"Then you need the middle door integral!" The elder replied angrily, "The younger brother of the middle school will be sent to perform all kinds of things to get points. It is best to practice in actual combat. This is the law of the middle school!" "

"Profit points in exchange for staying here and consulting and learning these classics!" The elder said, raising his hand and pointing, "This core temple is divided into four layers. The first layer is mainly aimed at the fairy realm, the second layer is aimed at the fairy realm, and the third layer is for senior elders to be eligible to enter a place that can be explored at the Jin Xian level in detail, but the fourth layer needs to be limited to the whole fairy palace!"
"I also heard that there are even strong magic skills in this fourth floor, which surpass the drawings and prescriptions of the extremely immortal elixir!"
"Oh?" Xiao Fan smell speech couldn’t help heart.
Regardless of the strong magic, even if it is beyond the extreme prescription and drawings, it is fatal to attract yourself.
Moreover, the magic weapon alone is more or less than the prescription of Dan medicine drawings.
"It seems that … it’s going to take a while for this middle school to hang out!" Xiao Fan heart secretly said
But now let him choose things, he didn’t look at it, he just chose an achievement method and a magic method, and he took a special prescription and drawings and threw them into the box.
Compared with him, the four of them were in high spirits and carefully selected, and finally they all selected the most suitable things for themselves and took them out.
"Well, are you ready? Then I will give you a year to learn these things, and then I will come here to participate in the unified study one year later, mainly explaining the knowledge of tactics and so on! " The elders nods a way
Xiao Fan five people left the core temple to be assigned to the science of uniting the room.
Compared with the door, this practice room is ten times larger and more luxurious, and all the practices in it are necessary.
The elite brother’s special treatment is to restrict the use of fairy stone crystals.
Moreover, there is a huge fairy stone crystal in the whole central square of Zhongmen, which is called’ fairy mother stone’. It is the highest and rarest fairy stone crystal.
The number of fairy mother stones like this in the whole celestial world will never exceed one thousand!
The fairy aura emitted by the fairy mother stone is 100 times that of the fairy crystal and covers the whole middle door. Even if you take a breath casually, you can inhale a lot of fairy aura to have a nourishing effect.
Someone once said as a joke that if you bring a mortal to take a breath, he will become a demigod immediately!
Xiao Fan stayed in the symbolic training room for a few days and then trained several elixirs for Zeng Xiong to be promoted to self-repair as soon as possible.
He got the achievement method and magic, and he has learned it by looking at it casually.
He turned several times in the middle door and immediately found an elite brother to ask and went straight to Wu Ge.
As the name suggests, Wuge is completed by force, which is also the fastest place for Zhongmen to get the most points.
Integral is what Xiao Fan needs urgently now.
Stepping into Wuge, an old elder waved his hand at Xiao Fan and said, "If you go out and have not participated in the unified study for less than one year, you are not eligible!"
"Not qualified?" Xiao Fan immediately stepped forward. "Elder, I don’t need to take part in any unified study!"
"Don’t need to attend? So arrogant! " The elder obviously hasn’t seen Xiao Fan, and he doesn’t know that this person in front of him is twisted by the famous’ Xiao Fei’. Hu sneered, "Don’t be so arrogant, little doll. It’s extremely dangerous in this Wu Ge, even if many middle-school brothers are not careful, they will lose their lives. You haven’t even died of unified learning, but there is nothing!"
"Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s no problem!" Xiao Fan scratched his head and said
"Nonsense, I am your safety. I want to know that every middle-aged brother is a dragon and phoenix. How can I watch you die without stopping it? Don’t think about it and hurry back to practice! " The elders put their hands firmly said
"Practice? Isn’t that when the waves are on? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and didn’t know it was a good time to change. A middle-school brother just came in.
"Ah? Aren’t you Xiao Fei? " See Xiao Fan in the younger brother couldn’t help one leng "what are you doing? It is unacceptable to learn new people in accordance with the rules of Wuge for less than one year! "
Xiao Fan smiled. He knew that he was a little celebrity in Fairy Palace. It was not surprising that he was recognized. "Ah, it is not suitable for me for this senior to go to the core hall to get something. If I want to enter the second floor, I have to collect points to earn points!"