This step can’t be sloppy and can’t be lucky.

Thought of here, just tap the Heavenly Fairy Tower of Science in the hands of a talented person, and a blue light slowly emerges from the Heavenly Fairy Tower of Science as the fingers move.
Seeing the appearance of high talent in the flesh and cold in the mouth, the whole flesh and powerful blood department is integrated into the body of Yuan Shen, which makes the whole body blood and gas roll and the power of Yuan Shen continue to grow, and the Xuan corpus luteum is becoming more and more powerful.
Stripping the flesh from the celestial pagoda of science, Gao Cai spouted a blue aura from his mouth and sank into the tower. He slowly sacrificed the celestial pagoda of science and slowly flew into the colorful auspicious clouds overhead with the whole pagoda in the sacrifice.
After entering the five-color Xiangyun, the Haotian Fairy Pagoda was slightly shaken, and the brilliance of nine different colors was hung, and the high talents were held sacred and majestic after the brain.
In every halo, there is a person sitting around in a tray, surrounded by several believers and heavenly soldiers, and the whole halo is magnificent and powerful as if it were real.
In this aura, a blue pagoda floats quietly and is escorted by six people including the green lion and the white elephant.
With this aperture, a talented person can get well unless someone breaks this big aperture, but the people in the circle of light are powerful. If you want to break six apertures and beat these people, it will be tantamount to instantly challenging a super master.
This aperture can not only defend against terror, but also strangle things in the range of aperture light.
When there are strong people guarding the Heaven Fairy Pagoda for thirty-three days, thirty-three apertures will change. With these thirty-three super masters guarding Gao, it can be said that the gods bless and protect themselves and kill the gods.
Refining the Fairy Tower of Science to the rear aperture of the brain, you can also practice with complete confidence, and then take out the wild lamp and quickly pinch the printing tactic to play the magic spell to refine the whole wild lamp offering into your own member.
This wild lamp is its own magic weapon wick, and it has grown into a Shinto method. If you want to sacrifice it, you can become your own member.
With the imperial shape in the wick refined by Gao Cai’s sacrifice, Gao Cai looks like this figure, wearing a lux robe and dignified like an ancient emperor.
"Go ahead!"
The wild lantern festival will be refined into points, and the talented people will be lightly explored in their hands, so that they can get out of Kunlun India and be responsible for handling external affairs, so that they can practice with peace of mind.
Let the wild lamp deal with external affairs, and Gao Cai’s four swords will flourish, and four huge sword columns will stand in the Kunlun seal.
After these four swords fly out, the sapphire sword butterfly becomes a member and slowly absorbs these four swords to nourish oneself and enhance the strength of the sapphire sword butterfly.
These jadeite butterflies are ancient and exotic insects. If they are kept warm, they can be kept warm in Jin Xian, and then they will become a powerful and terrible force.
After the sapphire butterfly is nurtured in a warm state, it will be ignored, and the gourd of Yin and Yang and the six wings will fly to the hands that appear, so that a strong man in the Heaven Fairy Pagoda of Science can turn the sacrifice into a flying knife to cut the fairy.
Then he sprinted Jin Xian and let all the resources in his hand impact Jin Xian to finish the battle.
When he was at ease practicing, millions of soldiers in Kunlun India also slowly rose in strength and enhanced the pure yang force in Leihai.
At this time, as soon as the wild lamp flew out of Kunlun Seal, it immediately called the former and old departments of Xuanyuan French King Heishan’s old demon Tuojia Guihai Black Dumpling to join this Datang army.
However, before this, Gao Cai will leave Chang ‘an and enter Shenlong Temple outside the city to modify the whole temple into a Taoist temple suitable for his own residence.
Yuzhen three people also immediately stationed in the Dragon Temple, while Gao Caiti drove the Kunlun seal to float in Chang ‘an, slowly practicing all this slowly.
Gao Cai’s peace of mind in practicing Chinese Heaven is furious at Gao Cai’s breakthrough in encircling and killing the wounded soldiers, and he wants to find a way to encircle and kill Gao Cai.
When a spiritual witch returned to Fengju Mountain, Yunmeng’s strength was restored, and the whole Yunmeng army invaded Datang on a large scale, ready to retaliate against Gao Cai for destroying the wolf’s professional affairs, and at the same time ready to take advantage of Datang’s lack of extremely superior opportunities to start its own power.
When Yunmeng’s army invaded, it shook the whole Datang and had to face this great war.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven The much-anticipated Qi Bai Buddhist
Yunmeng’s invasion has already shaken the whole Datang ruling and opposition party. Li Shimin’s look on this matter is also anxious, because the report said that the whole Yunmeng army was mixed with many practitioners.
In the former war, few practitioners directly participated in the war. I didn’t expect that now they directly participated in the war. Xue Rengui, the commander-in-chief of Haobian, temporarily repelled these armies. It was so delayed and passive beatings were not the same thing.