If you want to take the subway, I can accompany you all over Beijing from my own pocket after going out!

Kehui Pear Clothes shook his head. "It’s quite fresh, and I feel that there is a strong breath here."
Xia Mi wanted to cry. She forgot to paint pear clothes. She was also a pet madman. She realized that Lu Chen wanted to see the Dragon King here, and now her eyes have changed completely.
Root is not looking at the "scenery" in the dark tunnel, but helping to find the Dragon King.
That strong breath is her stupid brother, of course, because this passage is a regional cycle, of course, there is a place really close to the stupid brother
Actually, if she hadn’t controlled the car, she would have relied on it long ago to arrive at the stupid brother’s reserved project, the Skunk Queen Texas Small Table.
"It’s so long."
Lu Chen moved his neck and yawned. They have been sitting for more than twenty minutes.
Chuhang looked up and said, "It takes about four minutes and twenty-seven seconds for a cycle. It was just the fifth time when we passed the car. The car on the platform seemed to move endlessly."
"Is the real ink not good for this car? Why don’t I stop it and take a walk by ourselves?"
Lu Chen suggested that the car keeps running without relying on it.
Chu Hang’s expression "Try it, but Brother Lu, you should be gentle. There are also younger brothers and sisters in the carriage."
Xia Mi almost jumped up when he listened. Hey, hey, hey, what are you two talking about? How can you seriously discuss the violent parking of the subway?
This subway is so broken that it can’t stand your tossing. At least my stupid brother found an old toy and broke it. What should I do if he asks me for a new one?
"Brother Lu … should we observe for a while?"
Lu Fei was shocked when he heard this. What kind of brain circuit is this? This old-fashioned subway has a total of 6 carriages and axles, which should add up to more than 300 tons. Brother Lu, do you want to stop directly by violence?
Are you amazing spider-man?
Oh, no, Spider-Man is weaker than Brother Lu!
Xia Mi also quickly agreed with Lu Fei, "Brother, I think Lu’s classmate said it makes sense this time. The Dragon King should not let us keep running in cycles."
No, I can’t. I have to give Lu Chen something to do, so that he and Pear Painting can have a little exploration of Nibelungen before they can let each other leave.
She can trust her brother at this time.
"Gdzilla seems to be slowing down."
Painting pear clothes woke up and said that she had just passed by and saw a bronze figure, which was called by Xia Mi and didn’t get a good look.
"Then we’ll see what we see."
Liu Chen with regicide got up with a kind smile.
Xia Mi really wants to talk about Brother Lu. Can you put the knife down first?
There is a slight friction between the axle and the track, which is not a sudden brake, but because the subway is too old
The subway is quite stable, and the car door is hitting.
Lu Fei sent a ghost to tell him to keep driving the front door, and he felt that he had seen a ghost.
A nine-headed skeleton of a skunk reflects bronze luster all over, and nine pairs of holes are staring straight at themselves.
Lu Chen habitually lifted the knife, but when he saw that the skunk didn’t attack, he let it go again.
This relieved Xia Mi, who knew that the Queen of the Skunk was not alive, but an alchemist, equivalent to some kind of puppet that could be remotely controlled, and also a lotus official here.
She took it, and she wanted to play games to satisfy the painting of pears and let Lu Chen retreat.
"This seems to be a gambling table."
Chuhang looked at the queen of the skunk after the car and then looked at the rectangular gambling table in front of each other. Maybe the green flannel looks dirty because of its age.
"The Dragon King in this place is really wonderful. Let’s not talk about it. Why not get a gambling table and invite people in to play cards with him?"
Finger Tucao Road
Calmly speculated, "I don’t think so. This may be a rule in Nibelungen, just like we solve puzzles in Nibelungen."
"Words this thing is alive? The pestle did not move. "
Lu Fei saw that the Queen of the Skunk had nothing to do, and Brother Lu took two steps forward with great courage to observe.
At this moment, the skeleton of the ferret suddenly leaned forward and frightened Lu Fei. Its mechanical mouth was like some established procedure. "Gamblers can’t communicate in any way and win enough caps to get out of here."