Although some rich people did hear it, because of the social division and isolation, they could not spread the news everywhere like in the Internet age.

Most people are still trying to live as hard as before to keep themselves from wandering, and the hungry have done their best.
Of course, some people who seem to have a deep connection with Operation Lazarus were immediately furious when they heard the radio, and they wanted to pull out the last missile and blow it across the ocean.
It’s really irritating!
Those guys took their scholars away, and it’s nothing to take away so much confidential information …
They don’t care if they drive away the Eternal.
But what do you mean by saying that this is a combination on the radio?
This is robbery!
This is stepping on a horse or robbing in troubled waters!
Besides, you’re so hot!
The world has heard it!
The world did hear it.
Broadcasting this broadcast, several broadcasts were directly removed from him, and the signal coverage was all over the globe, even in the South Pole.
When North American news was broadcast earlier, many national official institutions had already noticed this channel.
Although it is not the former era of globalization, it is always good to listen to the news and understand the situation in a foreign country.
Many organizations have been silently watching this channel.
But no one expected to suddenly hear such exciting news!
That big country … they actually restarted Ad Astra and it seems to be merged with North America? !
Also said that there are special technologies to migrate the whole earth? !
The first reaction of people who heard the news was disbelief.
But this does not prevent them from reporting this discovery to the police immediately.
Various information channels are now paying attention to the replies from various countries.
This broadcast is not only an explanation to the world, but also to the country.
It is also the first time for many people in China to know that the country has already engaged in space exploration and prepared for the future migration of mankind.
This is also the first time that Yuan Heguang told everyone that we will not come to an end, we will live, and we will live forever!
The words on the radio ignited everyone’s hope to combine with the recent changes around them, and schools, hospitals and factories began to rebuild.
The power has begun to respond. Even the precious fresh water is said to have enough. If the closed canal is completed, the tap water can be responded again …
The most important thing is that as soon as the grain is high, there will be another kind of earthworm which has never been seen before, and a protein can be added by the way.
In front of the radio staff wearing headphones, the radio station is automatically searching for various channels
Suddenly a man held down his earphone, and his eyebrows raised.
"I received a new signal. Look where it came from!"
"This is Southeast Asia!"
"I also received the signal!"
"I see this is the Middle East. Is there anyone there?"
Radio broadcasts in all corners of the world were temporarily restarted, and what they wanted to say was converted into magnetic waves and transmitted towards China.
In just a few days, the signal received was somewhat unexpected to Zhang Tianyuan and Yuan Heguang.
Nowadays, many countries have not completely collapsed, or they have regrouped after the collapse.
Some countries sent back signals and sent them information from neighboring countries 3.