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Oh … it’s really beautiful. He feels a little more strange in this suit than when he sees the other person wearing a bikini …
"Just bear with it and we’ll replace it when we’re done."
Liu Chen touched the painted pear clothes head calm way
At this time, I came in and looked at Lu Chen. He didn’t speak, but his eyes seemed to say, "What about me?"
"Sister, you can help us analyze the situation in Nibelungen by staying on the boat."
Lu Chen said that when he came, he was not prepared to take a dive with him.
This school sister may be excellent, but she can’t help him in the battle against the first generation.
After listening to the silence, although the boss didn’t say it, it should be that she wanted to go with her to the executive department. The order of the supreme commander Lu Chen here was absolute, and she had no reason to refute it.
Everyone knows that it is a lie to analyze the maze on the shore. Once Lu Chenfang fights Constantine, the weak cable will definitely break.
The boss made great efforts to get her to join the team, but in the end she was faced with soy sauce, which she couldn’t accept.
"There will be someone more suitable for you after entering school."
Chu Hangkou said that he saw that this "militant" school sister was unwilling, but Liu Xiong decided not to be burdensome to them.
At this moment, Ye Sheng came in with a few things similar to mobile phones, but for this era, mobile phones are touch screens.
"This is the latest model produced by the Equipment Department. The small Norma is waterproof but not resistant to high temperature. For several maze analysis functions, it needs to be networked."
Ye Sheng said to assign small Norma to several people.
Lu Chen inserted the little Norma into his tactical pockets and helped put the pear-painting clothes in "ready to dive"
If all goes well, they’ll still have lunch.
Several people went to the deck to feel the refreshing wind on the river, and the green hills on both sides of the river were continuously reflected in the water, just like water in another world.
In fact, it is true that they have come to the real Baidi city, and Niebolongen is a small place.
"Commissioner Lu’s target water is 160 meters. Considering the water pressure, we prepared a diving bell."
Ye Sheng came to the ship’s rail and suggested
Aki Sakatoku also came over with a baby in her arms. "This is the key. Commissioner Liu will make the dust come to your door."
Lu Chen took a look at that cute baby and knew it should be Chen Motong’s younger brother. I heard that he seems to never grow up.
"The key and the diving bell can’t be used. Give us an injection and we’ll find a way to open the door."
Lu Chen vetoed these two proposals. The diving bell was too heavy, and the depth of 160 meters didn’t feel anything for them, so he took the key with him, and he had to be distracted to take care of the baby in case of any change in the water.
"Go and help Commissioner Lu get diving equipment."
Ye Sheng said not much. Lu Chen is the supreme commander here.
After getting the injection, Liu Chen took Chuhang into the cabin to help the other side draw blood and put the injection in his tactical pocket.
The living spirit wants high-blood dragon blood. Refer to Minamoto Chisei and hit the gate of Jinlunga cloister. He believes that Chu Hang can win the key duty.
After the final call with Schneider’s tutor, several people hang up the cable end and then their diving masks can ensure the connection.
There is no fear in painting pear clothes. After wearing an advanced diving mask, I have a novel conversation with Gdzilla.
She knew that there was a powerful monster on this side, and she heard some sounds, but she was not afraid because Gdzilla was with her.
Liu Chen jumped to Chuhang with his hand drawing pears.
After entering the water, the first thing is bubbles, and the surrounding world is quiet again as they gradually dive.
Today, the sunshine is dozens of meters, and the water can clearly see things around, but no fish is dead.
Because regicide and furious weight Lu Chen took Chu Hang and painted pear clothes in a straight line, they soon saw the bronze doors embedded in the rock wall.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six Painting pear clothes was scared
About two kilometers away from the dive, there is a curve on the top of the mountain. The graceful figure is lying on the side of the mountain with a telescope looking at the calm river.
"The potato chip super rabbit has dived"
Sakatoku Mai has been lying here since last night because she was afraid that something would go wrong if she came later.
"where’s sanniu?"
Enxi Su asked.
"She … was left behind as a burden."
There are some Naisan girls in Sakatoku Mai who are already very strong, but they can’t compete with monsters.
"… or the boss didn’t die command let her follow latent said or love his girl."
Enxi Su is sitting in the cabin of a cruise ship and eating potato chips leisurely.
"Sanniu is half finished, but since the boss didn’t say anything, he said he didn’t care."
Sakatoku Mai looked at the deck through a telescope, and the blonde girl leaning against the railing didn’t know what the other party was thinking at this time.
"It’s unrealistic to take our little rabbit to slaughter the dragon. It’s good for the super little rabbit to let go and let him enter school. After all, our little rabbit is a little weak at ordinary times."
Enxi Su sighed with emotion that it was impossible to accomplish it. Their boss would perform miracles, but in the end, the boss didn’t do anything right.
"This is Constantine. According to the boss, he should be furious now. He has no weakness. To be honest, I am a little worried."
Sakatoku Mai looked at the sniper rifle in front of her eyes, which is the strongest weapon they can get. The boss gave her two sage stone bullets.
But she thinks this thing is too weak for the dragon king, unless the other side is undefended, it is like a joke to kill the first generation with this weapon.
"We are wet nurses. Super white rabbit has brought everything, but the boss is not afraid that he will be optimistic about the combination?"
Enxi Su is a little puzzled by the boss’s thoughts. She and they have been tossing and turning for a long time. It is right to give this dragon slaying an ultimate insurance so that the deputy can bring a white rabbit at any time
"I don’t know. Anyway, the super white rabbit is strong enough. Although I don’t know how he did it, it seems that the bloodline of painting pear clothes has been stabilized, and Chu Hang has evolved. If they are a deputy, this is definitely the best match for Constantine. If there is a mistake, they will be killed instantly."
Sakatoku Mai is more and more suspicious of Lu Chen. She feels that this teenager has a deeper secret than their little rabbit.
Remember the day before yesterday when the boss showed up, she couldn’t help asking out of curiosity about painting pear clothes. This time it wasn’t a leech, which made sense. It wasn’t that high-end
And can change and stabilize a person’s lineage from the mythical era to count no more than three people.
What’s the matter with the boss being a junior high school student?