"All right, smart boy, get the pen and ink."

A set of simplified wuqinxi after a little activity bones and muscles Lingqing blunt a brainwave said
"Good Uncle Daqing"
A brainwave shouted, busy and busy, and prepared red paper, pen and ink to be put on the fairy table that Lingqing moved to the courtyard.
Lingqing shook the red paper into rectangles with different widths and lengths, large and small squares.
Then dip in pen and ink and write a line of big characters.
"As time goes by, people will live longer"
"Spring is full of dry kunfu mantang"
Pen and ink wander, leaving red paper with strokes.
When the last stroke falls behind two pieces of red paper, a touch of golden red light rises in the morning sun.
At the same time, there is a beautiful atmosphere that contains evil spirits, disaster relief, health, longevity, happiness and happiness.
Chapter one hundred and nine More gas
"Good words and good intentions are better!"
Grandpa looked at this couplet with a happy face and praised it.
Although Ling Qing didn’t know how to write calligraphy before, this level can also be said to be average when he gained legal skills through his biological identity.
However, he copied the scriptures for nearly three years, and every word and stroke contained his understanding of the Taoist scriptures.
Now this method naturally has a long and leisurely life, and Yunlong looms
In addition, when writing this couplet, Lingqing also injected her own understanding of evil spirits, disaster elimination, longevity and auspiciousness into the book through the method of Fu Shui Shu.
It can be said that this couplet is enough to be called a protective talisman.
"Grandpa is ridiculous."
Lingqing although watching is also very satisfied, but the mouth is modest way
Later, Lingqing wrote her own couplet "Fu", and every family in Lingjia wrote a "Fu" for them to post nave.
And sent a brainwave, a delightful little guy, to the door one by one.
In the evening, I did the evening class early and sent grandpa and a brainwave home.
After declining their kind invitation, Lingqing will bring food to set the table when she gets home.
Cook auntie’s dumplings in a pot at noon and bring them out.
This is his New Year’s Eve dinner this year.
Much better than when he was away from home in previous years.
At that time, most of them were just a pack of quick-frozen dumplings.
Lingqing didn’t go to bed as early as before after dinner.
He doesn’t want to stay alive for the rest of his life, but he is going to take this opportunity to arrest some more angry people.
By the way, also add some happiness and auspiciousness to Lingjia village.
Remove meaning; Evening refers to night.
New Year’s Eve means new year’s eve, which means old year’s eve and new year’s eve.
This is even more angry, that is, the old and the new alternate with each other to renew the weather.
It has the functions of washing old dust and renewing images.
On whether to stay in the future, accumulate more and condense the corresponding principles and laws.
Or does this gas have a miraculous effect on washing itself or artifacts?
Before and after, Lingqing’s method of arresting the spirit was not yet introduced and the foundation was not yet built.
There is no means to keep such a treasure.
Now naturally want to try.
When I saw my eyes, it was almost time to change my clothes and get up and come to the hospital.
A foot lightly stamped the ground and trembled, and a three-foot altar slowly floated from the ground.
The altar is divided into three layers with banners fluttering in the wind, which is exactly what he built.
Of course, this is not the mysterious altar of other bodies, but the legislative altar with the help of the mysterious altar method
The general way to choose to cast the Taoist base of Lingfu Xuantan is to use mana to urge the symbol to attack the spell rune.
Then there is the method of setting up an altar.
All the spells contained in Dokki can play corresponding roles as part of the instrument.
Due to the escort’s body shape, the flag and decree of the decree were illegally called together with the two artifacts in the hand.
Even the spell "nature" was suppressed by him.
Even the altar furnishings, implements, and other objects are not available.
Therefore, the current dharma altar is like this.
However, it’s enough to suppress the altar with Lingbao ofuda.
Then he waved his sleeve and recited the incantation. At the altar, there were flashing lights.
Temporary fog concealment, camouflage, danger omen, resistance to energy damage, restraining wind, mountain pace, vines falling, guarding the body …
And so on. Spells are launched all over the courtyard wall to protect Lingqing and the altar completely.
Although no one around Lingcun should be able to hurt him, be careful to make the ship in ten thousand.
The next year’s alternation refers to the intersection of the sea and the intersection, which is 11 o’clock.
But now it is generally recognized that 12 o’clock is the turn of the New Year.