The commander of the lost legion … is a brain. Lin found that it is still alive, but it has lost its communication ability.

There are many mutilated parts and many cells have died.
This seems to be due to its’ forced mixing’
Lynn noticed that there were still many fragments of virtual bus neural structure in this commander’s brain. Lynn thought that it might have stuffed … virtual bus neural structure into his brain.
On what it is, this is the reason that caused a large number of brain cells to die.
But it still retains a certain thinking ability and can also send signals to the outside world.
But it has lost its consciousness, so its thinking is constantly repeating.
At the same time, Lin also found some memories, including its past
Just like Lin guessed that the lost legion commander was an interesting creature. It was not the creator, but … a creature closer to the creator.
It may also be some kind of creator … subspecies like special creators.
At present, Zong Lin found that this creature has a very brain body, and everything except the brain can be changed in shape.
Lin called it Lost Leader before she knew what it really was.
As far as Lin knows, ordinary creators like to create their own ecology and harvest all the creatures in the ecology regularly, hiding these biological nuclear information, recreating creatures and continuing to harvest.
And the commander of the lost legion wants to do the same thing.
However, its harvesting target is all cell organisms in the virtual world.
It believes that the creator is the original cause of the birth of all cell organisms in the virtual space … The creator created all cell organisms in the virtual space, and the creator caused the flourishing scene of cell organisms in the virtual space today, but it did not control most cell organisms.
Many cellular organisms are’ free’. They develop and evolve by themselves because they are taken to the virtual place by the virtual bus … So the commander called these uncontrolled organisms’ lost creatures’ and planned to recycle them all.
To be precise, it is to recover these biological nuclear information, which it believes is what the creator population should do.
So it created the Lost Legion.
Its original idea was to build a’ cell ball’ warship … as big as an ordinary tumbling machine. At first, it tried to build a huge sphere with a diameter of 3,000 kilometers according to some biological cell structure.
Later, it cancelled the idea because it was difficult to maintain the stability of the structure when the ball was too large.
Then it didn’t take any measures to stabilize it, but divided the sphere into many parts.
And these parts have become huge biological arms … This is the formation of the Lost Legion.
As the special creator said, the lost legion kept harvesting the’ free’ cell creatures they met in vain.
Command is to collect all the information that the creators failed to manage and collect … lost biological nuclei.
In some ways, it used the bus to guide it. It successfully destroyed several creatures and received a lot of nuclear information.
Occasionally, it will find some creatures that can lose the legion against cells.
It will investigate its opponents by various methods in advance, and if it finds that the gap is not big, it will try to fight.
If the gap is too big, it will give up this goal.
But so far, it has hardly met any too strong opponents.
But … in the end, it entered the solidification virtual because of an event.
In this passage, Lin found that its memory was vague and it was not clear why it came in.
After always coming in, its troops can’t move.
Solidification leads the huge lost legion … slowly decays and dissipates, leaving some solid parts.
Like those giant ribs
The decay of the lost legion is mainly caused by some small solidified creatures like the fire.
Some fire creatures will float to the skin of its corps and arms for a short rest, and their fire will revitalize some parasites.
Like most cellular organisms, the skin of the lost legion is parasitic with many parasites, which are several meters in size.
Moreover, these parasites are also very strong and can endure extreme environment and lost legions, and their lives have always been empty.
Generally speaking, these microorganisms absorb nutrients from the arms and live, and the damage they have done to the giant arms can be completely seen, but now the arms and arms have been solidified
When the fire flies to the skin of the arms, some parasites wake up, and then these parasites continue to absorb nutrients from the skin. There are many ways to absorb nutrients, such as’ mosquitoes’ penetrating the skin to absorb cells inside, or having the ability to dig holes in the skin to eat meat inside, and so on.
However, due to the solidification of the arms, it can completely repair the damage and replenish the cells even if the damage is small.
So no matter how large the arms are, the parasites slowly erode the whole … and rot away.
Simply put, the parasite ate up its legion bit by bit.
Of course, in this issue, there are also many other solidified creatures that have caused damage … Many solidified creatures will drill the outer skin of the arms simply out of curiosity.
In the end, there is only a little bit left in the huge legion
In addition to … At the head of the brain.
At the head of the brain is located in a … Lin now see this sphere with a diameter of more than one kilometer and no parasites on the surface.
Because the parasites of other arms are all deliberately raised by the commander, they are not removed
It wants to create a small ecological environment for each arm, and then it will harvest these parasites regularly before releasing them.
If it knew that the parasites would eat it up later, the legion would not want to make these parasites ecological.
However, the ball it was waiting for was not eaten up by parasites.
Although it was attacked by some solidified organisms, some anti-solidified substances were mixed into the ball because of the arrival of some solidified organisms.
Lynn still doesn’t know the detailed reasons, but she has gained a lot of anti-coagulation substances in the brain … It woke up.
Chapter two thousand two hundred and thirty Until death
After the brain has accumulated enough anti-coagulation substances, the commander wakes up, and it is already in this dead still field.
It doesn’t know what’s going on. In fact, it doesn’t know the place of death static field at all.
But obviously, it used to be outside, and you can meet many solidified organisms.
But when it wakes up, it stays still … looking at its troops.
Of course, it can’t be seen immediately.
It has lived in a frozen environment for a long time because it has prepared a lot of fat, so it is still in the past.