"Strength … should be similar to pick Jin Xian." Zilin wanted to think, "I can’t repair all the special skills, and my memory is still sealed."

In its infancy, Zilin had almost no attack power, but it had just entered the growth period, and it actually had the strength of picking Jin Xian …
"You will appear in the celestial world?" Xuanxing was puzzled and asked that Zilin’s parents had a hard time giving birth to it. They should take good care of Zilin, but Zilin appeared in the celestial world … This is a bit strange.
"I don’t know." Zilin’s tone is a little low. After entering the growth period, Zilin’s mind has matured a lot. If it had the mind of a six-year-old child before, it would be just like a 13-year-old boy at this time. It also misses its parents.
Looking at some depressed purple’ XuanXing didn’t ask again.
"Let’s go home." At this time, our own eyes have reached the Xuanxing ready to return to the celestial world.
"Eldest brother, there are so many good drinks here. You should help me pack more." Zilin was a little reluctant to leave immediately. It flew to a puddle and climbed there to drink "Gollum … Wheel …"
Zilin’s gluttony for Xuanxing has long known this. At the beginning, it quietly ate the fairy baby of the curtain, and this time it ate an unknown plant and almost died.
"Later, we have to limit it appropriately." Looking at the distance, Zilin Xuanxing already has a plan.
"My ring has been filled with enough for you to drink for a while." Xuanxing laughed.
"Gollum … eldest brother is the most … good" Zilin praised Xuanxing while drinking "plop …" At the sight of the calm water, a splash suddenly splashed.
Zilin seems to be not enough, so it jumped directly into the puddle and swam excitedly inside, occasionally sinking its head into the water and drinking cyan liquid happily.
After swimming in the blue puddle for about half an hour, Zilin flew out, and it patted its belly with a look of enjoyment.
"Big Brother can leave" Zilin’s body quickly became smaller and smaller, and then it changed back to its original size and flew to Xuanxing’s arms.
Xuanxing suddenly found Zilin lazy. At this time, its speed is absolutely superb! Although its wings can’t be displayed yet, it is the flight of the descendants of the dragon and horse. It is by no means difficult for it to grow up, but it flies into its arms again.
However, Xuanxing didn’t mean it. Anyway, it’s not fun to bring it with him.
There are two ways to get away from the Gangfeng barrier. One is to break this seal directly and then move it away. At the beginning, Xuanxing was good. This method can’t be separated from it, but Xuanxing didn’t have the ability to break here at that time.
Even now, Xuanxing still breaks through the closed place. Xuanxing can choose the second method to leave the Gangfeng barrier-rush out from the fourteen huge eddies!
At the beginning, Xuanxing Xiu Limited Company did not dare to try this method, but now Xuanxing has been repaired by the immortal emperor, and Xuanxing, the artifact body, is fully sure to rush out.
Holding Zilin Xuanxing, I randomly chose a vortex and flew to it quickly. Before the vortex, a purple energy cover appeared around Xuanxing and then plunged into it!
When Xuanxing entered the vortex, he suddenly felt a huge force pressing against himself and this huge force made it difficult for his body to rush forward!
Suddenly Xuan Xingyun turned around and really struggled to fly outward …
After half an hour, Xuanxing successfully rushed out of the vortex, but Xuanxing really consumed more than six layers!
Being sucked in by this vortex is only a flash of time, and I can reach the closed place and return from it for half an hour. Xuanxing has a little more experience of Gangfeng barrier terror.
After leaving the vortex, the resistance in the Gangfeng barrier has little effect on Xuanxing, who soon left the Gangfeng barrier with Zilin.
Now Xuanlin Sect firmly occupies the title of the first power in the fix true world, and Xuanxing didn’t intend to go to the demon area, so he moved directly to the fairyland passage.
Before entering the celestial passage, Xuanxing stopped to restore the true elements of several elixirs.
According to the Red Blood, when returning to the celestial channel, there will be several thunder and some cracks, so Xuanxing can’t be careless. When the other body really recovers, Xuanxing enters the celestial channel with Zilin.
"Boom … boom …"
"Burst … burst …" Stepping into the celestial channel instantly, dozens of arm thick thunder attacked Xuanxing and there were several cracks in it!
Such a strong attack didn’t know that Xianjun’s late red blood was such a successful return to the celestial world …
Shuttle channel Xuanxing will be attacked by thunder and cracks at any time! However, Xuanxing has a strong epidemic ability to Leili, and Xuanxing is on guard against those cracks.
Xuanxing’s speed has gone through this passage for three days, and his body has consumed five layers! Fortunately, I have recovered my body. Otherwise, I have to be injured. I must not be Xuanxing andao.
At the same time, Xuanxing once again realized the strength of red blood, and he actually returned to the celestial world after the late repair of Xianjun!
After returning to Xuanlin School, Xuanxing skyshatter and others said hello and then found the secret room to restore Zhenyuan Yu Zilin. It "bullied" Hongling again.
The secret room is recovering. Zhenyuan Xuanxing suddenly opened his eyes. "So soon?" Xuanxing said to himself, at this time, a purple mist oozed from Yuanying’s nostrils …
Chapter 32 Who will pay tribute?
Seeing that the purple mist overflowed from her baby’s nostrils, Xuanxing felt a little surprised because she had had a similar experience. It took her tens of thousands of years to overflow the purple mist from her baby’s nostrils, but this time she actually released her body energy.
"I don’t know if I can break through?" Xuanxing andao made a breakthrough immediately after his Yuan baby returned to normal, which means that his true Yuan has undergone a qualitative change after mixing a lot of purple fog, so that he can make a breakthrough!
Now I have already cultivated the peak of the third change of Yuanying. If I really continue to blend a lot of purple fog, I wonder if I will break through again …
At the beginning of the fourth change of Yuanying, Xuanxing is still looking forward to the fact that his strength will increase several times every time he breaks through a level because of the ninth change of Yuanying!
However, XuanXing also has some concerns. At this time, his strength can compete with the immortal statue! If self-cultivation breaks through the fourth change of Yuanying again, it is very likely that his fate will come, which means that his time to stay in the celestial world is running out.
"Three patriarchs ….." XuanXing already had a plan. Before Du Jie, he had to capture the three patriarchs alive to find out the mystery of his parents’ life and death from their mouths and then kill them.
The three patriarchs must die. Xuanxing has already sentenced them to death. This is not only because they are high-ranking figures of the three factions, but the most important thing is that it is the three of them who personally reached the order to round up their parents!
Yu Huayu Xian Zun is Xue Ting’s father Xuanxing, and he is not willing to be right. But … If he insists on blocking his revenge plan, there is no need to be taboo for himself. After all, Xue Ting has already drawn a line and the two of them will not make friends again.
The next day, Xuanxing left the secret room and went to Xuanlin to send the hall.
Although his Yuan baby has gradually released purple mist, I’m afraid it will take a lot of time for his Yuan baby’s body energy to be released, and Xuanxing, the upcoming Luosuo wedding, did not close immediately.
At this time, skyshatter several people gathered in the hall to chat casually.
"Master" saw the arrival of XuanXing skyshatter four people hurriedly got up and bowed to XuanXing. XuanXing nodded and sat down in a wooden chair casually.
"Master Zilin seems to understand a lot. Has it entered the growth period?" Lin Lin sat beside XuanXing and asked curiously.
Because Hongling hung out with it all day after Zilin came back, Lin Lin easily discovered the change of Zilin.
In the past, Zilin always rode on the back of Hongling and let Hongling fly around with it. From time to time, he sent his brother to rob some elixirs and immortals from Xuanlin, but all this was limited to Xuanlin, which means that the two of them have always been Xuanlin’s activities.
Yesterday, Zilin was actually preparing to leave Xuanlin Star quietly with a red feather. Although Xuanlin Star was surrounded by a forbidden god and Zilin didn’t understand any prohibition, it could actually ban God from gnawing a hole and Xuanlin Star’s forbidden god was not affected at all! If it weren’t for the intention to check the position of the red feather and stop them, I’m afraid they have already caused trouble everywhere from Xuanlin Star Fairyland.
Although Zilin was very naughty before, it never tried to go outside, but now it has become interested in the outside world, so Lin Lin feels that it seems to have changed a little.
Lin Lin, of course, asked Zilin if it had entered the growth stage, but it ignored itself …
"Yes, he did enter the growth period" XuanXing nodded his head.