sword split out a ray of lightning and thunder with terror. The sword awn contains extremely terrorist forces to kill Yunfan.
Yun Fan’s transformation of Xuan Yue’s handprint is equally powerful to the enemy. It is a powerful martial art, and its power is terrible after it is cultivated in the transformation.
The two men fought hard for a long distance, and no one could resist anyone.
But Luo Paidi’s brothers have been stunned by this war.
It’s unbelievable that Yun Fan is the peak of the true Dan realm and confronted Master Zhuang Yezong in the middle of Linghai realm without falling into the wind.
"Do you know this martial art?"
ZhuangYe suddenly drink a he suddenly moved quickly.
He stepped into the sky and waved his sword again and again as if he had come alive, inspiring a thunder and lightning, and attacking the clouds and sails more violently like a storm.
Looking at the thunder and lightning intertwined sword mans attack pick sent brother gasped.
This swordsmanship is terrible. A single sword contains extremely terrible power, and it is even more overwhelming when it comes to continuous attacks.
What a trick to pick!
Yun Fan was also under pressure, and immediately displayed a great success. Luo Zhen’s body qi operation condensed into a gang. Unfortunately, swimming slowly around Yun Fan made Yun Fan more powerful and powerful.
The true qi is greatly enhanced, and Yun Fan’s display of Xuan Yue’s big handprint is equally powerful.
See Yun Fan clap a palm and a palm not surprised in an orderly way to pick the other side thunder fencing one by one.
The face of the practitioners of the Luo Pai Sect froze at the same time. Yun Fan cast the art of Luo Zhengang, which is the martial art of Luo Pai Sect. This is a martial art that can only be practiced by the strong with true Dan. Almost everyone of the elders of the Luo Pai Sect practiced it.
See Yun Fan qi strength rose so much Luo Pai fighters nature is to see out Yun Fan pick true Gang technique to Dacheng!
Elder Luo Paimen was able to cultivate the fencing of Luo Jinglei to Dacheng. Cao Tian Ling, the first person who is known as the master, even if he was the true master, he was not good at peak repair.
It’s very difficult to practice the art of picking up the truth. How long has it been since Yun Fan practiced the art of picking up the truth? Actually, it has reached Dacheng, which shocked the fighters of the Luo Sect.
Thunder sword mans Xuan Yue’s handprint keeps colliding, and both of them are getting stronger and stronger. There is still a taste of close competition, and there is no big situation deviation.
This shocked the practitioners of the Luo Sect, and it was beyond the expectation of the practitioners of the Luo Sect that the peak of Yun Fan Zhendan could play such a fate.
"It’s interesting to see how many swords you can block. The spiritual sea is a hundred times more powerful than you forcibly suppress you to death!"
Zhuang Ye has been fighting for a long time, and the ghost of Linghai behind him is becoming more and more clear. The waves and waves in the sea are moving extremely violently.
ZhuangYe will spirit sea power has erupted to YunFan fierce attack offensive faster and faster.
In the face of the endless horror, the thunder and the sword were chopped, and even though Yun Fan put Xuan Yue’s handprint to good use, he felt quite stressed.
Zhuang Yeli is too strong. His offensive is getting more and more fierce and faster, like a storm. Yun Fan’s offensive is slowly regressing and the wind is gradually falling. The bright thunder and sword are killing Yunfan one after another.
"Yun Fan is finally going to lose!" He sent all the fighters to breathe a sigh of relief.
Yun Fan quit the ninth step and suddenly a sword light appeared beside him and shouted, "You really killed Xuan Yue’s big handprint and lost again and again. I wonder if you should resist the same fencing?"
Ding, ding, ding, ding.
The sword light Yun Fan swooped out several times, all of which were a blast and a blow. Even Zhuangye Thunder Sword Mang collapsed with a blow.
Yun Fan advised that a C-class alloy blade, such a weapon, has a lot of destructive power for C-class mecha, and it is extremely sharp and terrifying.
Metaphysical star Luo Jianfa mysterious combined with C-class alloy blade, it’s just that there is a god to kill the Buddha and kill the Buddha.
Yun Fan’s palm hits the true spirit of displaying Xuan Yue’s big handprint, and the imperial sword displays the star-studded swordsmanship. Suddenly, the sword light is full of light, like a meteor shower falling to attack Zhuangye.
"Metaphysical Star Sword Technique?"
Pick fighters don’t shock exclaimed!
This is the most common martial art requirement of the Luo Sect. Enough is enough. Everyone can practice.
But even so, no one in the whole Da Luo Sect can cultivate his Daoyun by practicing Xingluo Jianfa.
However, Yun Fan, who is only 20 years old, practiced Xingluo Jianfa for just over a year, and he has already achieved great accomplishments, which shocked the practitioners of the Luo Sect.
It’s amazing to have a big handprint refining environment in Xuan Yue. It’s great to be able to practice two martial arts skills at the same time and call’ pervert’ in the hearts of the Luo Sect fighters.
At the same time, facing two martial arts attacks, even if Zhuang Ye is a master in the middle period of spiritual sea realm, he can’t help but look big and show fear.
Zhuang Ye instantly closed the sword and turned to attack and defend with one hand, and the thunder and lightning were interwoven like a thunder curtain.
Bang! Bang!
Two big handprints of Xuan Yue took the lead in hitting the Thunder Gang Curtain, which made the Thunder Gang Curtain tremble violently and faintly cracked.
Moments of falling sword light also attacked Zhuang Ye’s thunder curtain in vitro.
Ding, ding, ding, ding.
A crunchy thunder curtain bounced most of the sword light, and quite a few swords penetrated through cracks and exploded into the thunder curtain, leaving Zhuang Yeshen.
Chapter 13 Yue Feijun, you are dying! (1 more commutation ticket)
Poop, poop, poop.
The sword light broke Zhuang Ye’s armor, leaving several scars on his body.
Zhuang Ye’s armor is strong and vigorous, and his power is weak after the sword light is broken. His body is also strong, but he suffered some fur injuries.
But … the sword light cutting body feeling is to his heart.
This time, it is because of blocking most of the sword light. Yun Fan’s sword power has gone from ten to seven. If he attacks him, even if he is a master in the middle of the spiritual sea realm, he can’t bear to suffer heavy losses.
Zhuang Ye glanced at Yue Feijun, the master without trace, and said, "I am no match for him!"
Can you throw in the towel?
Yue Feijun looked serious and his eyes revealed sharp light. "Keep fighting and try to contain him!"
What is the reason why the Luo Sect can stand in Xuanluo Prefecture for a long time?
Thanks to the martial arts secrets left by the ancestors of the sect, the sect can be strong from generation to generation.
The secret of martial arts is the foundation and the most important treasure of the Da Luo Sect.
Yue Fei’s martial arts secrets are not allowed to be taken away by Yun Fan.
His eyes are sharp, and Yun Fan asked for all the martial arts secrets of the Luo Sect, and he had already produced murder at that moment
Zhuang Ye was afraid that the fighting spirit in Yunfan’s mind had retreated, but without the approval of Yue Feijun, the head of the company, he could rekindle the fighting spirit and continue fighting again.
Boom …