But at present, these righteous monks should take the initiative to come out to fight, which is simply not playing by the routine.

Ling’s coming here means to show his own strength. Wouldn’t it be difficult to give full play to his strength if he passed the post defense?
Brother Magic Road has just defeated Brother Magic Road from the front, which shows the powerful strength of Ling.
Of course, Ling’s is not arrogant, but he is sure to defeat the invading Taoist priest head-on.
During the practice period, the two monks fought on the ground, while during the foundation period, the monks fought with swords.
Suddenly, the Ling’s celestial ship was inserted into the battlefield and suspended in the sky, making a fixed-point attack on the Godsworn on the ground.
At that time, he killed a large number of monks in the magic practice period.
Watching from one side, one of the three magic magic magic words then reality immediately turned into a light-dodging ship and flew past.
This person is just a monk in the early days of then. Naturally, he can’t Nailing’s day ship.
He also knows that this point did not choose Ling’s starship recklessly, but walked around the starship with smaller size and more flexibility.
Day ship also take him at that time there is no way and method to concentrate on attacking the ground magic monk.
Friars on the ground and monks on the right path are mixed together. If we don’t hurt our own people, it will be a great test of the ability to control the godsworn of the celestial ship.
The Godsworn of the Magic Way can still attack the ground in natural difficulties, but it is also easy to hurt his own people. The Magic Way is not worth the loss. The Magic Way is really going around.
"Grandpa, I’ll go."
Ling Yuansheng nodded "good"
Mu Yan ran into a light escape and went directly to the magic magic magic then reality.
Seeing that this has not yet been shot, one of the two magic magic magic elixirs said, "Ling’s elixir has been shot."
Before that, they had already inquired about the forces here, although they didn’t know how many masters Ling Shi had, but they still knew the most basic situation.
"Let’s explore the strength of this Ling family together?"
Say two magic way real people each killed a Ling’s brother Ling Yuansheng in the foundation period. Three people naturally can’t sit back and watch the people be killed like this. Two magic way monks will be attacked and taken in.
Ling Youdao didn’t make moves. He hid and secretly prepared to cooperate with Ling Yuansheng to sneak up on three monks in the magic way.
The magic way then the real person was surprised. "There are three monks in this Ling family?"
I don’t blame them for being shocked to support the Sendo power base. They have sent a real person, then there are only two at most. They never imagined that Ling Shi came in one breath. Four real people’s eyes have also sent three people. One person is hiding and secretly preparing to attack them.
"Hum, we are also three people. Don’t they have an extra day ship? When we kill one of the three of them, the ship will not be a threat."
"Yes, I’d like to see their strength?"
The magic way monks attack strangely, which makes it impossible to prevent the number of monks in the elixir period on both sides from being "the same". How can three magic way monks retreat without a fight?
He didn’t know that Ling Shi was hiding a monk in the then period. If he knew, he wouldn’t play hardball like this if he didn’t directly recede.
What happened here in Ling’s family was also staged by the forces of the 17th Route Fairy Road.
No, it’s just that the strength is different. If there is a magic way, there is a right way.
When a large number of Taoist priests were killed, a large number of Taoist priests were also killed.
In a flash, the bodhi old zu has blocked the front of the blood dragon
See the blood dragon constantly distorted The Hunger bodhi old zu a blood-red fluffy hair floating in the wind.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-five Tianqin sea area is the magic war The Hunger bodhi old zu seriously injured escape ()!
At the top of the battlefield, the bodhi old zu The Hunger stood opposite each other, and the cold wind blew up their robes and hair, but they could not shake the two strong men
All of a sudden, the two men’s respective generate came out with a majestic breath and rushed toward each other with an avalanche.
The collision of two scents is like two plates colliding and squeezing a mountain rising in the middle.
The cold wind at high places seems to have met natural enemies. This isolation can not be nearly several hundred feet away from Fiona Fang.
The sudden change in the top of the head attracted a large number of monks to pay attention to what they saw without showing shock and horror.
This is that the strength of the strong in the Yuan infant period is just the breath, and Yu Wei makes the monks in the practice period feel uncomfortable all over, as if there is a mountain to die.
Zhu Lip, the ancestor of Whispering, said, "Are you that The Hunger?"
Her haughty attitude and look down on others made the devil, who has lived for hundreds of years, feel very uncomfortable.
But I still answered, "Yes, it is."