Takano said lightly, "The third young master of Jingtao Castle has an engagement with Miss Yunjia Six, and that man will also attend the reception tonight."

Gao Yue squinted slightly. "Breaking the home and breaking the waves?"
Takano smiled slightly. "It seems that you’ve made some efforts in the stormy castle. Yes, this is the third young master. This is a good opportunity for you to make friends with him. It’s very meaningful to break away from the stormy castle at this time."
Associated with the Battle of the Black Star Castle, I suddenly attended the White House reception, and there was indeed enough information to make people guess.
Gao Yue leaned down slightly and said, "Please rest assured that Grandpa will seize this opportunity."
Takano nodded. "That’s good. Get ready. Start at six o’clock on time. There must be no mistakes."
After Gao Yue left, the blue old man smiled and looked out of the window and suddenly sighed.
Gao Li put a piece of rice cake at his eldest brother and said lightly, "It’s not your fault that the eldest brother doesn’t pick it up, so don’t lament."
Takano wry smile way "that being said, but if I can not worry about the towering five doors cloud noble one hundred years, now there are three generations of younger brother Yunfeng such an unparalleled genius when I can enjoy another one hundred years of wealth."
"Yu Baijia was slightly hit by Bai Lijie’s incident, but they also have an awakening specific physique, and it is more than enough to maintain their home status even if they can’t surpass Yunjia."
"What’s more, Bai Shengjie’s daughter is already a top 4 player at a young age. Only Bai Baijia has this pair of children to worry about."
"Yu Linggu not to mention Feng Ling is Nightcrawler’s chief of staff, and the post of commander Nightcrawler will even fall on his head, but we gaos thought …"
Takano sighed, "I’m afraid that the two of us will go uphill in a hundred years. Don’t say don’t take our Xiaoyue as an example. With the third generation of people, Yunjia White House has already participated in the competition, but our Xiaoyue has gone to the inverse boundary for ten times."
"You say how to get started …"
Chapter 327 spite
"People spend a thousand days and spend a hundred days."
Gao Li took a bite of the rice cake. "Our Gao family has been prosperous for more than 60 years. In my opinion, it’s no big deal if the grandson can fall."
Takano smiled bitterly. "You have been so heartless since you were young. I really don’t know how you cynic promoted your rank."
Gao Li made a haha. "You don’t understand this, don’t you? Being heartless and alive is not tiring, and you have to manage everything like you, and you are not free and easy at all."
"And the boss, don’t blame me for speaking badly. Those who use external force are not the cure after all, even if Xiaoyue has made friends and is as strong as home, it is really powerful."
"It’s not a long-term solution to borrow outsiders’ potential to grow your family’s prestige for a while, and after a long time, you have to be careful that your family property is occupied by outsiders to suffer."
Takano means bleak. "Let’s take it one step at a time. It’s not good. I also hope that after we leave, our home can last for a decade or two, which is worthy of our father."
Gao Li looked gloomy and ate up the rice cakes. "I won’t go to the reception tonight. That elegant place doesn’t suit me."
The blue old man gently headed without objection.
Gao Yue didn’t know that his two grandfathers were worried that he was getting more and more excited after leaving the house.
It must be confidential to go to the cocktail party at home, otherwise he would have received the news. Grandpa woke him up specially. What? Nature is paving the way for himself. Gao Yue clenched his fist quietly and there was a voice in his heart telling him that tonight would be a later night for him.
Be sure to behave well!
At six o’clock, Yang left the apartment all day and drove his magnetic energy car to Yunjia.
Although it’s not the first time to deal with the Yun family, it’s the first time to visit the home according to the car map.
When I saw Yunfu, Tianyang was a little confused.
Such a large mansion is almost like a manor, and the wall alone is outrageous.
There are many vehicles parked in Yunfuwai Square. These magnetic energy vehicles are unique in shape, but more valuable are the car bodies, which belong to the family emblems.
The inviters of the Celestial Leader Guiyun Family are all prominent figures in the fortress.
So Tianyang, a magnetic energy vehicle with no family emblem and shabby air, attracted a lot of contempt when it entered the square.
A teenager’s feeling about this is like Yun Yuan’s saying that the hero doesn’t ask the source, but his status is low now, but in five years or ten years, maybe these people will come to curry favor with him.
The Tianyang straightened his back and walked in the direction of the gate with many eyes.
A strong heart is really strong, and a strong heart comes from self-confidence. At this moment, the confidence of teenagers naturally shows an extraordinary temperament, which also attracts the attention of some ladies.
When I came to the door, Tianyang was about to hand Yunyuan a finger to his jade plate, and immediately a somewhat childish and sharp voice sounded from the door. "What are you doing here?"
Tianyang looked at the corner of his mouth and couldn’t help but raise it slightly. It turned out to be Yunjia’s nine young master Yunyao!
Yunyao’s clothes are luxurious tonight, and his hair is combed behind his head like an adult, trying to make himself look mature, but he is still a little childish.
However, this child doesn’t like his eyes at all, his expression and his behavior don’t reveal a bitter taste.
It’s like seeing Tianyang Yunyao rushing out and pointing to the teenager’s nose and drinking "Get out! Is this where you can come? Don’t take a mirror to see what identity you are worthy of appearing here? "
Many people recognized Yunyao as a young master of Yunxiao, and many people came by the gate, and even more people listened to Yunyao’s words.
Tianyang can understand that the nine young master’s family is in a bigger mood than when he suffered a lot from his own hands. It would be a ghost if he was greeted with joy.
"Nine young master, why can’t I come here when I am invited by Yunjia?" Tianyang took out the jade plate finger with a smile and handed it to the door for confirmation.
Unexpectedly, Yun Yao rushed out arrogantly and gave him a push. "What are you kidding? I will invite you to Yunjia?"
Tianyang was belittled by him for three transgressions of five times and some angry sink a way "otherwise? I’m not talking about coming to Yunjia to cheat! "
YunYao ha ha a smile stand palm "line you said you were invited to the invitation? I haven’t seen your name on the list of guests I care for tonight. What is it if you are not cheating? "
"What I despise most is that people like you have participated in a meeting with my fourth brother, which is much cheaper than being ashamed and skinless when you hear the excitement!"
Tianyang sneered, "No invitation, but it was invited by Sir Zhong face to face. This is his token."
The teenager took out the Yunyuan jade plate finger and gave it to the Zhike for verification. Suddenly, he reached over and robbed the jade plate finger.
YunYao look at with a sneer at "you don’t give up my second uncle what identity and what identity are you he will invite you face to face? Who do you think will believe this? "
It’s true that Yunyuan Guiyun’s second-in-command handled many major events. Even recently, he personally presided over the big family.
There are many guests here in Tianyang, and almost everyone knows them. Who would believe that Yunjia’s second husband would personally invite a famous teenager and even give him his own token?
"Let’s go, this is not the place where you can come in your capacity, so don’t be ridiculous."
"Don’t be too hard on him. He looks like a big kid. He probably does it for fun."