This cry woke me up from the chaotic state. I looked aside and saw that Nellie was being caught by a zombie. It was her shout that woke me up just now. At this time, there was a zombie opposite me. It cut my neck with my dagger in one hand and tried to take my peach wooden sword with the other!

"ah!" I screamed out that that was a close call. If Xiaolian hadn’t woken me up with a scream, I would have been wiped by this zombie! I lifted the peach wooden sword in my hand from fierce, and the peach wooden sword glowed with blue light and lifted the zombie!
"Kaka" two zombies were burnt by the peach wooden sword, and their bodies also fell back fiercely. I touched the neck cut by it and was angry with the peach wooden sword, so I stabbed it in the neck.
The peach wooden sword played a powerful role. This sword pierced the zombie’s neck and pierced it through a hole. The peach wooden sword body gave off a blue flame and immediately burned it to death. A zombie fell to the ground and could not move any more.
At this time, I dare not neglect to see that Nellie was caught by a zombie. I flew and jumped over and stabbed the zombie with the peach wooden sword. The zombie knew that the peach wooden sword was powerful and animal-like. I let go of Nellie and stepped back a few steps. Now I am red-eyed, thinking that at this time, I can’t be soft-hearted and must cut the grass! Thinking of this, I chased it with a peach wooden sword and stabbed it into this zombie neck!
The zombie’s body trembled a few times as if it had been touched, and he fell to the ground. These zombies are all wearing armor, with necks and faces exposed. Now the most effective way is to stab their necks. I saved Nellie and comforted her when she didn’t have time. Let her hide with Zana for a while. At this time, Yi Genjin was still in a daze. He was in front of a zombie and picked up a short knife to cut his neck!
At this time, Yi Genjin is still unaware that he is helping the fierce ideological struggle. I know that we have just been tempted by these hateful zombies. Our eyes have become five beautiful girls. At this time, Yi Genjin’s eyes are probably still a beautiful girl who has taken off her clothes.
I rushed over and pulled Egan Jin. In front of him, the zombie stabbed me in the chest with a short knife in his hand without thinking. I hid next to him and pulled Egan Jin back two steps.
At this time, Egan Jin was pulled by me and regained consciousness. He shook his head and asked me, "What happened to Brother Dog just now? Why did I see five beautiful women naked and seduce us?"
"Maybe it’s the same as the demon that just floated over. There are worse things in this tomb. Let’s solve these zombies first!" I sink and say
Egan King Kong wants to say something more. The remaining three zombies have come at us at the same time. My left hand took out three spells from my arms. When they rushed in front of me, I raised my hand and patted them on the head!
Although these zombies are strong and brave enough, they are clumsy. Plus, their body armor is heavy, which makes them more inconvenient to move. As soon as I put spells on their heads, they suddenly exerted great power. The three zombies’ foreheads were burned to the point where they screamed and couldn’t move.
I saw the opportunity to wave the peach wooden sword in my hand quickly, and their necks were cut off. The powerful peach wooden sword cut their throats, and three zombies fell down and fell heavily to the ground.
Five deadly zombies were killed by me. I was so nervous at this time that I relaxed and tightened this string. After I loosened it, my body suddenly felt like an overdraft, and I sat down with my feet soft and gasped.
After sitting and resting for a while, I scanned the whole tomb looking for the "thing" that puzzled us just now. My eye is still open and I will find it if I want it back in the tomb.
But strangely, I searched for it for a long time, but I couldn’t find it. I thought, didn’t this thing run away with a bad situation? Just when I was wondering, Egan Jin said to me, "Brother Dog, do you still have that thing?"
I said, "I think I escaped. I didn’t find it. Let’s ignore it first. Let’s see if there are any pearls in these coffins!"
As I said, I took the three of them to a big coffin. Before I looked into the bronze coffin, if there was nothing inside, I was disappointed to leave this coffin. I just wanted to check the other four coffins again, but an accident happened. Seeing these five coffins, they suddenly turned quickly like life, and finally they were suspended, with a foot of 30 cm from the ground!
Five big coffins whirled in a circle and surrounded the four of us. I shouted that if it was not good, I would take the three of them out. But these coffins are like eyes, which way we run, they will chase us and block us like a maze. It is impossible to rush out inside.
I’m sweating. These five bronze coffins are all around us, and they hit us, either dead or injured. What’s more, these coffins are driving us near those five cauldrons where flames have been burning for thousands of years, and people can’t stand it. If they get caught, they will be burned to death!
Five huge coffins are shrinking the encirclement and driving us to the front of the cauldron. If we can’t escape, our bodies will stick these five hot cauldrons.
At this time, Yi Genjin had been forced to the cauldron by a big coffin. His ass was first hit by the cauldron, and he immediately scalded a big hole in his pants. His ass was also scalded with a big bubble, which made Yi Genjin grin with pain and cursed, "What the hell are you doing? Get out of here!"
But it didn’t help that he called names like this. Seeing that we were all forced to get into the cauldron by coffins, I watched these five coffins without coffins suddenly shine at the moment and shouted to the three of them, "Jump into these coffins!" "
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Chapter 10 Yellow Skin
As soon as I finished this sentence, Yi Genjin said to me with a bitter face, "Brother Dog, really, do we really want to jump into the coffin ourselves?"
"Jump and delay for a while, and you will be crushed to death by these coffins!" I said that I should jump into a coffin.
Yi Genjin, when they saw me jump in, they all closed their eyes and crustily skin of head jumped in. Lillian was better. She didn’t care much about these ancient coffins. Yi Genjin and Zana were not used to thinking about it. It was also a big living person who jumped into this Millennium coffin, and five old zombies just jumped out of these coffins, which made people feel sick.
But now I can’t think of so much. When I jumped into a coffin, the smell almost knocked me out. The thousand-year-old zombie lay here, although it didn’t rot, but the smell was quite strong. I quickly covered my nose and lay motionless in the coffin.
Then the coffins collided. I don’t know what’s wrong with these coffins. They circled and collided from time to time. A bronze coffin collided with a metal impact, which made my ears buzz and my hands blocked my ears, but then the pungent smell entered my nose again and smoked me dizzy.
I don’t know what happened to Nellie and them now. It is estimated that the situation is similar to mine. Now I can wait for these coffins to stop by themselves. If I jump out, I will definitely be chased and squeezed by them.
Five huge bronze coffins collided with each other, and after a clang, the coffins stopped colliding and stopped in suspension.
I just breathed a sigh of relief. I poked my head out of the coffin and looked at it. This look surprised me. At this time, I saw that the five coffins had formed a circle, surrounded the five cauldrons full of fuel, and flames were coming out of the cauldron. I’m afraid we will all be cooked here after a long time.
When I saw this, I clenched my teeth and suppressed a mass of anger in my chest, a ghost hiding in the dark. This is a deliberate attempt to kill us! First, control these coffins and try to kill us. After seeing us jump into the coffins, they set the coffins on fire. Mom’s heart is so vicious. If I catch it, I will tear it up!
I thought I couldn’t stay here any longer, and the four of us would turn into roast ducks. I got up from the coffin and shouted, "Jump out! That son of a bitch is going to roast us to death!" As soon as I finished speaking, I jumped out of the coffin and jumped to the ground, followed by Lillian and Zana jumping out of the coffin next to me.
At this time, Yi Genjin was hiding in the coffin, but nothing happened. Yi Genjin was lying in the coffin like he didn’t hear me, and there was no reaction at all. My heart said that Xiaojin was not such a careless person. At this time, he was sleepy and wouldn’t fall asleep, right?
At this time, the temperature of the bronze coffin was already very high. Zana was worried and said to me, "Brother Yigenjin is still inside. Why can’t he come out?"
I didn’t say anything. I was worried about what was going on in Yigenjin. I hurried to the coffin where he was hiding. The coffin was still in suspension, and its surface was a cauldron with flames. If you want to see the situation in the coffin, you must step on the edge of the cauldron with flames and then look into the coffin.
I shouted a few times about Yigan Jin, but there was still no response inside. I crustily stepped on the edge of the golden pot. As soon as I put my foot down, I felt that the flame next to my foot baked me a little unbearable. Although the sole was thick enough, the surface temperature of the golden pot was very high after so many years of flame barbecue, which made my shoes smell of smoke.
I’m cruel, Jin. I’m throwing caution to the wind At the thought of this, my hand grabbed the edge of the coffin. At this time, the bronze coffin was already very hot. It would take a long time to put my hand away for a short time. I am sure I can’t stand the surface temperature and fall off.
I grabbed the coffin and looked inside. My head suddenly felt awkward. I almost gave up and fell to see the coffin. Yi Genjin was lying inside like a dead man, and his face was as white as a dead man. "Xiaojin Xiaojin!" I shouted at Yi Genjin inside, but I still didn’t respond at all. My eyes were closed and I lay motionless.
I said to myself, what’s the matter? I want to say that among the four of us, Yi Genjin has the best physical quality. After we entered the coffin, nothing happened. Why is Xiaojin still in a coma? As soon as I pulled my hand and touched his hand, I found that his palm was cold and there was no temperature. I was surprised. Did his uncle Jin hang up?
At the thought of this, my heart suddenly felt like someone had taken out a handful. I quickly touched his position and my heart was still beating. I was relieved and looked at his face carefully. Yi Genjin’s face was pale and his eyes were blue and black. It suddenly dawned on me that Xiaojin was fascinated by something dirty!
After I figured this out, I opened my eyes and looked at Yi Genjin’s body. At this time, I saw clearly that a weasel covered with golden hair was lying in Yi Genjin’s arms with rickets, and a pair of thin eyes were slightly closed. It was very enjoyable to lie in Yi Genjin’s arms and dozed off.
I looked at this special weasel and thought it was this guy who played tricks here. I’m afraid these coffins just attacked us and set us on fire. It was all his fault.
I took out the ghost rope from my pocket. This time, I don’t have a peach wooden sword. I want to try again. Black often gave me this magic weapon. I am holding the coffin with one hand and the ghost rope with the other. I am going to become a fine weasel.
But before the ghost rope touched it, it suddenly opened its eyes and two ghostly lights came out of its eyes, shining like two blinking lights, making people feel numb at the sight. I woke it up and quickly accelerated the hand speed and threw the ghost rope directly at its body.
However, the weasel jumped out faster than screaming one by one, and its thick tail swept the ghost rope and immediately burned its hair. The weasel seemed to know the power of the ghost rope and jumped out of the coffin and ran to a corner.
I didn’t pay attention to it. I watched Yi Genjin lying in the coffin like a living dead man. I was distressed when I looked at it. If I wanted to get Yi Genjin out of the coffin, I had to climb into the coffin again. But now even if I went in, I couldn’t save the unconscious Yi Genjin because the coffin was at least three meters above the ground, and the cauldron was still burning. I couldn’t climb out with Yi Genjin in my arms.
Now I can wake Yi Genjin up as soon as possible, and it has become a fine yellow skin. I don’t know where it has gone. Lillian and Zana are still alive. If Lillian has not lost her skill, one finger can kill this yellow skin. But now they are two weak women. If they can deal with this fine thing,
My heart was as anxious as boiling pot, slapping my hands on Yi Gen Jin’s face and calling him, but there was no Yi Gen Jin Gang, who was buried in the yellow skin for a while and still couldn’t wake up. Just when I was anxious, I suddenly thought of carrying a few spells in my arms. These spells are all exorcism and demon treasure. I believe it should not be a problem to deal with this yellow skin with a little spell.
I took out a spell with less effect from my arms and gently stuck it on Yi Genjin’s chest, where Huang Pi had just laid.
As soon as the charm touched Yi Genjin’s body, it made a click, which startled me. I was afraid that I would hurt Yi Genjin’s face. As the charm stuck to his chest, Yi Genjin’s face suddenly became less pale, and gradually there was blood in his eyes, and the blue color gradually disappeared. Suddenly Yi Genjin coughed twice and then opened his eyes. He gave me a blank look and asked me, "Brother Dog, what happened to me just now?"
My heart says it’s good to wake up. I don’t have time to explain to him at this time. When I pull his arm, I say, "Come out and stay, you can cook it."
Yi Genjin felt the heat wave in the coffin at this moment, and cried out from the coffin one by one. At this time, he was already sweating, and my coffin-picking hand was too hot to hold on.
I pulled Yi Genjin out of the coffin, and two people slowly came from the coffin, pedaling the edge of the cauldron and carefully returned to the ground. Well, the yellow skin essence didn’t come out to make trouble in this issue, and I was relieved when I stepped on the ground, and then I saw that my palm had been blanched and the skin had become hard.
Zana Egan Jin looked left and right, checking whether he was injured or not, and seeing how hot they are now, I guess they can talk about marriage when they go back from here.
I remembered the yellow skin before the sky opened, but I couldn’t see it. It was hard to say how many years it had been practicing, but since it could hide its body, it was said that it had entered the ranks of Hu Xian.
I looked around. At this time, there was still something evil in the whole tomb. This Huangpi root didn’t go far. Maybe now it’s in the dark with some evil idea. I thought of this and said to Xiaolian and them lightly. "Be careful, it’s yellow. It’s still here!"
Chapter 11 Demonization
After I finished, I looked around with vigilance. The tombs were quiet without any noise. Nellie and they all watched the movements around with vigilance. Now we are all forced to leave here. The root here is not the tomb of the longevity king. Although these pots are luxurious enough, it is likely to be a suspicious tomb of the longevity king.
When I saw nothing happened, I thought that I must be afraid of the ghost rope in my hand. Since it doesn’t make trouble, I don’t have to kill it all, so I’d better leave here as soon as possible.
Thinking of this, I greeted the three of them and wanted to go outside the tomb, but before we stepped out of a few steps, a sudden there was a need to surprise me and look behind me. I felt that there was a need to be more and more prosperous, and I knew that the yellow skin had come out again!
A golden shadow suddenly flashed in front of my eyes, and quickly hid behind a golden cauldron, showing his head and staring at me with tiny eyes. I looked at it through the flame near the golden cauldron, and its expression was unspeakable. Hiding behind the golden cauldron was like leaving us all here with confidence.
Seeing this show off in an ostentatious manner, I was angry and said that you are a reckless thing, and you are sorry if you don’t clean it up today!
I walked to it with the ghost rope, but before I stepped out a few steps, the huge coffin suspended in five mouths turned uneasily. At first, it turned slowly. After several turns, the speed suddenly became faster and flew towards us like a whirlwind!
"Oh, no!"
I shouted and ran to the door of the tomb with the three of them. I thought, I really underestimate this yellow skin. It controls these coffins. It can be said that you can manipulate these coffins by lying behind the golden pot at will. If you don’t practice for one thousand years, you can’t reach this temperature.