Nowadays, with the fruit of flour and strength, the fire has been compared with many ancient people, such as the moon Lord and the great sun god.

But these ancient people, without exception, can’t say why.
Fang you asked them this question, and they also faintly realized that it was wrong, but what was wrong was unclear.
"The memory of the first ancient people is not missing, which is different from the situation that the gods cut their memories at dusk to avoid the spread of pollution."
"The second evil spirit comes from outer space."
"The third evil god is a whole or can be called’ the original evil god’"
When the river is at the’ end’, you can’t sit still and meditate.
He drove the pagoda up and down, and when it was cut, he didn’t trigger anything.
After thinking about it, he continued to swim and fly through this strange disappearing river and reached the era when the evil spirits had not yet arrived.
He plunged into it.
When the water splashed, the ripples quickly disappeared as if nothing had happened.
"Praise …"
"… the three great deities of this era are …"
"The gods? The world? "
Fang You has gone a long way in this era.
Even if he passes in front of some gods, he will not be noticed. He is like a ghost, silently observing this era.
"It’s not bad with the narration of ancient books."
Compared with the war of killing gods, the twilight of the gods and the arrival of evil spirits, this era is more ancient but not mysterious. There are ancient books in human society that remember the living fossils of those who are older in history.
Come in and swim ahead and master a lot of secrets.
In this era, the area of the world is about the same as that of the middle world-the middle world is the specific name of the former’ world’.
At the end of the age of the gods, the world has been quite prosperous, and there are many ethnic groups and intelligent creatures all over the world.
Of course, the rulers of the world are gods, ancient gods and believers.
God-throwing gods occasionally broke out in a war of God, destroying the sky and destroying the earth, and the whole world was quite peaceful until the arrival of evil spirits.
There seems to be no problem, no secret?
"What’s wrong!"
"Am I missing something?"
Or what he was forced to ignore.
Who is the strongest god in this era?
Who were the first gods to fall on the arrival of evil spirits?
What is the world name!
He walked in this era and drifted away from it. The more he observed it, the more false he felt.
The sense of disobedience in my heart is getting stronger and stronger.
"It’s right to break the peace."
He finally smiled. "Let me see what is missing."
He went to that cent of the world to touch the elusive fog.
There was a sudden rush of water in my ear.
When the waves came from a distance, they kept beating against his body.
A drop of water here is comparable to a world, and even worse, it is a wave of tens of meters and tens of meters high.