"Oh, hey, I just took out the flame charm and it was melted!"

"Fortunately, this charm sand can melt the fourth-order charm. Otherwise, how can we mix with Fu Lingfeng!"
"There are also khufu who have money. It takes a lot of lingshi to turn the sand into a symbol."
In the rich fragrance of medicine, another climax was set off. "The last fragrant dried grass is ripe!"
Attention was instantly diverted.
After hiding a big stone, Lin Qing looked at the box with fragrant prunes and jade still lying in the bag. She was relieved and returned to the crowd as if nothing had happened.
When passing by a world war I, Lin Qingyin told Zhang Zhidao, "Brother Zhang has got the fragrant dried grass."
Zhang Zhi, who is deadlocked with Lu Da, can’t believe it. However, Younger won’t lie to him out of thin air. The news must be true. His heart is ecstatic, but he will quit the war circle at once, which is easy to arouse suspicion, and he can’t let people close the pulse. After all, he still needs his protection when he comes to Younger. Moreover, Li Ze’s three people have been closed the pulse, and Lao Huang’s side is seriously injured. It is not appropriate to immediately withdraw and mix with this crowd.
He severely suppressed his excitement and replied, "School sister, you should go back to Master Li and stay here for an end. We will quit Broken Star Peak as soon as possible."
Then he kept his strength and the Lord was ready to find an opportunity to quit the war circle.
Lin Qing returned to the side where the spiritual force was sealed, and when she heard that this small group of them had actually got the first fragrant dried grass, everyone was dumbfounded and looked at her in shock as if she had grown two heads.
"Ahem" Lin Qing woke up embarrassed. "Brother Qi, can you stop looking at me like this? It’s easy to misunderstand."
Qi Tianmin’s face was stunned during the period, and then it was too cold to be cold, but his ears were flushed.
Just at this moment, a profound announcement resounded through the whole white Qian Shan experience. "Attention, brothers, after three days of abnormal changes in the white Qian Shan experience, you will be automatically released from this secret world, and all rewards will be doubled!"
Although the high-level officials of Waitaihua can see what happened in Bai Qian Shan’s experience environment, the loss of ice in the experience environment has caused such a big change, which can naturally be noticed by Zongmen. After the change, the mysterious nebula is unstable. It is necessary to send my brothers out as soon as possible. If the mysterious climate changes to the unique Lingcao, it will also change this group of brothers to collect Lingcao, which may be the last group of original white Qian Shan specialties. Therefore, the secret method will send the news and double the reward to stimulate my brothers to work harder to find Lingcao.
As soon as the news became suspicious, a handful of incense and dried grass were added to the oil pan, and the competition became more and more fierce. It was so simple for brothers to fight without mercy and seal people’s veins, and more and more bloodshed occurred
Su Lu and the three men rushed to Broken Star Peak when the competition was the most cruel. The three men glanced at each other and did not hesitate to join their team in the battle.
Lin Qing and the ninety-nine medicine garden all watched shamefully while eating melons during the World War Nine.
Li Ze pointed to the nearest war circle and commented like an Olympic commentator, "Sister, look at this war circle. It’s a fast sword of Brother Ye Jiachao from Xiaohua Peak. Brother Xiaohua is quite famous for practicing gas outside the door. Look at this move. The sword of" Qi Guan Changhong "has blocked the frontal enemy offensive. It’s a pity that his strength to win the spirit grass is easy. It’s a pity that next to him, there is an array peak. Ning Yi, a new brother, is trapped in one hand, which makes Brother Ning superb. However, Brother Ye’s speed is faster, it is also hard for
Lin Qing spit out the melon skin. "It’s really a law. What’s the most troublesome thing? Brother Ye is trapped in situ if he can’t break the array."
Li Ze thought that Lin Qing was trapped by the law a while ago, and he must hate it the most, and he was a little farther away from the war circle. "Look at that war circle. This water shield is the best among his peers. The sword department of all his brothers is isolated, but he is good at water magic. His attack power is not strong, especially when he is in close combat. Look at the horse being taken away by another broadsword."
"It seems that it is necessary to have both offensive and defensive skills to be in an invincible position." Lin Qing nodded too much to see.
Seeing that the melon was finished, You Xiuan took out a bag of almonds and distributed it to everyone. Lin Qing listened carefully and pointed to another circle of war. "This circle of war is too bloody."
"Yes, that’s the most bleeding," Lin Qing agreed.
"Gee, these people are really fierce. Look at that brick. It hurts!" Li Ze felt the same way and then said proudly, "It’s just different for us to get Lingcao people."
Is it good that Lin Qing’s mouth is slightly pumping so gloating? She shook her head and pointed to a monk with a quick figure in the war. "This brother who just grabbed Lingcao is really powerful. Everyone else is covered in blood. He is the only one who always expects the enemy to take the initiative to avoid kung fu."
You Xiuan said, "This is Brother Li, the Qi Cuifeng, and he is also a favorite in this time."
The fighting brothers tried their best. Lin Qing in enter the dragon suddenly heard Li Zedao, "Yo, the pool over there is also very beautiful, but it’s worse than our Younger."
Lin Qing looked for "Su Lu."
See Su Lu in the circle of war, she is wearing a white silk shirt, sleeves are dancing, and there is a faint green light in her hands. As she keeps pinching her palms, green lotus light and shadow are flying out one after another. These lotus flowers spill like a continuous spring rain, but as soon as she touches people, they turn into blue vines that trap people, and this vine just blooms in an instant, and it is elegant and fragrant, but it is not trapped by vines. Those trapped brothers are quickly glazed over.
"The bodhi old zu achievement method is really remarkable" O, O, circulation of Lin Qing
Li Zeyang raised an eyebrow. "Does the younger sister know this person?"
Lin Qing smiled. "Well, it’s an old friend."
At this time, Qi Tianming next to him suddenly said, "This spell is terrible, but it’s a pity that the performer obviously hasn’t arrived yet."
Lin Qing looked again and sure enough, those dull people had recovered, and the vines were not tough enough, so they were quickly broken free by the monks.
"grandstanding has a flower stand" Qi Tianmin grunted coldly.
Eating almonds leisurely, Lin Qing felt that Xiao Min was particularly pleasing to the eye today, so she gave him a big smiling face.
Qi Tian min slowly turned away from his face in a daze.
Chapter 137 A salty soda spray kills you
Two days later, Bai Qian Shan experienced a cave in No.99, and everyone gathered around to sort out the income.
Looking at the diverse lingcao, Zhang Zhixing said with joy, "The target lingzhi of Xiaohonggen, which was adopted today, has been fully planted."
They listened to qi qi to relax, and Li Ze whistled.
In particular, Zhang Zhihang, who saw the fragrant dried grass in the central jade box, praised, "This time, I successfully got the fragrant dried grass forest pool." I remembered that two days ago, the broken star peak was as strong as a cloud, and three people’s veins were sealed. Old Huang was wounded and defeated. He was sure that he was unable to support himself. How could Dan know that life was not a surprise and he was actually acquired by Younger?
"Hum, on that day, we fought to the end, and you saw where we came from." Zhang Zhihang immediately denied it.
"You need to argue!"
Lin Qing looks up and sweeps the other team and silently analyzes the situation.
The other side is also a total of six people. Lu Da practiced and completely affirmed Zhang Zhihang’s opponent.
On the eleventh floor of the enemy’s practice, there are two people, one with strong muscles and thick fingers, who are being clucked by him. The other person’s skin color is blue and white, and his eyes are slender. On the other hand, he is expected to be carried out according to his strength. They should be fighting eleven floors of Lao Huang and ten floors of Li Ze. Unfortunately, Lao Huang’s injury has not healed, and Li Zexiu is one order lower than the other, which is slightly disadvantageous.
Strength again to practice the tenth floor is a big round eyes tall and strong man. The big round eyes are looking at them with fire-breathing eyes. It seems that they owe him ten thousand pieces of lingshi. Lin Qing thinks about whether practicing the ninth floor, You Xiuan, can be used to him.
The ninth floor of the opposing team is also a strong man. His limbs and sleeves are rolled up to reveal wheat-colored skin and muscles. Lin Qing swallowed his saliva and thought that this device is really designed for extracting peaks that are taller than towers. She secretly looked at the plate and was not very strong. He quietly squeezed the sweat.
And the last man on the practice floor looks more like Xiao Huafeng because his style is different from that of his brothers in front. He is slim in figure and has a cool expression in black. He carries touch of green Jian Lin Qing and thinks that she should have no problem in dealing with it.
On the whole, the other side has one more practice than them, and it is very unfavorable to arrange it tactically. She can’t help but worry faintly.