You’ll lose the chess. Where can he find …

Scolded half Xu back to Bob zheng.
It seems that this time he … scolded wrong.
This time, the black side of Tianhe chess game killed many red chess players and should have won several chess games, but the red side finally won.
Black is the defeated party, even if it gets chess, it can’t be taken away.
On the red side, it seems that the chess owner didn’t kill the black chess owner alone to get the chess record except Xu retired this fierce red soldier!
Like the Red Tiger Ghost King and the Spike Ghost King, although they participated in the killing several times, they all made a concerted retreat, and they did not have the ability to slay the opposite chess master.
Red handsome Ulla has this ability.
However, the red handsome Ulla has been trapped in the red handsome house, and there is no chance to fight at all.
In other words, none of Tianhe chess was lost.
Subsequently, the retrieved information shows that the breath of the gods can start Tianhe chess game again and refine it preliminarily.
This time, it’s white to make a refund.
The breath of all gods is chess information.
In an instant, Xu retreated with the breath of the Red Army and once again poured into the fourth reward light group.
This time, I didn’t meet Lei Guang’s nullification of the fourth prize light group, and a Tianhe chess game appeared again in front of me.
Except Xu retired from his hand, none of his chess boards were lost.
This saves Xu a lot of trouble.
A starlight-like light mass floats in Tianhe chess game. According to the information of the ancient paradise, this light mass is the Tianhe chess game controller, which is also the refining key.
After refining it, it has completely obtained the map of gods, that is, it has obtained the control of Tianhe chess game
But Xu tui, the winner of the former Tianhe chess game, has obtained some chess control before, and it is very fast to control at this time.
In less than ten minutes, a chessboard-like light mass flashing with several light spots floated, and Xu retreated to the main force field of the spirit.
Preliminary refining of Wanshen map is completed.
Or the preliminary refining of Tianhe chessboard has been completed.
After refining, a lot of information about Tianhe chessboard poured into Xu tui’s mind.
Every chess board in Tianhe can accommodate different numbers of creatures, and can take them in and out of the boundary, including the small universe of reincarnation.
At the peak of the original Gouchen Wanshen map, it could carry 360,000 troops.
Gou Chen can become an ancient celestial god of war, and so can he.
But now it’s so broken that it can take up to four people, that is, Tianhe chess has the largest number of chess subordinates when it participates in the war
Xu tuiyuan still has some expectations.
After all, when they went to war in Tianhe chess game, it was very bad to hook up Chen Canling, the behind-the-scenes master, and to kill and extract the most precious things as rewards for others at any time.
What are these two abilities?
Rule ability!
It would be great if Xu tui could get it.
If you encounter a fierce enemy, put it in the Tianhe chessboard and kill it, and then rob him of one of the most precious treasures, then it will be really bad at home.
It’s an enemy. You have to be angry again before you die.
Can you be angry if you have to contribute to the enemy after this is killed?