So happy!

Have another piece!
Think like this and do the same.
However, at the moment when the children’s shoes were about to succeed, a chopstick hit the head of the children’s shoes.
"Ah!" I don’t want to shout for a bag of children’s shoes that are Zhao Wuying.
Nature staged a farce.
Chopsticks spoon Qi Fei hair fingers parallel.
If it weren’t for the fact that his lordship couldn’t look at it and coughed lightly, one or two of them might still make trouble.
"Eat!" His lordship is a very unified Chinese old man who doesn’t talk much but is very dignified.
Of course, a householder is also very dignified.
"It’s Grandpa Fang!" Zhao Wuying smiled and sat next to the master.
In the face of this girl, Bailing tried to smile sweetly, even if the master was wrinkled, he still squeezed out a kind smile.
"You’ve lost weight again, girl … eat more, think of escape, this little stinky little one." It’s rare for master to say so many words and gently cough a little asthma.
"ah! Grandpa Fang, don’t worry, slowly say, "Zhao Wuying hurriedly let go of the bowl chopsticks and came to grandpa Fang’s side to gently caress his master’s back and be shunned by him.
"Cough! I’m fine. "Master Zha Zha finally breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile," Eat quickly. "
"Grandpa Haofang" Zhao Wuying smiled sweetly and picked up her bowl chopsticks again.
One side Fang Siyi has been trying to vomit.
Chapter 6 What a big pot of dog food (in)
It’s really my own grandfather. How can you see that this guy is getting thinner?
This is almost a ball, okay?
To turn over their Fang Siyi also didn’t go to cut to pull two rice suddenly thought of what casually asked "girl"
"I am better than you, ok? Call sister! " Leaving his head, Zhao Wuying said proudly
His lordship turned a deaf ear.
Anyway, the two goods almost met, and for so many years, the two old people have long been used to it.
"Sister …" Fang Siyi rolled her eyes and asked casually with a very ugly smile. "Didn’t you say you were going to attend Super Girl the other day? Why is there no news again? "
Zhao Wuying ate it again after a meal in her hand.
"Speak" Fang Siyi press a way.
"It’s too far," said Zhao Wuying naturally. "I don’t have time."
Wu wear the forehead Fang Siyi is completely.
"Do you really want to enter the entertainment circle so much?" Although it is not the first time to ask, Fang Siyi has always been very strange.
Why does this girl want to go to some entertainment circle?
Fang Siyi naturally doesn’t want Zhao Wuying to go out, but who calls Zhao Wuying like it?
"Of course!" Zhao Wuying said wistfully, "This is my dream since childhood! Dreams, you know? Forget it. You don’t understand such profound things. "
Fang Siyi felt a well character pop up on his forehead.
"What’s the difference between being a man without dreams and salted fish? You are not as good as a salted fish! " Zhao Wuying unceremoniously sarcastically
Fang Siyi said that he was right.
Compared with Zhao Wuying, I really don’t have any dreams.
It’s really …
When you see too many futures, you dream of this kind of thing …
Really worthless
And …
I really didn’t feel any eggs.
"Don’t feed chicken soup at random. I’m not hungry." Fang Siyi rolled her eyes and asked casually, "So … can I help you?"
"Don’t!" Zhao Wuying naturally refused.
"I don’t want to owe you"
"Huh?" Fang Siyi wondered, "Are you engaged because of us?"
"No! At least … no! " A red face glared at Fang Siyi and Zhao Wuying before saying, "My dream is to struggle with my own efforts rather than with anyone’s help!"
"Naive!" Fang Siyi sarcastically said without hesitation, "You won’t be naive enough to become a big star if you enter this circle, will you?"
"I don’t think so," Zhao Wuying shrugged and laughed at herself. "I know I don’t know anything. I want to think about him after a while."
"precipitation? A year? Two years? Or … Ten years? How many years have there been female artists? Do you think you will be on fire in ten years? "
"Ha ten years later, who knows? Anyway, I don’t want your help. "
Zhao Wuying knows that Fang Siyi is rich.
Of course, I know that he has money, but I don’t know exactly how much.
After all, there are not many people who can afford a brain in this era, but it costs a lot of money to pull out a network cable from the town!
And although there is no job, Fang Siyi is always mixed with meat and vegetables and the ingredients are always very fresh!
You know, there are two people in Laos who have been assigned to agricultural land and contracted out, but there is no labor force.
But even so, there are still fresh seasonal ingredients.
I didn’t feel anything before, but since I went out to work, Zhao Wuying has already noticed the difference between Fang and Jia.
But it is precisely because of this that Zhao Wuying increasingly doesn’t want to be involved with just like this.
"Hey? Did you move on? Tell me which one didn’t have eyes to see you? " Fang Siyi asked curiously.
"Hum! I’m a sister in Langfang, okay? " Said also so natural and unrestrained blow a sideburns hair looks handsome handsome handsome handsome.
However, this age is not fashionable, and it seems a bit embarrassing to women.
"Ahem! I’m full "master put chopsticks got up and started walking towards the yard.
Master’s habit is to walk after dinner.
"Hey, sir, how many times have I told you? Don’t go for half an hour just after dinner." Fang Siyi and Zhao Wuying said that they finally pressed the recliner in the courtyard.
Cover the master with a blanket and they will go back to the house for dinner.
It’s more casual to talk with two people left
"All blame you! Grandpa Fang must be angry with me! " Zhao Wuying reached out to Fang Siyi’s arm, which was a good one.
"Hey, don’t change the subject. Go ahead."
"Say what?" Zhao Wuying plays dumb.
"What else can it be? Your new boyfriend! "
"I won’t tell you!"