The sea waves turned red and roared, "I won’t believe it when my mother gets old!" "

Two people fired shells for the second time. This time, they really got two shells from these two small ones and went straight towards Zhang Yihu and others.
Zhang Yihu knew it after listening to the enemy for a long time. "There are shells lying down!"
As the saying goes, recruits are afraid of artillery, veterans are afraid of disorderly guns, and old soldiers can judge the impact point of shells according to guns and then avoid them, but it is difficult to guard against stray bullets everywhere.
Before Zhang Yihu experienced, he judged that the shells hit and woke up. Everyone around him successfully escaped the shell explosion, but he was completely humiliated by the explosion of infantry guns.
Zhang Yihu got up from the ground and spat at the dirt in his mouth. "Zhang Enyuan, how do you spy?" Why didn’t you find out that the other side had an infantry gun? You are a waste! "
Zhang Enyuan is also a face of flustered nu way "at the head of our dozen brothers will Taiping mountain stronghold.
I plowed it all over, but I didn’t find that they were still hiding infantry guns. I didn’t even see an earthen tower fort! "
Zhang Yihu snarled, "Don’t fucking tell me to organize my brothers to destroy those two infantry cannons first!"
Zhang Enyuan promised to personally command the first team Cang Lang to drink a way: "Hurry up and don’t eat. Hurry up and find out the position of the bandit infantry guns for me. Lock the target and adjust all mortars of the first team of Zhuyuan to blow up my dad’s place!"
Cang Lang quickly calculated the position of infantry guns and adjusted the mortar firing elements. A Cang Lang shouted, "The distance at 11 o’clock is 1,500 meters and 1,700 meters is ready to launch!"
The first team of ten mortars roared and ten shells flew towards the position of infantry guns.
At this time, the sea wave, Yan Xue, was full of pride. From a distance, two shells fell on the position of the Qing army. This is a great contribution. Two people were busy commanding the minions around them to move the shells, and they were nervous about installing and aiming, but they had not yet come to launch.
Cang Lang ten mortar shells flew up like eyes. Four of them landed accurately near the infantry gun, and the other six shells landed a little far away. "Boom! Boom ….. "Ten loud noises rang one after another. Mortar shells not only destroyed the old infantry guns, but also detonated a few shells left.
Xue Zheng, the king of hell, commanded his minions to fill shells, and a dozen people were forced to strike directly.
Gun sent along while the residual limb and arm had to be everywhere not far away. Jin Shoushan Tianyu was scared to act as an agent for a long time before he slowed down. What should I do? I only have two infantry cannons. I just pulled them out in less than ten minutes and they were blown to pieces, together with the most effective hand, Hai Bo Yan Xue, who was blown to pieces! How can we fight this battle? The firepower of the Qing army is too strong. Even if they don’t come to charge and bomb Taiping Mountain, they can’t bear such a blow. If they go on for half a day, they won’t be able to run to Taiping Mountain. There will be no one left!
When Jin Shoushan Tian Yu was in charge of the six gods, it rang for more than an hour. The mortar of the Qing army finally stopped. Zhang Yihu made three teams in Cang Lang pour nearly a thousand shells at Taiping Mountain. The top of Taiping Mountain, which was densely covered with Maolin, had been blown to the bare.
In an hour and a half, at least half of the hidden fire spots in Taiping Mountain have been completely removed, and the casualties of bandits in Taiping Mountain have exceeded 1000. This is the gap between the regular armies of bandits!
At this time, Zhang Yihu also felt that the great power of mortars had made the bandits in Taiping Mountain lose their confidence in resistance. Zhang Yihu said coldly, "Eun Yuan ordered the first, second and fourth teams to charge and capture the enemy’s lair, and the third team was stationed on the spot to deal with the sudden change! Attack! "
Zhang Yihu ordered three Cang Lang detachments with 300 people carrying submachine guns to launch a general assault on Taiping Mountain.
Well-trained, Cang Lang. Come on
Speed close to the Taiping Mountain poor shanzhai submachine gun spewing flames from time to time to cut the lives of bandits.
Thousands of bandits were suppressed by powerful submachine gun fire, and it was difficult to look up. The most advanced weapons in their hands were still popular ten years ago. There were few pistols. Some people were still carrying birds’ spears and broadswords. Two infantry guns have also been smashed. Seeing that the vanguard of Cang Lang has entered the Juyi Hall for three or four hundred meters, submachine guns played the walls of Juyi Hall.
Pale Tian Yu shouted to Jin Shoushan, "What if we can’t hold on, bro?"
Jin Shoushan coughed hard and asked, "Eldest brother, how come you haven’t got reinforcements?" If we can’t catch up, neither of us will survive. This group of Qing troops is too powerful. The fucking firearms are so advanced that Russia’s big nose is not an opponent, let alone Xiaori. Our group of chickens and feathers can’t stand the offensive! "
Tian Yu replied, "Soon. If they are all riding horses, they should be near by now. Let’s have a look at the situation and we can retreat to Grange Terrace first!"
When the two men discussed it, the Grange Taiwan bandits finally arrived at the reality. About 200 people from Grange Taiwan rushed all the way to Taiping Mountain. Zhang Yihu had already prepared for the battle. More than 100 people from the third detachment, Cang Lang, were sitting with submachine guns.
Horse bandits started to charge each other!
Chapter two hundred and twenty One hundred broken six hundred broken
Four hundred horse bandits from Tianzhuangtai quickly approached Taiping Mountain from a distance.
Zhang Yihu far looked at the distance and the dust sank. "The third team turned into the first submachine gun department of the third line and fired! Grenade preparation for the second team; The third team saber is ready to take turns to attack! It’s interesting to see if their cavalry can’t fight! "
Cang Lang, the third team, pulled open the submachine gun in the hand of Cang Lang, the first team, and shot more than 30 flames at the striker, blocking the road ahead.
The horse bandits in Tianzhuangtai didn’t know that the situation in Taiping Mountain was that the helper said that Tian Da was in charge and asked to send elite people to help Taiping Mountain as soon as possible.
The horse bandits in Grange Taiwan are still former anti-bandits green campers. Just like the green campers, they are not strong enough. Just one hundred horse bandits dare to attack the whole camp of the green campers. This group of horse bandits are already close to Taiping Mountain, and they still haven’t made much preparations. If they are scattered, they will directly rush to the foot of Taiping Mountain.
The horse bandits’ forward part was moving forward when a group of people suddenly appeared in front of them, and before they could come over for nothing, the submachine gun of the third detachment of Cang Lang camp began to shoot.
Like a dumpling pot, the dense horse bandits were swept to the ground by the Ministry in front, but the horse bandits didn’t receive any signs. They still urged the horse to go forward and directly turned the injured horse bandits into paste. When they found the Qing army, they had already broken into the submachine gun with strong range, and the machine gun firepower was only one or two minutes.
After more than 100 casualties, the horse bandits quickly tightened the reins and began to organize the formation and started shooting at the same time. However, the rifle shooting distance in their hands was too close, only 500 to 600 meters, and the lethal range was 200 meters.
The Cang Lang submachine gun has a range of 500 to 600, and the effective killing range is 200 meters. The horse bandits are armed with weapons, which not only have a slow firing rate, but also have a short effective range, which leads to the suppression of the end.
The leader of the horse bandits will definitely not be able to go like this. After a whistle, four or five hundred horse bandits have withdrawn from the battle and changed their formation. They intend to keep the loose formation and defeat the Qing army’s barrage with the fastest impact.
Zhang Yihu grinned and shouted, "Mortars are ready to shoot!"
The third team’s ten mortars have never made it at this time. Dozens of shells have been fired out constantly. The powerful firepower in the team of horse bandits will finally subdue the horse bandits and run back in circles.’
This time, Zhang Yihu shouted with a big hand, "Don’t leave a chance for the horse bandits to charge!"
Cang Lang detachment number only one hundred people did charge hundreds of horse bandits. While the horse bandits retreated, Cang Lang urged the horse to dash from behind. The dead hand submachine gun has changed the magazine twice, and the flames want to harvest the horse bandits’ lives.
The powerful firepower made the horse bandits suffer heavy losses, and there was no chance to turn the horse’s head and launch a counterattack. Cang Lang was chased by a chase and directly withdrew from the strength.