"There is a strange smell. I can’t remember what it is."

Wu Ming no longer asks more questions, but thinks that Tang Priest and his disciples have already arrived in Fengxian County, and they need to go through the four boundaries of Yuhua State, Jinping House, Tianzhu State and Tongtai House to reach Lingshan.
Reach out and take out a black and ugly one, and come to Sakyamuni, the Tathagata, the Buddha and the relic.
When Sanzang waits for Lingshan Day, he will need to send it, and he will go whether the Buddha can return or not.
But now that Buddhism has completely torn its face, it is inevitable that it will be impossible for him to enter the Da Lei Yin Temple. However, after the second Pilu corpse Buddha realized the gap after World War I, he knew that the immortal was powerful, and I am afraid he could not rely on his half-hanging ancestors.
Still need more help.
Suddenly there was a loud noise from the abyss, and the whole earth trembled.
Qiu Tianshi, the famous Wu, hurried to the abyss to see a streamer suddenly blasting out of the abyss, and Wu was faintly seen as if it were a treasure.
"roar! Die-"
Qiong Qi roared from all directions, and the oppressive breath continued to rise. In an instant, Luzhou in the north gathered a mass of terror clouds.
"Take hold of that demon’s sacred coffin!" A familiar sound came from the abyss
Taibai Venus?
A figure jumped out of Wu’s name and recognized it at a glance. The Great Sage immediately stopped hesitating and turned into a time-consuming drive.
"It’s you!" Demon after the Great Sage flew into a rage and turned to Wu Ming.
Wu Ming, a foot will be kicked to quickly squeeze the demon god Gongbao into the hands of a demon holy soul.
Just then, two rounds of black sun emerged, huge meat wings waved out horrible and evil airflow, and Qiong Qi was going out of the abyss!
"Qiong Qi should not be presumptuous!" Qiu Tianshi set up an abyss with a French seal in his hand and slammed it at the party.
As soon as a light ring rang, Qiu Tianshi’s dharma seal was smashed back. At the same time, Taibai Venus also quickly drilled a cassock from the abyss, and his tattered eyebrows were twisted into a ball.
But at the moment, I can’t care so much. I will throw the floating dust in my hand into a sea, purple and gold beam and cross it into the abyss.
"Come on!"
As soon as Qiu Tianshi fell to the name of Wu, he immediately urged the mana to press the Zijin beam together. After a short period of rapid growth, the Bodhisattva tree covered the crown of a thousand miles and fell to the auspicious light.
A giant tree can be seen in less than half of Luzhou, the northern part of the city, which attracted the immortals to look at the familiar scene again. It was strange that who was fighting with the evil spirit again?
It was only a few months ago that Duomu’s fellow actually fought again. Do you really want to kill the immortals?
Howl! Roar-
After half an hour, Qiong Qi finally receded in the dark.
Three people also fall in the pavilion to calm the breath.
"Call you this old supposed son how can this Qiong Qi abyss?" Wu Ming asked
Taibai Venus grabbed the teacup and poured a mouthful of it. "There is a big problem in that abyss. Forget it. I’m going back to see the demon-god palace with many eyes. You can take care of it and lose it. Are you asking?"
Say it and disappear into the gazebo
"Hey, what’s this hot stuff for me?"
Qiu Tianshi sneered at "Old Taibai takes care of you, this baby is amazing."
Chapter 53 The origin of the holy soul’s banner is the fake Buddha in Jinping House
Holding the spirit of the demon spirit, Wu Ming’s mind is not the demon god Gong Shangbao, but thinking about why the abyss of Taibai Venus is a big problem.
"Tianshi, what is the origin of this baby?" Wu Ming asked Qiu Tianshi that he had seen the demon after the Great Sage once, and there really was a change in heaven and earth. Lending this to Wei Wan, the demon’s holy soul, could make Venus, the fairy of Taibai, deal with it for so long.
Qiu Tianshi pondered for a moment before saying, "I didn’t know much about the secrets of the Demon God Palace before ancient times, and this multi-demon holy soul coffin should be the last worldly treasure of the Demon God Palace in those days. I have heard that it was made from a demon ancestor’s skin."
"Demon progenitor? Chaos or Qiong Qi? "
"No, no, no, no, there were more than three demon ancestors at the beginning, but the rise of Terran, heaven, Lingshan, underworld, demon palace, sea clan and other blood-stained three realms only cleared out a piece of heaven and earth. Otherwise, this demon holy soul will kill the demon saints in the three realms now, and it will be impossible to gather together."
When Wu Ming saw the chaos in a trance, the three realms were still in harmony, and the gods, ghosts and demons lived together and killed more than three talents, so there was an imbalance
"It’s not easy to make this treasure. You have to feed all the demon spirits, otherwise it will backfire." Qiu Tianshi woke up.
Wu Ming bowed down and thanked him, and then he came to the Bodhisattva scared tree with a demon in his hand.
Although he has recovered from his injury at present, it will take some time before Qiu Tianshi and Taibai Venus suppress Qiong Qi and toss about it.
Sitting on a tree, Wu Ming suddenly spent three flowers together. Does the existing second yuan God not?
For a moment, the stars are shining and the Buddha’s light is invisible.
Qiu Tianshi sat in the gazebo and looked closely. Suddenly, he felt that he was somewhat familiar and blinked like an illusion.
Giving and receiving, bequeathing forever, yuhua, Yongle, Taiping.
It’s said that the four disciples in Yuhua Prefecture have encountered a group of lion walkers with nine spirits and a holy spirit. There won’t be any more powerful demons in Lingshan, and they will be arrested if they don’t check whether their magical powers are coming or not.
I was surprised and worried. Although I was careless, I caught myself when I met you like this. I haven’t met you yet. Where did the old demon come from?
Fortunately, the land told the fellow that he was from Miaoyan Palace in Dongji, and then he realized that it was a Buddha mount and immediately set off to invite Taiyi Buddha to collect the nine spirits and Yuan Sheng. It was also thrilling.
A few days later, the four of them came to the border of Jinping House.
"Big Brother, this land is really a pure land of Buddhism. Look, there are Buddhist temples and ancestral halls everywhere on the roadside!" Friar Sand laughed
Sanzang should be happy to see Buddha everywhere, but he feels a little uncomfortable at the moment.
"Do you know what bodhisattvas those three are?" Walker quit slapstick way
Jie really looked at the ancestral hall with a bow and shook his head. "I don’t know if the old pig is afraid of being recognized by the master."
Sanzang also came to watch and said, "That’s the one who is not familiar with Nanlong Zun Wang Fo Nanbao Moonlight Buddha."
Wu Ming appeared at that time. After all, the mysterious cloud covered the rhinoceros essence, and it seemed like it was unnatural to deceive ordinary people.
At this moment, an elder came out and said, "Masters, this is Grandpa Wang Buddha, the God of South Relic."