However, the thick shield covered the roaring, and none of the arrows penetrated the shield and shot into the traffic trench covered by the shield except for a dull impact on the surface of the shield

After more than two hundred years, the traffic trenches in the era of * * can bring great promotion to the attacking troops. What’s worse, they are only equipped with the horse bow, a long-range strike weapon.
Chapter sixty-five Hope to despair
At the same time, the traffic trench and the big shield covered the pike battalion and pushed the front line to a position 30 steps away from the Dalai Lama at almost no cost.
Seeing the density of arrows shot at him by Tatars still hasn’t weakened, and a binge drinking has also caused three traffic trenches to ring.
"Throw and grab for the first round of throwing and grabbing …"
Just now, it was blocked, and the shield quickly revealed hundreds of gaps.
The long-sought-after came from the traffic trench in an instant, and 300 roots were thrown by the long-sought-after with dense cold light.
Then the long gunner quickly squatted down and the big shield that just showed the gap merged again to cover up the traffic trench.
With a force several times greater than the arrow, 300 shots were thrown and robbed in three different directions and flew to the sky with a sharp roar.
When the javelin flies to the highest point of the flight path, it is one foot long and weighs two pounds, and it emits dense cold light. The gravity of the spear head quickly inclines and sticks to the ground target faster and faster.
In order to ensure the density of projectile arrows, more than forty tartars can gather together instead of dispersing the earth wall.
Although there is no aim at the throwing and grabbing of the pike battalion, the throwing and grabbing density has brought a lot of damage to the Dalai Lama.
Three hundred shots roared together, and though Tartars desperately ran to the front line of the earth wall to avoid this round of gun rain.
However, he roared quickly and threw and grabbed faster.
"Snow … Snow …"
A string of dreary battlefields rang out, and more than a dozen people were directly thrown and robbed and fell to the ground.
A horse exposed from behind the earth wall will attract dozens of lead bullets together and hundreds of spears.
There are more than 100 tartars left in the front line of the earth wall, and they are unwilling to be a little puss-head again.
The only difference is that they have given up the horse bow in the hands of the Tatars and replaced it with all kinds of cold weapons for close combat.
After continuous losses, Dalai decided to hide behind the earth wall and wait for work …
Close footsteps began, and after the trench sounded, the weapon was clenched, and the face quickly showed a bloodthirsty expression.
It’s like an agreement. At the same time, raise your weapon and cross the earth wall, trying to jump into the trench and fight with the tiger and leopard army at close range.
But when they emerged from behind the earth wall and could see the trench.
A picture that shocked all Tatars and made them unforgettable appeared in front of them.
Facing the sudden emergence of his trench from behind the earth wall, he didn’t react at all. The pike in his flat hand looked at himself motionless as if he were looking at a group of prey.
In the face of this familiar and unfamiliar look, I have been scared by the Tiger and Leopard Army for a day, and I am afraid that I will have a conditioned reflex. I am hesitant to jump into the trench … Will the pike in the hand of the Tiger and Leopard Army stab into my body at the same time after jumping into the trench?
At this moment, Niulu Zhangjing was full of blood and roared suddenly to everyone’s ears.
"Warriors, the enemy is a coward. What you see is an illusion. If we jump to the enemy, we will collapse without fighting … Warriors jump into trenches and kill all the troops …"
Niu Lu and Zhang Jing urged the image of cowardice in the battle to quickly emerge in these people’s minds.
Just now, the hesitant expression of the face has been replaced by the thick murder.
Raise your weapon, jump over the earth wall, jump over the trench, shout and kill to increase your deterrence, and rush at the pike array.
"Kill …"
More than a dozen tartars really appeared in front of the long gunmen, and behind them, they held a pair of ferocious faces. A handle held high in the sun, emitting a dense cold light broadsword and mace. Many long gunmen showed a little fear on their faces, raised their right feet and wanted to take a step back.
But their idea didn’t come true.
The wall of the trench is clinging to their back to block their retreat.
There is no retreat. The only thing we can do in the face of murderous Tatar gunmen is to fight to the death.
At this time, the platoon leader was full of murderous orders and suddenly came to their ears, making them panic and instantly find sustenance …
"Pike camp first row step forward spikes … kill …"
Ten days of intensive training have already trained them to be completely obedient to their officers.
As soon as the platoon leader ordered a binge drinking, consciousness came out of their mouths at the same time.
"Kill …"
Yelling and killing sounded instantly, and thirty long gunmen held their pike arms as if they were suddenly injected with a thousand kilograms of force, no matter how ferocious they were before them, they just lunged forward according to their usual training …
"Snow … snow …" A string of spears and spears went into the meat, and the battlefield sounded just opposite, and just jumped into the ditch, but it hasn’t come yet. The Tatars raised their weapons and were pierced by spears.
"The first row of the pike camp closed its guns and retreated …"
Another string of "Snow …" After the battlefield sounded, large strands of blood poured out of the blood hole of the Tatar body like a fountain, and suddenly lost strength to support the Tatar, then fell to the ground covered in blood and became a corpse.
At the same time, more than a dozen Tatars in his direction were also killed in the pike camp, and blood holes with thick arms were stabbed by pike.
In a blink of an eye, a dozen warriors were gone, and the army, which has always been known for its cowardice, did not lose a single person. Still, the pike in his hand was flat-ended and looked at himself with a hot face, without any intention of rout.
In the face of this change, the follow-up Tatar’s face has just been aroused by Niu Lu Zhang Jing’s murderous look and quickly disappeared and replaced by a trace of heartfelt panic
As the old saying goes, everyone is afraid of death …
Knowing that jumping into a trench is a situation of death, if you continue to jump into a trench, it is not brave but stupid.
Although these tartars are not completely civilized, they can still do multiple-choice questions about life and death.
When the pike camp is full of blood and more brave than they are, the Dalai Lama is afraid, no matter how he shakes his teeth around him. Zhang Jing keeps growling, turns around and jumps over the wall to find his own horse to retreat.
At present, a series of mutations also gave Niu Lu Zhang Jing a surprise.
Although he looked unwilling, he gave in when he saw that there were only a few soldiers left in the whole Niulu.
In order to give yourself some kind of NiuLu had to face humbled big ordered
"Retreat the horse to retreat …"
Chapter sixty-six Shocked scene
"Relieved …" This is the first feeling in the hearts of the Tatar soldiers after hearing the command of Niulu Zhangjing.
Tatar remnants rushed frantically to their horses with the expression of being lucky for the rest of their lives, trying to escape early, which brought them several nightmares and swallowed up the lives of several warriors.
Seeing the Tatars on the other side of the earth wall in a trench three feet deep, they retreated like a lost dog, waiting for the second attack of the Tatars. The first reaction of the long gunman was that he couldn’t believe his eyes and then fell into a state of stupor.
Especially the soldiers of Zhongyuan Army in pike camp.
In the eyes of these people, Tatar is invincible in the field.
However, it is such an invincible army that it was defeated by itself, and it was badly beaten and retreated to face the fact that these people were shocked or shocked.
It was not until the roaring trench in Wang Feng rang that these long gunmen reacted from consternation and stupefaction.
"Dog day are you scared silly by tartar … are you going to eat with a spear on your back … prepare to throw a spear at tartar …"
A flash of silver light flashed through three hundred roots of the sun, emitting a dense cold light, throwing guns and flying out of the ditch together.
Draw a beautiful arc and chase the fleeing Tatar to the back.
Trying to escape from the battlefield, Targan found no danger from his back.