They have bonded strange bodies and turned into people’s samples, and they are constantly struggling inside … I really want to float out of them.

So Lin let them float out.
Lin adhesive strange body hit a … Cracks in the form of those gathered into the people’s spirit dust immediately floated outside and flew into the back stone of stinkbug.
When they entered, they were still in the illusion … Veronica and Bilu could see that nothing suddenly appeared, and many people appeared.
….. These people all appeared here with puzzled expressions. Seeing Lin and Bilu, they suddenly questioned, "Where is this? Who are you? "
"Who are you?" Bilu asked, "Where did it come from?"
"We …"
These people don’t seem to know anything, but Lin still chatted with them and asked them many things.
Lin found that they didn’t know who they were, but they still had memories of knowledge, just like the ex-Assyrians.
Looking at this phenomenon … plus some previous studies, Lin feels almost aware of the specific situation here.
Lingchen is just like Lin Xiang. They have the ability to attach biological information.
Lin believes that there are two States of lingchen. The first stage is before attaching organisms. At this time, lingchen is transparent and difficult to be detected, so it is impossible to see that ordinary organisms are attached to them.
During this period of attachment, Lingchen will gradually acquire all the information about this creature, such as brain knowledge and so on, and there may be other physiological information.
They will be attached to the biological body for a long time until the biological body dies, and then the dust will be colored and look like a soul, and it will become attached to the biological form.
The main thing for the dust leaving the host is to float to Juhun stinkbug and return the obtained information to Juhun stinkbug.
Now Lin sees that this is the case. Actually Lingchen is gathering souls to collect information … tools.
Stinkbug, a gathering soul, has been constantly releasing new dust-attached organisms and constantly recycling the dust that is full of information.
This also shows that this creature … has a huge amount of knowledge.
But I don’t know why they do it …
And Lynn found that it seemed impossible for Veronica and Billou to get attached to the spirit dust.
Maybe all kinds of creatures will be infected with lingchen if they want to move around the world … but Lynn and Bilu have not been infected.
Just now, the smoke from the stone floated out and wrapped Veronica and Bilu. It was a gathering of souls. stinkbug tried to forcibly infect Lynn and Bilu … and get information from them.
That’s why the smoke tries to gather into Veronica and Bilu shapes.
Yes … it doesn’t work, and then it’s scattered, which means it didn’t receive any information.
Lynn is not sure what doesn’t work now. Maybe there is something special between Lynn and Bilu.
And now Lin also knows a little about gathering souls in stinkbug. Lin thinks it should be … dissected.
If you want to tear it down, you can know what secrets it has.
But even if you don’t tear Lin apart, you can feel some … special energy from it.
This kind of energy can affect the creatures close to it … into hallucinations.
Veronica and Bilu are now in hallucinations, which is the influence …
Although it’s easy to get rid of hallucinations, Lin will continue to look at the situation in hallucinations.
Because Lin thinks this is also associated with the appearance of "Phoenix"
Also, it seems that through this illusion … I can see all kinds of information hidden in stinkbug’s body.
Chapter two thousand and fifty-four Archives
No.11 record file
Name planting animal
The living range-around 171 cannot be completely determined.
Living habits can be divided into two stages: larval stage and adult stage, which move in different areas … Larval may go to other stars through the’ channel’ and adult will stay in the mother world and’ plant’ …
I see. They still record the living conditions of this creature.
Lin and Bilu are running in the plain.
Behind Lin and Bilou is a huge’ gathering soul stinkbug’, which constantly moves with trembling steps and seems to want to crush Lin and Bilou very much.
That’s because Lin tried to dissect it before.
The way to dissect it is simple: Lin Qian made a corpse, hugged it and blew itself up.
Lin, most arms will blow themselves up, and this glue monster is no exception, but the blow-up did not do any harm to it and angered it.
Stinkbug is now angrily chasing Lin and Bilu, but it is not fast enough to get rid of it.