Qingluan’s figure just moved, and suddenly someone burst out laughing. "Qixia Yuanjun dares to pretend that the God is away from here face to face."

Qingluan stopped frowning eyebrows and turned to look.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes are moving to point behind Li Jian.
Li Jue’s ears ached with laughter behind his back. His face was motionless. He looked back and said that a man in a brocade robe was standing with his hands negative and his eyes crossed his shoulder. The demon phoenix reached one place.
This person is only of medium height and ugly; A little too long and narrow face, little by little, with tiny scars, and a long scar cut across half of the face until the back of the neck.
People’s appearance is not very eye-catching, but they are bold and open, and there is a magnificent bearing there.
This person is the most ferocious and ugly one in the patriarch of Tong Xuan, but it is another taste to successfully cover up all the scheming to the fact that the heroic posture is deeper and more unpredictable than the ghost fire Yamaraja.
But at this time, Li Xun is more interested in another thing-
Is it like hiding from the place and someone sneaking into the island in the middle of the lake?
"Don’t bite the shadow solution for many years, but you are getting more and more diligent." Yamaraja, the ghost fire, gave the answer for Li Martyr.
Spread your hands and say with smile, "If there is no tunnel at the bottom of the lake, even if you repair the shadow-eating solution to the top, you can’t hide it from others … By the way, I have accepted the secret code of the underground clan, so you can go at ease."
The last few words of seclusion are as cold as the cold wind behind the neck pierces the bone marrow. Don’t say it is Li Jue who listened to the pupil and unconsciously magnified it. He couldn’t help but twist his head to look at Yamaraja’s face.
The red shadow flashed and the scorching wind blew over Li Xun’s ear. It was the demon phoenix’s goal that he was able to pose as a defensive posture, not that his outer vent wall blocked the other side’s generate aftermath.
You are far away from God, laughing and flying back.
Ghosts and Ghosts, Two Cases of Shadow-eating Dharma, the Supreme Friar, his short-term explosion speed is not inferior to that of too many demon phoenixes, and his figure pulls out a long line of virtual shadows, and then disappears from virtual to light and shadow in a flash.
Just separated by a thin line, the virtual shadow printed on the palm of the demon phoenix finally dissipates, and the high temperature rises suddenly to evaporate Fiona Fang’s several zhangs of gas, and then the blazing white light erupts all around.
Li Jue narrowed his eyes and the harsh light swept a skirt that was burned to ashes.
If you don’t hit the demon phoenix’s white palm, you can swing the five-finger wheel and the shadow will be broken. Dozens of fire lines will interweave and cut the left side into pieces.
Two muffled sounds in succession in virtual space.
In the confusion of light and shadow, you are far away from the God again. After the forearm is placed on the chest and the sleeves are cracked, a dark armguard is exposed, presumably to block the finger force of the demon phoenix.
Demon phoenix eyes swept look slightly fluctuations "SiChen die iron! It’s really rare that the divine monarch should be so successful in his spare time. "
You Li pulled away from her face again while she was talking, smiling. "Old people are not like some sick grandson. How can you succeed if you don’t work hard every day?"
The demon phoenix’s lip corner is cold and dry. At this time, Li Xun remembered what the so-called "Sichen Mould Iron" was.
In the morning, the rooster announces the dawn and attracts diligence; Moulding iron is to take "iron tusks into needles", that is, to take the initiative to pressurize yourself and practice hard.
However, it can be seen that after the exposure of "Si Chen Mo Tie", the demon phoenix’s attitude towards seclusion was obviously different, and then he continued to attack, holding down his hair and hanging his arms. The two sides were far away from each other and seemed to be brewing an offensive.
Li Jue can see clearly that the hanging arm has ignited a layer of deep blue flame, which seems to protect the body and shine outside, and it seems to come out from Si Chenmo iron and gradually spread to the arm, and the half-length clothes float and swell.
From this moment on, the momentum of being far away from the emperor has risen strongly, just like the puppet in the sharp-pointed fire clothes has actually achieved the demon phoenix’s great strength against the war.
Watching him constantly pull up Wei Sha Yao Feng’s face is condensed, but he didn’t deliberately advance. It is a faint way, "Ghosts and ghosts are really a great event in this world …"
"compound?" You are far away from the emperor, showing his white teeth and smiling. "What a joke!"
The sound has not yet fallen. Qingluan makes a whistling sound outside the island.
Demon phoenix looks micro-moving, turns away from the jagged jungle, and sees several blazing white beams from more than ten miles away, and all sides are filled with yin qi, which flows with the surge, and several interest rates are covered with prohibitions. At first glance, the statutes are strictly guarded and it is not hasty.
Qingluan also felt a little confused, whistling and communicating with Yaofeng.
At a glance, they can see that these bans are protection, and there is no lethality. The whole ghost gate lake is dotted with light beams, and the bans are connected with each other. It is really shocking to communicate with each other.
Yamaraja, the ghost fire, coughed with a smile, "Don’t worry about Yuanjun, it’s just those brothers’ life-saving machines. Otherwise, it would be hard for Yuanjun to kill all these three thousand brothers carelessly."
Demon phoenix frown not language seems to be some uneasy.
Not far away, Li Xun is even more uncomfortable.
Although there is a gap between the strength of the two sides, it is difficult for him to ban the law and repair the demon phoenix and Qingluan together, not to mention that he revised the layout of the whole ghost gate lake, which is why he feels far more real than the two demons
"The earth-air column can cover the disaster; The pulse gas of Jieguimen Lake protects all the important places of Zongmen and brother’s residence. This is the most damaging pulse to resist the natural disaster, but how can it be here? "