"I finally killed Shuang once … if only I could do this every day?" Uncle is very ignorant of foot massage

"Well, aren’t you afraid of killing by nature? Kill the devil? " Fang Ning worried.
"Hey, aren’t you completely awake from your amnesia?" Grandpa disdained, "I told you I would never be possessed, and I would never be influenced by spiritual spells. For me, killing is a means to gain experience. I am not interested in killing people. If I sleep like you every day, I can gain experience and add body. I can sleep better than you."
"Well, you don’t take me as a negative example every day," Fang Ning complained. "Besides, I don’t sleep every day … occasionally I stay up all night, okay?"
"…" Big ye words can say that this is the case.
"I found that you are now recovering from amnesia. This face is thickened a lot. It seems to be released …" Later on, the uncle said bitterly.
"Hahahaha, the so-called life is just a big dream. You have to let it go." Fang Ning doesn’t care at all
"It happens that I miscalculated again …" The big ye walked.
"What it happens? I feel strange how my shrinking system can be influenced by the outside world. I have always been very good, and I should be unlucky this time. It turned out that it was you who played tricks on it! It’ s really disgusting to be a person! " Fang Ning angry way
"Uh …" The big ye when words to say.
It didn’t expect to be caught by the host immediately after saying a word, which was naturally right.
"Aren’t you afraid to put me out of the question? If I’m crazy and stupid, won’t you die with me? " Fang Ning became more and more frustrated.
"No, this secret is to choose a master, and certainly not a fool. Sooner or later, you will recover." Uncle plausibly said.
"I’m not afraid of ten thousand and I’m afraid that if you dare to argue like this again, I’ll just I’ll …" Fang Ning thought for a long time and didn’t say it.
"What can your uncle do? You don’t have any relatives. Where are you from? " The big ye gloated way
"I’ll charge you rent and I’ll find you loopholes every day …" Fang Ning finally thought of an effective way to govern.
"Well, don’t worry, this is the last time that I will never cheat you again. I am sure that I will do that. If you can’t restore my astronomical experience, I will restore it to you." Uncle low airway.
"That’s more like it." Fang Ning was relieved.
It’s really disturbing that this system always likes to be independent and often humiliates itself.
No, he watched and didn’t know how many falls he had.
At this time, there have been frequent unified indications and sudden great changes.
(Tong killed Piranha Elite 1.
A total of 5 experience values were obtained.
Tong killed piranha elite 2
A total of 45 experience points were obtained.
"How did this happen?" The big ye was flustered and said, "This monster has become stronger. Why do I get less experience instead? How to calculate this broken rule? Is there another Bug, rich man? Please help me quickly? "
"I don’t have your source code. What can I see?" Fang Ning disdained, "But I can guess the reason. You yourself said it was a cruel place."
"That’s my intuition, but I don’t know what it is. Tell me what monsters become stronger and my experience value decreases?" The big ye depressed way
"It’s very simple. I found that the monsters here are not generated by heaven and earth, but are formed by people outside who come in and condense their flesh and blood after they die. Every time they die, they are reincarnated and reincarnated, and once they are absorbed. Do you think they are stronger because their bodies are getting stronger, but the driving force is getting weaker and weaker … and the experience is naturally getting less and less?" Fang Ning affirmed.
"Well, what did you find that I didn’t know?" Uncle is very puzzled.
"Hum you I really sleep every day? I often dream about it, and when I sleep before I get inspiration, I feel that something seems to want to draw me away, so I can hide from this system and it can’t find my place, which makes me escape. "Fang Ning proudly said.
"So that’s it. That’s really dangerous! Fortunately, I stopped at the brink of the cliff and didn’t continue to release foreign channels. I really can’t be too greedy. Although you are too lazy to be surprised, you are still smart and have some wisdom. You also know that ethical people are honest and don’t do evil without bad intentions … "Grandpa gushed.
"If you don’t flatter so much, it’s fake or insincere." Fang Ning disdained. "What do you want from me?"
"It’s very simple. How can I brush the normal experience value?" The big ye justly way
"Well, of course I know, but we can’t." Fang Ning said dignified.
"What?" Grandpa is puzzled.
"It’s very simple against justice drive," Fang Ning said earnestly. "You see, the easiest way to brush a stronger monster is to release a group of people who are fascinated into this world, and the bloody land will naturally condense them into a new powerful monster, and then you will get more experience …"
"Hey, isn’t that right? I’m in the dragon prison with all the powerful spirits … "Grandpa was overjoyed.
"Don’t come to those spirits. On the one hand, you have to work. On the other hand, you have to pray for the condor brothers to give it divine power every day. It is easy to lose, but the evil spirits you are cultivating are also one of the spirits. They are irrational and vicious, but they are the most suitable for entering this world to be monsters." Fang Ning suddenly had a brain hole
"Er, what you said is really true for you not to wake up this festival. I really can’t believe it. It’s a pity that I let the ghost king catch evil spirits or there is a little less. The main reason is that I was too picky about unqualified evil spirits before, otherwise it would be great now." The uncle was very sorry.
"Yes, the dragon can’t get into the mysterious territory now, let alone go out. You still have hundreds of pond-level evil spirits on hand. If you put them outside, I’m afraid it won’t be long before one side can wreak havoc. If you do so, you’re afraid there will be any future trouble …" Fang Ning worried.
"Where will there be any future trouble? I’ll stare at it." Grandpa was overjoyed when he heard it. Where does he care about the future trouble?
"Well, let out some water first." Fang Ning nods.
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Don’t kill territory
A giant ghost in the blood river is raging in the water.
It’s green-faced, with fangs and strong muscles. From time to time, it picks up a monster and munches it in its mouth.
The other party is like a classic evil ghost image in a fairy tale, just like climbing out of a TV play …
In this scene, the people watching the shore are frightened.
They didn’t know that this evil ghost appeared when they knew that Qinglong cleaned the river for a while and then suddenly appeared.
When he appeared, he swallowed the monster in the river …
Black robe is thoughtful when I see this.
After a while, he suddenly left the shelter and disappeared.
"Hey, how did that black uncle run away?" Yamanashi was surprised. "It’s dangerous outside."
"Who knows what he is going to do? But those monsters seem to be able to eat … "The big white cotton bug Daqing is looking at the battle in the river and drooling from time to time.
"Er, bugs, those monsters are so dirty. Look at the blood … Oh, it’s so dirty. Eating them will definitely hurt your stomach," Yamanashi kindly said.
"Oh, is that right? I still won’t eat it. Although I have forgotten many things, I still remember that it is very uncomfortable when I have a stomachache, and I have to take a medicine. "Worm Daqing was dying."
"It’s good for you to be obedient. If we don’t eat the theatre, I still have some food here." Yamanashahi said that he had a big heart in the past, and he held the insect Daqing in his palm and sat with him on a big cotton, and then fed him a few biscuits …
"Good" bug Daqing’s eyes are bright, and there seem to be several female figures in her eyes. Every time they come to see it, they will bring all kinds of snacks …
Fang Ning looked at the image coming in from outside and sat there meditating.
He deduced the roots of this secret realm.
And now there are some clues.
"Can I kill it now?" Uncle urged.